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Kona II Brume

Kona II: Brume walkthrough – Full guide and puzzle solutions

Now available on Xbox Game Pass, there’s a good chance you’ll be jumping into Kona II: Brume for the first time. And you’re in for a real treat. In our review, we called it “one of the most tense games we’ve played that isn’t strictly horror”, praising its atmosphere, its storytelling and its puzzles. Some of them are a little tricky — and so if you get stuck, we hope our Kona II walkthrough will be able to help you out.

You’ll find a step-by-step guide to completing Kona II here, including puzzle solutions and where to go. Finding your way around the Hamilton Estates in particular can be tricky, with its labyrinthine rooms. And so we’ve used descriptions and images to guide you through the best we can.

We’ve also noted where you need to watch out for combat sequences, and highlighted some collectible locations. Enjoy your time with Kona II, and hopefully you’ll find the solutions you need in our walkthrough.

A few things to note about our Kona II: Brume walkthrough:

  • We’ve played the game on easiest difficulty (Detective) for the purpose of completing this walkthrough. That means if you’re playing on a harder difficulty, there may be more combat encounters than we’ve accounted for, and where we’ve noted resources to pick up, they may not be there. However, all the puzzles, and the routes around each area, remain the same.
  • This is not a full achievement/trophy guide. We’ve focused on completing the game and solving all of the puzzles rather than cleaning up optional objectives for achievements.
  • You can save every time you reach a fireplace and place logs in it. We’ve noted some of these but may have passed by some without saving. We’d recommend saving every time you see a fireplace.

Kona II walkthrough: quick links

Kona II Lake Mishaau screenshot
Screenshot: GameSpew

Lake Mishaau

  1. Head west in the boat. When you jump in the water, continue swimming west. After a short amount of time, a cutscene will kick in where you pull yourself up onto land.
  2. When you’re on land, keep heading west until you reach the cottage. Once inside, grab the first aid kit off the side. Press ‘up’ on the d-pad to bring up your quick inventory, then press A/X to use it.
  3. Interact with the logs at the side of the fire and put them in the fireplace. This acts as both a save point and warms you up.
  4. There are several things to look at and collect in the cottage: a receipt on the workbench, spare parts inside a toolbox and batteries on the bedside table. On the table you’ll find a flashlight and a note, and there’s ammo on a shelving unit and a revolver inside a drawer. Once you’ve picked everything up, interact with the bed to rest.


  1. Pick up your journal and camera from the table then leave the cottage.
  2. Head west behind the cottage and follow the path through the snow. Enter the lookout point when you reach it to gather batteries.
  3. Continue heading west/northwest until you reach another cottage. Grab the axe from the log just outside. Watch out for a wolf around here: if you don’t go near it, it shouldn’t start on you.
  4. Continue moving west/northwest through the snow. You’ll eventually reach a wrecked vehicle. Examine the frozen man, and get the access card from his pocket. Examine the hand-drawn map in his other pocket. Look at his wristwatch and his arm band.
Kona II screenshot
The wrecked vehicle and the frozen man that you need to investigate. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Before getting in the vehicle, turn southwest and follow the trail in the snow until you reach a locked gate. Hold down A/X to use the keycard to access. Keep walking forward until you reach a stone bunker. Examine the gas mask, pick up batteries and the revolver. Open the yellow crate to find a first aid kit.
  2. Head back towards the vehicle. Enter it and grab the contamination bag, the geiger counter and read the note.
  3. When out at the other side of the car, equip your geiger counter when prompted and follow the path round, heading north towards the marker.

Hamilton Estates

  1. When you reach the Hamilton mansion, open the gate. Examine the car. Enter the garage through the side door to find batteries, spare parts and a collectible card (Parabolique #66). There’s a radio at the back: tune it towards the left-hand side to hear a message. Open the cupboard to find two more sets of batteries. On shelves next to the door you’ll find ammo and more spare parts. Leave the garage.
  2. Head northeast around to the side of the house and head up towards the gazebo. Look in the middle bench: you’ll find the front door key.
Kona II Hamilton Estates gazebo
The gazebo where you’ll find the front door key for the Hamilton Estate. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Head back to the front door and open it. In the entrance, examine the suitcases.
  2. Move right through the house into the dining room. At the far end, place logs in the fire to save/warm up. Open a drawer in the sideboard to find some batteries.
  3. Go through the blue door into the kitchen, then through the next blue door. Note the bloody handprint on the counter. Examine the lift on the left-hand side.
Kona II Hamilton Estates kitchen
The kitchen you need to pass through, and the blue door to move through. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Head through the next blue door just to the side of the lift to enter the hallway. The door straight in front is a bathroom: enter to find a Canadian coin.
  2. Enter the single door at the end of the corridor to find yourself in a sitting room. Open the drawers in the cabinet at the far side to find batteries and a collectible card (Parabolique #91).
  3. Go through the next door to enter another hallway. Enter the door straight in front of you to enter a formal lounge, then into another hallway through the archway on your left.
  4. Move straight ahead, to where the corridor is blocked off, and through the door on your right.
Kona II Hamilton Mansion screenshot
The door on your right is where you need to pass through. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. You’re now in a storage room. Pick up spare parts from the shelf to the right of you. Move left and through another door.
  2. You’re in another hallway, but Carl takes a funny turn: go through the double doors on your left, then head up the corridor to the double door on your left — you’ll see a ghostly figure run into it, and there’s a bloody handprint on the glass.
  3. Head up through the room, and through the door on the far side. Turn right, and interact with the ornate door in front of you. There’s a special key required, but this door is ultimately where you’re aiming to get.
  4. Turn around and open the other door, and you’ll find yourself in a library.
Kona II screenshot - Library
Inside of the library. Move forward past the globe and through the door on the other side. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Cross through the library and enter the living room from the other side. Here you can place logs in the fire to warm up/save.
  2. Enter through the single door at the top of the living room where you’ll be presented with a stuffed bear. Make your way around the corner and through the next door.
Kona II tree puzzle
The tree puzzle to solve in Kona II .Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. You’ll find yourself outside where you have a puzzle to solve. You have a tree surrounded by stone statues, each with a face on. Dotted around the area are matching faces. You need to make sure the faces around the tree are facing in the same direction as their partner. Here’s the direction each statue around the tree needs to be facing:
    • Statue with stripe across mouth – east
    • Statue with ‘butterfly’ print over mouth – south
    • Statue with handprint on face – north
    • Statue with painted eyes and mouth – west
  2. Head inside the cabin. Read the note and examine the pendant on the table, and the framed burned picture on the cabinet. Go down the hole in the floor. You can’t avoid the large stag/man running towards you.
  3. Open the door in the room you find yourself in. You’re in the basement. Head straight ahead to an area filled with shelves. Pick up a valve wheel. There’s also some ammo and batteries.
Kona II basement screenshot
The area in the basement where you’ll find the valve. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Turn around and leave to your right, walking around a pile of wooden pallets and head down a corridor lit with red lights. Turn right and right again, through a metal fence. Use the valve on a gauge in here.
  2. Make your way back to the pile of wooden pallets. Watch out for a ghost wolf: have your revolver at the ready.
  3. Turn right past some wooden boxes. Head through the first door you come to and up the stairs.
  4. Interact with the dead body and examine her driver’s license and diary. You can’t go upstairs, so walk through the door then through the first double door on your left.
  5. Turn left again to find yourself in a large formal dining room. You can open some doors around the edge of the room to unlock some shortcuts through the mansion.
  6. Head out of the dining room the way you came in, back into the hallway, and head up the grand staircase. Head right, towards the snow, and through the first door. Examine the frozen man.
Kona II frozen corridor in Hamilton Mansion
The frozen man and the corridor you need to head down. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Walk down the corridor behind the frozen man and through the door on the end. Turn right, and go through the next door on your right. You’re now on the upper level of the library.
  2. Turn right and walk across the mezzanine. On the desk to your left is a Canadian coin. Go through the door behind you to be met with a snowy corridor. Go through the door straight in front of you. You’re now in a bedroom.
Kona II bedroom
The bedroom where you’ll find the projection room key. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Look in the drawers on the cabinet to your left to find batteries and spare parts. Make your way around the room and pick up the projection room key on the table next to the gramophone. Examine the diary then leave the room.
  2. Turn left and go up the stairs, then through the door straight in front to be back out on the second floor hallway.
  3. Turn right and head towards the white door with light emanating from underneath it. Be prepared to shoot some ghost wolves.
The projection room door in Kona II
The projection room door, with the white light emanating from underneath. This is where you need to head. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Unlock the door with the key you’ve just found and enter the room. Watch the ghost memory play out, then walk across the room and through the door on the left.
  2. In the next area, note the lift on the left. Walk straight ahead until you reach a statue bust. Pick it up and go drop it in the lift. Head back up the corridor and go through the yellow door on the right.
Kona II lift
The location of the lift. Screenshot: GameSpew
Kona II bust
Here’s the bust that you need to pick up to drop down the lift shaft — it’s just through the right-hand archway in the image to the left. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. You’re now in a bedroom. Open the drawers on the left to get ammo and spare parts. In one of the chests at the bottom of the beds, you’ll find a diary to read. Put some logs in the fire to warm up/save.
  2. Head back out into the corridor and keep moving right until you reach the white door at the end. Go through, then go up the stairs into the attic. Head through the door just before the second set of stairs and follow the path around.
  3. When the corridor opens up, be ready to shoot a ghost wolf. Head left just before the wolf spawns and stick to the left wall until you reach a narrow corridor. Follow it through until you reach a red door.
  4. Pick up the snowglobe outside the door for an achievement.
Kona II snowglobe
The snowglobe to pick up in the attic. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. That door is locked, so head back through the narrow corridor. Continue following the left wall around. You’ll eventually reach a red door.
  2. Before entering the red door, turn right to find a ouija board, then follow the route around to the left to find a first aid kit in a chest. Head back and go through the red door.
  3. In the next room, pick up spare parts on the first windowsill. Examine the dead body in the middle of the room. At the top of the room you’ll also find a diary to read Go through the yellow door just past the body.
  4. Follow the next room around to the left until you reach another door. You’ll find yourself in a snow-covered space. Drop down the hole.
  5. You’re now in a ruined bedroom. Pick up a key on the cabinet between two doors. Go through the left door – the only one that opens.
  6. In the next room is a fireplace where you can save. Walk through the room and use a key to open the door on the far left.
  7. In the cabinet just as you enter the room, there’s ammo in the middle drawer. Head through the first door on the left to be back in the library, then head down the stairs.
  8. Turn left to go through the double doors at the end, then open the ornate door on the left with the key to find yourself in Hamilton’s office.
Kona II map - Hamilton's Office
We’ve marked the location of Hamilton’s office on the map above. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Head to the large desk in the middle of the room. Open the desk drawer to find a will, and a list of phone numbers on the desk top.
  2. In the corner is another desk. Find the receipt for typewriter keys, and look at the typewriter. Examine the wire leading from the typewriter, then the wall it leads to.
  3. We need to find the typewriter keys. Leave the office back the way you came. Go through the second door on your left and down the stairs back to the basement. Once in the basement, make your way to the lift shaft. Head through the door and move straight forward round the machinery. The lift is right in the corner. Grab the typewriter keys from the lift. There’s also a box in front of the lift where you’ll find a revolver.
  4. Head back to Hamilton’s office.
  5. Interact with the typewriter to replace the keys. The missing keys are T Y I A H C N. These are an anagram of the secret word you need to type in: CYNTHIA.
  6. Type CYNTHIA into the typewriter, and a secret wall will open up. Head through the passageway and down the stairs.
  7. In the secret office, there’s a secret key in a desk drawer. On the table with the projector you’ll find a confidential business agreement. On another table are some classified documents.
  8. Open the door at the opposite side of the project and walk through. You’re back in the basement, inside a flooded room. Exit via the door at the side of the desk, then follow the basement around to the left. Be prepared to shoot a ghost wolf. Keep to the left hand side. Ignore the door that leads to the stairwell and instead keep going, unlocking the double door with a secret key.
Kona II secret laboratory
The makeshift laboratory you’ll find yourself in after going through the secret rooms of Hamilton’s mansion. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. You’ll find yourself in a makeshift laboratory. Pick up spare parts and notes from the desk straight ahead. Keep moving through the lab and on the workdesk you’ll find a collectible card (Parabolique #69) and in the drawers you’ll find some batteries.
  2. In a blue-glowing machine on one of the desks, you can take a chunk of Mistanite. Leave through the door at the bottom of the lab.
  3. You’re now in a flooded passageway. Follow it around until you reach a set of stairs and go up and through the door. There are some spare parts just before you go through the door.
The flooded passageway in Kona II
The flooded passageway you’ll need to make your way down. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. You’re now in an outhouse. There are some batteries on a shelf, and some logs you can use in the fireplace to save your game. Interact with the radio and select “Hello, who are you?”. Progress through the dialogue by selecting choices.
  2. Pick up the gas canister then leave the outhouse through the door on the left.
  3. Head out in the snow and head northeast and follow the wooden pathway down until you reach the dock.
  4. Interact with the boat to use the gasoline on it and get in. Head north to travel to Leech Lake.
Lake Leech in Kona II
The dock you need to make your way to on Leech Lake. Screenshot: GameSpew

Leech Lake

  1. Head north/northeast, following the lake around. You’ll eventually pass under a bridge, at which point head northeast, to the right, where you’ll find a dock near a lookout tower.
  2. Head up the dock and interact with the fire to save.
  3. Head left up to the lookout tower. Inside you’ll find spare parts and a collectible card (Parabolique #5). Fix the ladder on the side of the lookout tower using 10x spare parts. At the top is ammo, a Canadian coin, batteries and a first aid kit.
  4. Head down the tower and head southeast up the cliffside path. The path at the top is locked, so we need to find another way round.
  5. Go back down the path and head east then south east. Follow the cliffs round, keeping them to your right. Watch out for wolves: if you keep a distance, you should be safe.
  6. You’ll eventually reach a camp with tents and a fire to light and save/warm up. From there, you should now be heading west.
  7. You’ll be chased by the stag/man creature, but keep moving west – you don’t need to engage in combat.
  8. Eventually you should see a house up on a hill to the north/north west. Head there.
The Old House in Kona II
The Old House as you approach it from the snow. Screenshot: GameSpew

Old house

  1. Interact with the intercom next to the front door and then head through the door.
  2. Head through to the next room to talk to Francoise. Ask her about Jules Demers, who you’ll find to the northwest — but we’ll need the climbing gear first. Ask “where can I find the climbing gear”: she tells you to head to Henryville, which is southwest from here.
  3. Leave the house and head west where there’s a covered bridge. Talk to the woman with the sled and go through the conversation options. She’ll lend you her sled — but you need to round up her sled dogs first.
  4. There are six dogs to find, and she’ll give you pig’s ears to give to them in order to bring them back home. Go to each dog and interact with them — their locations are marked with pawprints on the map below.
Kona II map - husky locations
The pawprints mark the locations of the six Huskies you need to find. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. When you’ve found them all, head back to the bridge and talk to the woman again. Interact with the sled to take control and head west/southwest from the bridge. When you reach the sign for Henryville, leave the sled.
  2. When you reach Henryville, your geiger counter will start ticking, highlighting that a chunk of mistanite is nearby. Equip it and follow the marker to collect it. You’ll have to fight some ghost wolves along the way.
  3. Back in Henryville, head right down the road and past a water tower. Head down the path of the yellow house directly behind the water tower, and go through the gate in its garden.
Kona II Henryville
Head down this pathway at the left of this yellow house. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Cut across the alley into another yard, the turn right to squeeze through a gap in the fence. Turn left and go down the alley.
  2. There’s another water tower in front of you. Go past it to the right to find another chunk of mistanite.
  3. Head back left and go down the left of the building with the halloween decorations.
Kona II Henryville screenshot
Go down the left-hand side of the building in the image above. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Pass through its garden then down the left of the building behind, then through the fence of that building.
  2. Out on the road, follow it to the left and then upwards. You’ll pass a big yellow digger then turn left onto a high street.
  3. Keep walking up and you’ll see the General Store on your right.
The General Store in Kona II
Here’s the General Store that you’re looking for. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Enter the general store. There’s a fire to light in here to save/warm up. The ice axe is at the back of the store. You’ll also find some batteries, a first aid kit, ammo and some spare parts on the shelves around the store.
  2. Behind the counter is a Henryville snowglobe: interacting with it will give you an achievement/trophy.
  3. Leave the store and head to the ice wall directly to the front. Use your ice pick to climb it.
  4. At the top, equip your geiger counter and follow the marker to find another chunk of mistanite. As always, you’ll need to shoot a wolf along the way.
  5. You now need to get back to where your left your sled dogs. From the mistanite, head north east and you can drop off the fence. Beware: you’ll have an encounter with a ghost moose here.
Henryville Kona II
The ramp you can climb over to take a shortcut back to your sled in Henryville. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Head back the way you came, cutting through the backyards of the houses, heading east/north east to get back to your sled. Then head back across the bridge and towards the safe house.
  2. Walk up to the house and around the back to head down through the main gate that was previously locked.
  3. Go back to the pier and in your boat.
  4. When on the water, head north past the islands then north west until you see a pier at the other side. Mount your boat and get out.
  5. Walk down the pier and to the left is a fire you can light to save your game. Straight ahead from the pier is a frozen wall that you can now climb up with your pickaxe.
  6. Before you head up, however, let’s head east. You’ll eventually be prompted to pull out your geiger counter and be given a marker, so head in that direction. You’ll need to shoot some ghost wolves along the way. The geiger counter will direct you to another chunk of mistanite.
  7. Head back the way you came, and climb up the frozen wall. When you’re at the top, head west and then south west until you see a radio tower. Make your way up.
Kona II radio tower
The radio tower as you approach it. Screenshot: GameSpew

Radio tower

  1. Outside the radio tower you’ll find some equipment to examine along with some spare parts on a table.
  2. Go through the yellow gate, and then through the door of the radio tower.
  3. On the table to your left you’ll find a collectible card (Parabolique #42).
  4. Talk to Jules Demers. Say “Francoise sent me here to help”, then “About the HMC…”. Then ask about the mistanite, about about your health. Jules gives you an access card to the HMC facilities.
  5. Leave the radio tower and head for the gate leading south west. Go through the next gate and you’ll find your sled dogs waiting for you.

Hamilton Mining Corporation

  1. Hop on your sled and head west. You’ll need to open another gate. Before you pass through, enter the little hut, where you’ll find some consumables and a collectible card (Parabolique #89). There’s also a fire you can light here to save.
  2. Back on your sled, head west then northwest through a door, where you’ll find a giant gaping hope in the ground. Head downwards towards the hole then hop off your sled.
  3. You’ll have an encounter with a ghost bear, so watch out.
Kona II mine
Approaching the entrance to the mine in Kona II. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Make your way around the hole until you reach the entrance of the mine. In the hut to your left, you’ll find ammo and spare parts. Continue down the long tunnel into the mine entrance.
  2. Go into the lift and interact with the controls to travel to the underground laboratory.

Underground laboratory

  1. Head down the hallway and take the first left into the locker room. Examine the open lockers to find consumables. At the back of the shower area is a first aid kit. Leave the room and continue walking south down the hallway.
  2. Go down the next left turn and through a door on the right to enter a break room. Again, you’ll find consumables.
  3. Leave the room and make your way back to the main corridor, then take the third left turn. Follow the path around and head up the stairs, where you’ll find a control room of sorts.
  4. In here, you can interact with a control panel to save your game.
The main control desk in the control room in Kona II
The control panel where you’ll need to insert batteries and activate switches. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Go to the central orange desk, where you’ll find a note about batteries. Press the “emergency protocol” button to stop the alarm. You’ll need to find five batteries to place in the desk in order to unlock different areas of the lab.
  2. Examine the body on the floor: there’s a note giving a clue to the location of one of the batteries — “all the way at the back of the tunnel”.
  3. You’ll find a battery in the crate just ahead of the body. Place it in the control panel, then toggle the switch for ‘B’ to unlock area B.
  4. Go back downstairs, through the door and follow the path to the main corridor. Go through the double doors to your left.
  5. You’re now in a central area. Head to the door marked with ‘B’ and go through it.

Underground laboratory – Area B

  1. Make your way to the bottom of the corridor, where you’ll find yourself in a lab.
  2. Pick up a jack on the end of the desk just in front of you. Use it on the right-hand shutter at the far side of the room. You’re missing a jack handle, so can’t do anything with it yet.
  3. Check the room with the wolf body to find an autopsy report and watch a ghost memory play out.
  4. Go through the white door to enter a corridor. Make your way down the corridor to see another memory. Explore each of the interrogation rooms. When you reach the first room on the right, interact with the communication panel to talk to a subject.
  5. The man you’re talking to is Thomas Matoush. Go through the conversation options. He tells you to head to the Research & Development wing. Ask him about accessing E-wing. Before he’ll tell you how to access it, he wants two employee files: numbers 252 and 215 from the archives.
  6. Go back to the laboratory, and now the first shutter will be open, revealing an animal storage area. Prepare to fight off a ghost wolf. You can find a jack handle in here, so use that on the jack on the second shutter.
  7. Crouch under the shutter then squeeze past the fallen shelf. Move through the piles of boxes until you reach the end of the room. There’s an access hatch filled with water, and a battery.
  8. We’ll come back to go down the hatch, but for now, grab the battery and take it back to the control room. You can use the lift from the main vestibule area.
  9. Place the battery in the control panel, and flip the switch for Area C.

Underground laboratory – Area C

  1. Make your way back down to the central area and now go through the door to area C. Go to the end of the corridor and through the double doors — watch out for a ghost wolf along the way.
  2. Squeeze past the forklift and the boxes, then make your way around the giant crystal dome. In a locker room to the side, you’ll find a collectible card (Parabolique #0).
  3. Make your way through the far side of the building, where you’ll find a long tunnel. Make your way down, and pick up a battery from right at the end. Take it back to the control room, and place it in the control panel.
  4. Flip the switch for Area D and make your back back down to the main area.

Underground laboratory – Area D

  1. Go through the door to Area D and head for the door on the end. You’ll find yourself in an office corridor — although a large wolf shadow at the end should give you pause. Prepare to shoot a ghost wolf.
  2. In the second room on your left, you’ll find a note in one of the desk drawers giving you another battery location clue: there’s one in the plumbing area located in the archives.
  3. Go back into the main corridor and around the corner. Go in the door on your left. There’s a delivery notice in the desk drawer, and a collectible card on the dark side of the desk (Parabolique #99).
  4. Leave the room and squeeze past the orange vehicle. Make your way around the corridor. You’ll find a console where you can save your game.
  5. Enter Hamilton’s office at the end of the corridor to find secret information in his desk drawer, and an investigation letter on the desk. Head out of the office. There’s an access door to Area E, but you cannot unlock it without a keycard. We’ll come back later. Head back to the control room.
  6. Turn off the switch for area D, then turn on the switch for ‘Ventilation’. Head back to the main access area.

Underground laboratory – Area B and C

  1. Go back through the door for Area B, and under the shutter held open with the jack. This time, go down the access hatch. You’ll have to swim, which means Carl has a limited amount of time. Head straight forward, ducking and diving around the metal pipes.
  2. When you reach the end, come up for air, then dive into the next body of water. When you come up for air, go across the platform then down into water at the other side. Follow the path around, and duck and dive through the pipes.
  3. You’ll come up in a closed garage space: press the button next to the shutters to open the door. You’re now in Area C. In the garage space with you is another battery — pick it up and return to the control room with it. Place it in the machine. Now, turn on water draining but turn off area C.
  4. Head back down and into Area B. Once again, go through the lab, under the shutter and down the access hatch. This time, there’s no water. Make your way back the same way you travelled before, coming up in the garage of Area C.
  5. Head out of the garage and turn left, heading under a garage door that’s half-opened. In here you’ll find another access hatch. Make your way down it.
Kona II garage door
The half-opened shutter that you’ll need to pass under in Area C of the underground laboratory. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Follow the path around until you reach an open area with a forklift. Head up the ramp and into a brightly lit room. There’s a gear on the table – pick it up.
  2. Head back down the ramp and climb up the ladder to move down the ramp at the other side. Interact with the trolley to move the crates. Pick up the battery behind you. You can’t climb ladders with the battery, so we’ll need to be creative to get it out.
  3. Head back up to the room where you found the gear. Place the battery on the conveyor belt, then interact with it to place the gear. The conveyor belt will come to life, taking the battery to an area in C that you can’t reach.
  4. Time to head back to the control room. Turn off the power to ventilation, and flip on all the other switches.
  5. Head back down and make your way once again to Area C.
  6. There’s a piece of mistanite to get before we find the battery. Head down through the hatch and follow the path around until you reach a large fan. Previously it was spinning, but we can now climb under it after turning off ventilation. You’ll find a mistanite piece behind.
  7. Go back up through the hatch and into the room with the large crystal dome. In the corner you’ll find the conveyor belt with the battery on it. Take it back up to the control room and place it in the machine. That’s all five batteries.

Underground laboratory – Research & Development

  1. Make sure both water draining and ventilation are switched off, then head back to area C. Go through the half-open shutter and down through the access hatch. You’ve been in here before, when it was drained, but the water level now means you can access a new area through a vent in the wall.
Kona II vent
The vent you need to climb through in order to reach a new area. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Climb through the vent and under the fan. Turn left then left again to enter the archives. In the archives, examine the arrowhead. There are some notes dotted around the room, too.
  2. In the far corner you’ll find a snow globe tucked away on a shelf. Interact with it for a trophy.
  3. Get file numbers 252 and 215, then head all the way out, going back to Area B to chat with the prisoner.
  4. When you reach the interrogation road, say “here are the files”. Follow through the conversation path. Then ask about the access card. He’ll tell you to head to the locker room — it’s in area A.
  5. Head to area A — it’s where we started. Head down the corridor, and you need to head down the last turn on your right. Watch the ghost memory play out, then access the locker you just saw — it’s locker 142. We finally have a keycard for Area E.
  6. Go back to the control room and turn off Area B and turn on the ventilation and water drainage.
  7. Now head to Area D.

Underground laboratory – Area E

  1. In area D, walk around the corridor until you reach the locked door right at the end. Use the keycard on it to access Area E.
  2. Head straight through the corridor, through the next set of double doors. Go down the ramp, and through into the room on the left. Go up the ladder and interact with the dead body. It’s Thomas Matoush — the person you were talking to in the Interrogation room.
  3. Take the prototype and blueprints from the safe next to him.
  4. We can now leave, but first, let’s visit Thomas Matoush’s room in Area B. He’s obviously not there, but his room is now open and you’ll find a chunk of mistanite.
  5. Now, head out of the underground laboratory. Go through Area A all the way to the end and out of the door.

To Eeweewach Valley

  1. Outside of the underground laboratory, make your way back out of the hole up the snowy ramp. When you reach the top, you’ll find your sled dogs making their way back to you. Jump on your sled then head north east back to the radio tower.
  2. Enter the radio tower and talk to Jules. Tell him you have the prototype and the mistanite. You’ll get a mistanite phaser from him.
  3. You now need to meet up with Jules at Eeweewach Valley. It’s to the far south east of the map. So, from the radio tower, head northwest and follow the path around back to the ice wall. Climb down it, and go down the pier just in front to get on your boat. Use the fast travel option to go to ‘Old House’.
Kona II map leading to Eeweewatch valley
The X marks the location of the entrance to Eeweewach Valley. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Walk up to the house from the dock and jump on your dog sled once again, which is waiting just in front of the house. Move eastwards until you reach a locked yellow gate. Interact with it to open it, then move on through. When prompted, travel to Eeweewach Valley.
  2. You’re moving west all the way through the valley in order to meet up with Jules in the makeshift camp.

Quarantine Area

  1. When you reach the makeshift camp, find Jules in a tent. There’s a fire you can light in order to save your game. On Jules’ desk you’ll find a collectible card (Parabolique #86). Talk to Jules. He needs four chunks of red mistanite, which you should find around Eeweewach Valley.
  2. Head back the way you came on your sled and pay attention to your geiger counter. Each time it goes off, equip it then follow the marker to the mistanite.
  3. The bad news? Not all chunks of mistanite are red, so occasionally you’ll end up chasing the trail of a blue one. You can tell when you’re near a red chunk: your view will turn red. You’ll need to use your mistanite phaser gun on beasts and large crystals blocking your way.
  4. We’ve marked the location of four red mistanite chunks on the map below.
Kona 2 red mistanite locations
Four locations of red mistanite. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. #1 is fairly easy. Head to the area, and watch out for the large stag. There’s a crystal to shoot through before you can reach the red mistanite.
  2. When tracking #2, make sure you’ve got your geiger counter on and follow the arrow to make your way through the cave, otherwise you’ll end up getting lost. When you reach the camp, you’ll find the red mistanite in the hand of a dead body just a little way off.
  3. For #3, be careful making your way through the forest after passing the logging buildings. The trees are armed with tripwire, so you need to pay attention and look for gaps as you move towards the mistanite.
  4. #4 is self-explanatory, too: shoot through the crystal then kill some wolves.
  5. When you’ve got all four pieces, head back to Jules. Tell him you’ve picked up the red mistanite. He’ll tell you to follow the railroad tracks, and give you a device to neutralise mistanite.
  6. Head west along the railway tracks. Shoot the blue crystals with your phaser gun to get through the tunnel. These can be a bit finicky: stand on the train’s trailer and aim for the top of the crystals.
  7. Make your way through the tunnel, following the train down.

Heart of the storm

  1. This is it: the final stretch. There are two beacons we need to make our way to, all the while being pursued by the stag man.
  2. We’ll start with the one to the south, so head south, destroying two crystals with your phaser gun along the way. Interact with the first beacon, then head north to the second.
  3. When the stag man appears, shoot it with your phaser to stun it. It can’t be permanently killed – not yet.
  4. As you get closer to the second beacon, you’ll need to cross a wooden bridge then smash another crystal. The beacon is just ahead, so activate it.
  5. Now, to get to the radio tower. Head back across the wooden bridge and move southwest until you reach an ice wall. Climb it with your ice picks.
  6. Turn left at the top, and you’ll reach another ice wall. Climb that, then turn right, where you’ll see a fence. Climb under a gap in the fence, then through the gate and the door to the radio tower.
  7. It’s a bit like a maze inside the radio tower. You need to make your way to the very top, past furniture and up some stairs. When you reach the roof, climb the ladder up the tower.
  8. When you’re at the top, install the device in the left-hand panel, then pull the switch next to it. Enjoy the explosion, then head back down the ladder and out of the radio tower.
  9. Go through the gap in the fence, then head down, climbing down a fallen crystal.
  10. You’ll find the weakened stag man at the bottom: shoot him with your phaser gun to finish him off.
  11. You’ll cut to daytime, in front of a cabin. Examine the dead body under a tree. Enter the cabin and read the apology letter. Look at the burned diary in the fireplace. Listen to a rescue message from the radio. Look at the photo and find a flare gun in the chest.
  12. Head outside and press X/A to use your flare gun.

That’s it: you’ve completed Kona II! We hope our walkthrough helped you overcome any obstacles.

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