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Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to complete All the Right Notes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s everything you need to know about completing the All the Right Notes quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

To kick off the All the Right Notes mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley, go and talk to Rapunzel. You need her help with figuring out one of the mechanisms in the ancient ruins. Before she can help you, though, you’ll need to help her. Your first port of call is to head to Rapunzel’s Tower to pick up Mother Gothel’s Recipe.

We found it in Rapunzel’s room near the wardrobe. Once you’ve picked it up, head to your inventory (triangle/Y) and investigate it. Next, return to Rapunzel and talk to her. Now, you need to head to the Promenade and dig up Mother Gothel’s purple seeds. You’re looking for two glowing patches with purple seeds — they took a little while to find, so be sure to look behind trees and in all nooks and crannies.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mother Gothel's purple seeds
These are the purple seeds that you’re looking for. Screenshot: GameSpew

Next, plant the seeds and water them. They’ll take approximately 20 minutes to grow. Once you’ve harvested them, you’ll need to collect some more ingredients:

  • 2x Majestea – Found in The Overlook and The Ruins
  • 1x Paprika – Found in The Oasis and The Borderlands
  • 1x Yam – Buy from Goofy’s stall in The Docks, Courtyard, Overlook or The Ruins
  • 1x Turnip – Can be bought from Goofy’s stall in The Grasslands, Promenade, The Grove or Lagoon. If you plant seeds, it’ll take four hours to grow (don’t forget about Miracle Growth Elixir if you don’t want to wait!)
  • 1x Agave – Collect from The Plains, The Wastes, The Oasis and The Borderlands

When you’ve got everything, head to a cooking spot to make Mother Gothel’s Soup and Mother Gothel’s Tea. Take them to Rapunzel, then wait for five minutes to see if they start working to make her feel better.

After five minutes, talk to Rapunzel again and that’s it: you’ve completed All the Right Notes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You’ll need to complete EVE’s and Gaston’s missions before returning to the ancient ruins to continue with the Rift in Time expansion storyline.

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