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Men of War II, with a tank driving through a field.

How to repair a tank in Men of War II

Men of War II’s tanks are certainly useful, but how do you repair them when things go wrong? Here’s what you need to know.

Before you learn how to repair a tank in Men of War II, there’s something you need to know first. The way tanks and most vehicles work in this game is that they have components, there’s not just one energy bar. So you can’t replenish an energy bar and have a tank be good as new.

So, when a piece of a tank breaks down, such as the main gun or its tank treads, you can repair it. You will also enough repair kits to pull off the repair – tanks typically start with two. But if it bursts into flames after taking too much damage there’s nothing you can do to bring it back.

Here’s how to repair tanks in Men of War II:

  • When you see a message saying part of a tank has been damaged, putting your mouse near or on the tank should reveal a little spanner/wrench icon.
  • Don’t click the spanner icon just yet. Try and kill any nearby units and if the tracks are still working, move the tank away.
  • Now, right-click on the spanner/wrench icon. Someone will get out of the tank and start repairing it.
  • Watch out for enemies, as the person doing the repairs can be killed.
  • When the wrench/spanner icon has gone the tank is repaired.

You can repair your tank mid-battle, but it’s putting the life of the person who gets out at risk. If they do die you can right-click on the wrench/spanner icon again and someone else will get out but eventually you’ll run out of people if you keep sending them out into danger. But given that you can’t churn out unit after unit after unit like in Command & Conquer, it’s still worth repairing tanks this way.

If you run out of repair kits, supply trucks can provide an extra two. You can check how many you’ve got by clicking on your tank and clicking on the satchel icon. Though from our experience with the game you’ll be quite lucky if your tanks survive to be repaired more than twice. And that’s how to repair a tank in Men of War II.

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