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Indika screenshot

Indika walkthrough – Full game guide and puzzle solutions

Are you diving into Indika, the darkly weird but endlessly engrossing religiously-charged story-driven adventure about a nun? You’ve made a good choice, but with a few tricky puzzles along the way, we’re here to help. Our Indika walkthrough will take you through the game from start to finish, including full puzzle solutions.

It goes without saying, then, that if you’re hoping to complete Indika yourself without the help of a walkthrough, turn away now! What are you even doing here? Go on – begone! (But we won’t tell anyone if you have a little peek at any of the solutions… we promise.)

We’ve broken down this walkthrough into sections that mirror the chapters of the game. You can jump to a specific section using the quick links below, or you can search (ctrl+F) for a specific keyword if there’s something very particular you’re looking for. Any time there’s an item to interact with, a collectible, or something important to note, we’ve put it in bold. We hope this Indika walkthrough helps — have fun with this unique little game!

Indika walkthrough – quick links

1. Monastery
2. Tihon
3. Train Wreck
4. Chase/Road
5. Village
6. Barn
7. Under the mill
8. Mill
9. Station
10. Fish factory
11. Stroboscopic effect
12. Spasov
13. Kudets
14. Makar the Scytheman/Pawnshop


  1. Grab a basket of vegetables for Smaragda: Follow the marker. Head right, then follow the path to your left. Go through the large archway on your left then follow the path through the snow until you reach another archway. Grab the vegetables then follow the wooden walkway.
  2. Keep heading forward and you’ll come to a door. Press X/square to interact with the door.
  3. Get a barrel of water: Head back the way you came and go to the well. Interact with X/square then rotate the left stick to lower and raise the bucket. Return to where you’ve just come from, and interact with the barrel by the side of the door. Repeat four times.


  1. Deliver the letter to Father Herman: Follow the path to the left, then go down the ramp. At the bottom, approach the hut in front of you.
  2. You now need to operate the raft across the water. Pull the lever: a raft will float to the other side but you don’t have enough time to get on it. However, it gets stuck on the way back, so just as you pull it again to send it back, run around to the end of the platform to pass across it.
  3. Head into the tunnel and press in your right stick to turn on your lamp. Move forward to the gate. It’s locked.
  4. Turn around and grab the ladder up against the wall. Place it against the gate and climb over. Move forward, then climb up the boxes and the ledge. Move around to interact with the handle.
  5. This is your first “pray” section. The world has changed, but pressing LT to ‘pray’ will return things to normal. You need to walk back the way you came and reach higher, pressing and unpressing LT to manipulate the world. So: hold LT and walk back across the bridge, then let go of LT and jump across the now broken bridge to a higher ledge. Press LT again to cross, and you can now can walk around to the wooden structure. While not praying, climb up onto the top of it, and drop down the other side.
  6. Open the metal gate to find a folding icon collectible on the crates on your left. Leave, and walk up the wooden walkway.
Indika screenshot
Head through the snow and walk across the wooden walkway. (Screenshot: GameSpew)

Train wreck

  1. Head back out into the snow and walk across the bridge. Head right and follow the path around.
  2. After the cutscene, move to your left and move forward up the steps. Follow the path around the edge of the cliff and across the wooden bridge. Pass through a tunnel in the trees, across another wooden bridge and through the window of an upside down house. There’s a ‘Judgment Day’ collectible to pick up just in front of you.
  3. Turn on your lamp with R3 and make your way up the house. Once outside, push the safe into the top-left corner, which moves the building.
  4. Head back down the stairs of the house into the classroom building, then climb on the piano and out of the window.
Indika screenshot - safe location
This is the position you’ll need to place the safe in in order to solve the upside down house puzzle in Indika. (Screenshot: GameSpew)
  1. Drop down onto the wooden pathway below, then climb up the other side of the snowy ledge. Follow it round and make your way up, then walk across the fallen log. Head up the stairs.
  2. Walk right through the graveyard (you can interact with some of the graves here for ‘experience points’) then through the archway. Head into the cabin ahead, there’s a ‘Paraskeva Friday’ collectible. Leave the house and cross the wooden bridge at the side. Keep walking forward across the other bridge, then through a gap in the fence. Turn right and follow the path through the snow.
  3. After the cutscene, follow the man, who we soon learn to be Ilya.


  1. After the next cutscene, ride the bike down the path.
  2. Then, after the next, ride the bike across the ice then up the slope. Follow the path.


This is your first pixelated “flashback” of Indika’s life. Simply race around the track. When instructed, head to the garage by moving to the left.


Following the cutscene, continue on your bike, following the path. It doesn’t matter which way you go at the crossroads – they both lead the same way.


  1. When you’re off the bike, head upwards and into the cabin on your left. You can interact with the pray station in the corner. In the next room, there’s a ‘The Life of God-Please Bartholomew’ collectible. Leave the cabin, then climb through the window of the other cabin opposite the broken wagon.
  2. On a chair there’s a ‘The Life of Saint John’ collectible. There’s also another pray altar to interact with. Climb out of the window opposite then drop down.
  3. Move the ladder onto the side of the locked cabin to the left. Climb up and drop down. Grab the wrench. There’s also a ‘Fragment of a Folding icon’ collectible to pick up. Leave through the door.
  4. Move the ladder back against the ledge to climb back up to where you were, and climb through the window to reach Ilya. Give him the wrench.
  5. Once the wagon has moved, move down the path then run to the left away from the dog.


  1. After the cutscene, climb up the boxes to reach the next floor of the building. Follow the steps and keep going up, and up, and up. Eventually you’ll reach an open door. Enter it.
Indika screenshot
The barn in Indika keeps on going up and up. Keep heading to the top, until there’s a door you can walk through. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Pray sequence: You’ve now got another pray puzzle. Hold LT and jump down, and stand on the stack of boxes in the middle. Let go of LT then climb up to your left onto a broken ledge. Press LT again and walk forward, turn right onto the blocked path. Let go of LT and pass across, then press LT again and walk all the way to the end, heading through the door.

Under the mill

  1. Back out in the snow, move forward, heading to the left. You’ll come to a warning sign, then turn left and head down a snow path.
  2. In the ruined shed ahead you’ll find an ‘Unburnt Saviour’ collectible. Pass through the next ruined building, and another – in there, you’ll find an ‘Ascension of Christ’ collectible.
  3. Head across the snow into another building, where you’ll find a pray station. Outside the building you’ll find a ‘Panhagia’ collectible.
  4. Head up the wooden ramp and follow the platform around until you reach another building’s entrance. You’ll find a ‘The Life of Saint Metropolitan Sineust’ collectible.
  5. Head back out of the building and continue down the wooden platform, then across the sheets of ice. You need to climb up the wall straight ahead of you.
Indika screenshot
This is the wooden wall you need to climb up on. Stand on the back of the ice sheet in order to move it, allowing you to climb up. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Stand on the large sheet of ice to the right-hand side. By standing on the far side of it, it’ll move slightly, allowing you to reach the wall.
  2. Once you’re on the ledge, go to the left and use the handle to lower the gate. Walk across the top of it to reach the other side, then climb up.
  3. Follow the wooden walkway around. You can’t go up the stairs, so carry on the wooden walkway into the mill.


  1. Follow the path around, crouching under the machinery, until you reach the wooden walkway then climb the stairs.
  2. Grab the large canister to the right and pull it forward so you can climb up onto the platform. There’s a cotter to collect.
  3. Go back down, then head up the steps opposite. Place the cotter inside the machine.
  4. Move the large canister to the bottom of the lift so Indika can climb up on the weights. Press Y/triangle to interact with Ilya and tell him to move upwards.
  5. Once you’re at the top, head to your right and walk across the thin plank – you’ll need to balance with your right stick.
  6. When you’re at the other side, get ready to run to the left: you’ll be chased by the big dog. Run left, jump over a box. Instead of going straight ahead, head right onto a beam, then turn left.
  7. Run into the wooden door, then move the table so you can climb over.
  8. Run again until you’ll be forced to turn around, and follow a narrow path upwards towards Ilya. He’ll grab you and pull you up onto his platform.


  1. After the cutscene, walk forwards back out into the snow and head towards the wooden gate straight ahead.
  2. Wait for Ilya to move the gate and open up a pathway, then follow him up the stairs towards the crane.
  3. Interact with the engine first, then interact with the red controls.
  4. Lift the cargo and manoeuvre it forwards, lowering it under cargo and raising it above so you can reach the far end of the yard. When it’s on the far side, press B/circle to moor it, then climb off onto the wooden walkway.
  5. Head left onto the stairs. Indika and Ilya will jump on a moving train.


Time for another pixel flashback. Jump across the windowsills, then up, and to the left. They’ll start moving around automatically: time your jumps so you’ll land just as they move. Climb the ladder and jump up the windowsills to the next ladder, then keep climbing upwards until you reach the top of the roof.

Fish factory

  1. Indika and Ilya have been dumped into a fish factory. Follow the walkway down through a door and keep following Ilya up the stairs. (If you’re hunting for collectibles, after the first set of stairs, turn around and go down a different set of stairs to access a back area, where you’ll find The Ladder of Divine Ascent collectible.)
  2. At the top, go through the door and onto the spinning walkway. Watch out for the spinning fish – aim for the gaps.
  3. Get to the walkway at the other side and go up the stairs. Repeat.
  4. For the third time, there are no fish to avoid: simply jump off when you reach the door on the other side.
  5. Surprise: another room to do the same. You’ll fall off, but don’t worry – you’re meant to!

Stroboscopic effect

  1. After the cutscene, follow Ilya. You’ll eventually have another spinning walkway to walk across, but no fish to dodge this time. Keep following Ilya until you reach a break room of sorts.
  2. In the rest room, there’s a ‘Fourfold Icon’ collectible to pick up on the kitchen side. There’s also a prayer spot at the side of the door. Follow Ilya up the stairs. Where he stops, you’ll find a ‘The Three-Handed Mother of God’ collectible on top of some barrels.
  3. There’s now a lift puzzle to solve in order to move forward. Move the lift down two floors, then climb up the slabs next to the lift to climb up one level to the ‘inbetween’ floor. Hit the button to call the lift, then quickly climb up on top of it. You can now walk across to meet up with Ilya.
  4. Interact with the handle to move upwards.
  5. When you reach the top, follow Ilya across the walkway. You’ll reach a dead end. Head back, and activate the lever.
Indika screenshot
Here’s where you’ll need to place a can and park the vehicle in order to move forward in the canning factory in Indika. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Follow the new path round, then drop down on top of the tins. Follow them down onto the ground, then interact with the can-moving vehicle.
  2. On the left-hand side of the room, grab a can with the vehicle and bring it down to the ground to make a stairway you can walk up to reach Ilya. Park the vehicle so it forms a platform allowing you to cross — see our image above.
  3. When you’re at the top, continue following Ilya. When you reach the top of the first slope, there’s a ‘Pomander’ collectible on a barrel.


Here’s another pixelated flashback. This one’s a little tricky: jump across the frogs, timing your movements as not to fall in the water. From the the second screen onwards, you need to jump just as they pop up. On the third screen, head up first, not straight across: you’ll need to think carefully about your route before moving.

Indika screenshot
The ‘Pond’ section of Indika, one of several pixelated flashbacks. Screenshot: GameSpew


  1. After the cutscene, head down the long walkway. When you reach the lifts, go on the one straight ahead and climb out on the top.
  2. Walk across and open the wooden door. Walk through and into another area filled with large cans.
  3. Interact with the lever and stop the lift so the platform is halfway between the first and second platforms. Climb up.
  4. Follow the wooden walkway round and once you’re level with the top of the lift, climb out of a window then keep following the platforms upwards.
Indika screenshot
At this point while climbing upwards, pass through the window and continue climbing upwards. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Once you reach the top, pull the lever so once again the left is halfway between both platforms and climb up them.
  2. Push the box off the ledge onto the ground, and move it in position so you can use it to climb back up. Go back to the lever, and move it up so it’s half way between the next two ledges. Use the box to climb up.
  3. For a collectible, climb out on the far side where there’s another lever, and once again position the lift half way between the next two platforms. Climb up for a ‘bast shoe’.
  4. Climb back down and head out of the door on the other side. Head left out of the door and across the wooden walkway. Follow the bath down. Open the wooden door to your left to find a ‘Writing by Conventual Gerasimos Sutsky’ collectible. Head down the steps in the same building to light a candle at a prayer station. Head out, and go across the wooden walkway to pick up another ‘Bast Shoe’ collectible.
  5. Go back across, and head down the stairs – on floor 2 there’s a ‘The Life of Saint Jonah’ collectible. On the floor above, move the safe in front of the stacked boxes to climb up through a window. Walk through and out of the window on the opposite side.
  6. Move forward – there’s a ‘Samovar’ collectible in a box. Head up the stairs and activate the moving platform. Move it around so the platform is above the broken walkway, then walk back around and across. You’ll meet up with Ilya.
  7. Before you follow Ilya, go in the building and up some stairs to pick up a ‘Paraskeva Friday’ collectible. Head back down and follow Ilya across the bridge.
  8. After the cutscene, you’re in a boiler room of sorts. Move the crate so you can climb up and through the window into the next room.
  9. You’ll find yourself in a loop of rooms turned topsy-turvy. Wherever you move the box, it’ll be mirrored in the other rooms. You need to move the box so when you drop through the hole in the floor, you land on it safely. So walk into the next room and drag the crate so it’s between the two other crates. Head back into the last room, and drop through the hole, then move downwards towards Ilya.
Indika screenshot
The topsy-turvy boiler room loop. You can see the hole you need to jump down in the middle of the floor. Screenshot: GameSpew


  1. After the cutscene, move backwards and pick up a ‘Saint Nicolas’ collectible on the pile of sacks.
  2. Follow Ilya outside and make your way around the edge of the building, through windows, down onto a roof, then down again onto a vent. Climb onto a roof, then onto a wooden walkway. Stay close to Ilya so you don’t get lost.
  3. When you reach the top, climb onto the moving platform and instruct Ilya to move it with Y/triangle. Move around to the crane controls. Move the crane so it’s above the bridge on your right then… pick up the bridge. Rotate it, so it’s the wrong way, then place it down at the opposite side, next to Ilya. Now, pick up the bridge just to your left, and place it down on top, this time the right way around.
Indika screenshot
The first bridge in the puzzle being placed down in Indika. Screenshot: GameSpew
Indika screenshot
The second bridge being placed. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Jump back on the moving platform and instruct Ilya to move it with Y/triangle. When you’re back up, move across your new bridge, then move around the rooftops.

Bicycle shop

Here’s another pixelated flashback. This time, collect all the coins from the shop while avoiding being hit in a Pac-Man style chase. Leave the door once you’ve picked them all up.

Makar the Scytheman/Pawnshop

  1. Back in control of Indika, follow the guard forward.
  2. When you’re finally back in control, turn left between two buildings, then turn right. Head left and follow the pathway through the village. You’ll meet up again with Ilya.
  3. In the pawn shop with the Kudets, keep pressing X to interact with it, and spend your ‘experience’ points. Eventually you’ll be able to stop whenever by pressing B/circle. It’s up to you how many points you want — it doesn’t seem to affect anything.

That’s it: you’ve completed Indika and you’ll now see the credits roll.

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