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Storm the Court, with several giant basketball players, their heads nearly touching the ceiling.

Indie developers are breaking their games on purpose and it’s amazing

Helldivers 2 aside, the fewer bugs a game has the better. But a bizarre Twitter challenge has seen indie developers deliberately breaking their games and posting the ridiculous results for all to behold.

It all began with Tyler Glaiel, co-developer of the upcoming Mewgenics. Via Twitter, they challenged their fellow indie developers to dive into their games’ data, pick any number and multiply it by 1,000, then post the results. A host of devs have risen to the challenge, leading from everything from giant basketball players in Storm the Court through to doggos entering orbit in Doggy Don’t Care.

If, like us, you’re so old you’re practically crumbling into dust, you might also remember doing this with some old-school games. If we got bored and we had access to the listing, we’d just start messing around with the numbers to see what happened. We never achieved anything as wonderfully chaotic as this, however.

If we had to pick a favourite contribution it’d be Tossdown, from developer Fer. Why? Because their entry may very well end up becoming a reality. They’re creating a game where you, as the the world’s unluckiest delivery person, have to dodge disasters as you dash about your route. Meddling with the game turns it into glorious, glorious mayhem as asteroid strikes rain down upon its hapless protagonist’s head. Let’s see Bruce Willis sort that one out, eh?

“I could definitely make this a game mode,” quips Fer. You can’t yet wishlist Tossdown on Steam but you can follow the game’s progress on YouTube and Twitter.

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Superpowered grandmas, floods of fruit, the list goes on. Even now, indie developers are still rising to the challenge and breaking their games, so expect more mayhem. It’s worth delving into the whole thread just to feast your eyes on all the ridiculousness though, be warned, this could easily eat up your whole day.

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