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Little Kitty, BIg City screenshot

Little Kitty, Big City walkthrough – full game guide and all achievements

Out now, you’re in for a treat if you choose to play Little Kitty, Big City. This glorious game is set in a small open world, and casts you as a cat who’s free to explore as they please. Along the way you’ll find plenty of things to collect, stuff to destroy, friends to meet and random tasks to complete. Your overall goal, though? To get home. In our Little Kitty, Big City walkthrough, you’ll find a step-by-step guide of everything from completing the story to cleaning up every last collectible.

Little Kitty, Big City is set in a small open world, and so much of the game can be done in any order. We’ve explored the world in — at least, what seemed to us — a logical way, and so we’ve completed much of the side content along the way. There are just a few bits we’ve added in a “clean up” section at the end. If you follow our guide exactly, then, you’ll have found almost everything before you complete the game. But if you want to wander around and go your own way? That’s fine too. We’ve highlighted every achievement in our guide, so you can simply do a search (ctrl+F) to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Note: We’ve used Xbox controls in this Little Kitty, Big City walkthrough. If you’re playing on Switch or with a third-party controller, your buttons may be slightly different. Wherever we’ve given button prompts, bear this in mind.

We hope you find this walkthrough helpful — and enjoy playing the game.

Little Kitty, Big City walkthrough: Quick links

Little Kitty, Big City Achievements to work on as you’re playing

There are numerous achievements in Little Kitty, Big City that require you to complete menial tasks as you wander through the city. You’ll need to collect so many shinies, for example, and recycle 100 cans. We’ve not highlighted every single place you can do these things, as they’re everywhere. So just make sure you keep working towards them as you play — and you’ll have likely completed them by the time you reach the end of the game.

  • Fat Cat: Find 200 shinies — Shinies are the main currency of Little Kitty, Big City, and you’ll find them everywhere. You’ll also get a shiny every time you recycle a can, so you’ll easily get 200 over time.
  • Bird Botherer: Catch (and release!) 20 birds — You’ll need some birds to spend feathers on fast travel points. But you’ll also need to catch more than you need in order to get this achievement. There are plenty of birds: Simply sneak up on them by pressing RB then press A to pounce when prompted.
  • Litter Picker: Recycle 100 items — there are lots of cans dotted around the world, and you can also knock some out of the hands of people. Take them to blue recycle bins 100 times to get this achievement.
  • Smash Hit: Break 100 objects — You’ll need to smash 100 objects over the course of playing Little Kitty, Big City. The easiest way is to knock plantpots off of ledges and shelves. You’ll also get the Decluttering achievement when you’ve smashed 10 objects.
  • Cult of Purr-sonality: Get petted 10 times — Not every person will pet you, but plenty will stop and fuss you as they’re walking. Press X to nuzzle on a human.
  • Local Celebrity: Get photographed 20 times — When you see a person with a phone in their hand, meow by pressing Y. Sometimes they’ll stop and photograph you.
  • Papa-cat-zi: Take 20 photos with your camera — Around half way through the game you’ll get your own camera. You can take photos with it by pressing ‘down’ on the d-pad. Make sure you take 20 once you’ve got it.
  • Trip Hazard: Make 20 humans stumble — By getting under the feet of humans, you can make them trip over. Simply standing in the road is enough to make passers-by fall over you, but you can also run at them.
  • World Traveler: Open all Tanuki’s portals — You’ll eventually unlock the ability to fast travel through a series of portals/manhole covers. We’ve missed highlighting some of them in our guide (sorry!) so make sure you unlock all of these as you pass by them.

Part One: Getting 25 Shinies

The first part of the game requires you to get 25 shinies for a Crow. In this section, we’ve also made a good start on optional quests.

  1. Jiggle the left stick to get out of the bin. Walk forward and turn right at the puddle – kitty doesn’t like getting wet!
  2. Turn right at the next junction and go through the open gate on your right.
  3. Head into the kitchen. Jump up onto the worktop and out of the window.
  4. Walk along the top of the wall, using RT and LT to swipe the plant pots off as you go — this is good work towards the Smash Hit achievement.
  5. When you reach the end of the wall, jump left onto the crates across the road.
Little Kitty, Big City Screenshot
Jump to the left here and continue moving around the wall. Image: GameSpew
  1. Continue around the next wall until you meet the crow. After talking to the crow continue along the wall and jump across the gate.
  2. Drop into the garden with the artist. Now: you’ve got your first challenge… to become an artist! Knock over paints, spilling pots on the canvas and walking through to create footprints over canvas. Fill enough of it to complete task (To-do complete: Become an artist).
  3. Jump up onto the wall at the back of the garden using the blue flowers to help you up.
  4. Drop down into the road and dribble the football into the net (Back of the Net 1/4).
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
Score a goal, then move to the right to pass through some orange cones. Image: GameSpew
Little Kitty, Big City Screenshot
  1. Move right and go through the orange cones. Pick up the rubber duck then crawl through the small space to your left.
  2. Go right past the puddles until you interact with the crow (and the dog). The crow needs 25 shinies from you. Drop the rubber duck here – we’ll come and get it later.
Little Kitty Big City screenshot
Go through this small gap in the wall. Image: GameSpew
Little Kitty Big City screenshot
Your first hat is here on top of this bus! Image: GameSpew
  1. Move right until you see another gap in the wall to crawl under. Crawl through then jump in the trash can (Dumpster Diving 1/10). You’ll also get 3x shinies.
  2. From the dumpster move left and go through the metal pipe for another shiny. From here jump up the two crates then on top of the bus for a ladybug hat.
  3. Jump into the ground to return to the street. Move right and at the crossroads, go left.
Little Kitty Big City screenshot
At this crossroads, take the left path. Image: GameSpew
  1. Jump up on the wall to your left and over to the car and then the top of the red bus shelter to collect two more shinies.
  2. Continue down the road and turn left in the small car park to find another hat (Apple hat).
  3. Go back to the road and continue upwards. Collect the shiny from the doorway on your right.

Clean up some Little Kitty, Big City achievements

On this road, there are many achievements you can get rather easily.

  • Cat-Like Reflexes: Capture a bird in flight — We were lucky to get this one first time, but you may need a few attempts. Sneak up close-ish to a bird but leave enough of a gap that you can run towards it (RB to run). Jump just as it’s taking flight to pluck it out of the air.
  • Surprise!: Knock a human over by jumping on them — We did this accidentally by landing in water and jumping up just as a human was passing by! You can intend to do it by simply jumping up at a human as they walk by. Not all humans will trip over, though, so it may take some attempts.
  • Fruit Fall: Make a human slip on a banana — At the end of the street you’ll find a grocery store with a box of bananas right out front. Steal one and place it on the ground and… wait. We had to wait a good while. Make sure you place it far enough away that the store owner doesn’t simply come and take it back.

This is also a good place to work towards Cult of purr-sonality and Trip Hazard.

  1. Continue down the road and talk to the black and white cat, Mayor, sleeping outside the grocery shop.
  2. The cat wants you to remove jars of jam. Climb up to them and knock them off.
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
The three jam jars have been circled. Image: GameSpew
  1. When you’ve knocked all 3 jars off, talk to Mayor again. He’ll give you the ability to meow by pressing Y and use emotes by holding down Y and selecting them from the wheel. You’ll get more emotes as you play.
  2. Sit in the white box just behind Major (If I Fits, I Sits 1/5).
  3. There’s another achievement you can easily get in here too. And Stay Out: get the attention of the shop owner in here and you’ll get thrown out!
  4. Now you have emotes, you can get the Can’t Stop the Feelings achievement by using any emote (hold down Y then select the emote of your choice). You can also get the What Sweet Music achievement by pressing Y to meow 10 times.
  5. From the shop corner, go straight ahead towards a puddle to pick up a shiny. Go through the gate on the right, then in the trash can (Dumpster Diving 2/10). Go through the open crawl space on the left hand side.
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
From the store, head in the direction of the arrow.
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
Then turn to your right to go through this gate. Image: GameSpew
  1. Move forward and nap on the slab in the sand pit (Cat Napper 1/7). Climb up the boxes to the right and jump across to the shelf. Talk to the chameleon on the wall. You’re tasked with finding him again in a construction area.
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
Nap on the glowing slab to the left, then climb up the red and green crates on the right. Image: GameSpew
  1. Keep walking forward and jump into the AC unit. There’s a shiny to your right and a birds nest on the roof ahead of you (Sticky Business 1/10). Be sure to get the shinies from the birds nest.
  2. From here, jump out into the street. You should be just at the shop. On the corner of the shop are two vending machines: Hold down RB and run into them (Who Needs Cash achievement).
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
Run into the vending machines here with RB. Image: GameSpew
  1. Head up to the top of the road. There’s a blue bin on the left: jump in it (Dumpster Diving 3/10). At the other side of the road is a purple football on the corner. Dribble it to the left and around the puddle to the right, into the net at the back of the parking lot (Back of the Net 2/4). This is also a good place to get the To Me, To You! achievement: dribble it near a person and there’s a good chance they’ll kick it.
  2. Next to the net, jump up on to the ledge to knock off an old birds nest (Sticky Business 2/10). Collect the shinies that come out of it.
  3. Near the football net talk to the big ginger cat sat on top of the pay machine. Talk to it to earn a new emote.
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
Talk to this ginger cat, before making your way to the right of the image to enter a building site. Image: GameSpew
  1. Across the road from the ginger cat, head into the building site and climb up the boxes on your left. Make your way across to collect 2 shinies. Drop down and you’ll see a tanuki stuck in a pipe. Talk to him, then pull him out. He wants 3 bird feathers. If you haven’t got enough yet, you can catch birds back in the parking lot.
  2. There are some scissors on the ground near the tanuki. Pick them up and run towards a person on the street with them (Achievement: Killer Kitty).
  3. In the Tanuki’s area is a white box to sit in (If I Fits I Sits 2/5).
  4. When you’ve got enough feathers, return to the tanuki and talk to him. You’ve now made a warp point. Stand on it to travel to the other side of the fence.
  5. Once you’re out of the bin, walk forward and around the pipes to find a shiny. Exit to your left. Go down the alleyway slightly to your right then climb the set of stairs.
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
Here’s where you need to head. Image: GameSpew
  1. At the top, jump on the air-conditioning units and walk to the end to knock off the birds nest (Sticky Business 3/10).
  2. Head back down the alleyway and into the workyard next to it. Head through the small gap in the wall at the opposite side of the entrance to find a dog’s bone. Grab it and go back through the gap and out of the workyard.
  3. Go back round to your left into the alleyway. Drop the bone in the dog’s bowl (Give a Dog a Bone 1/3).
  4. Get past the dog and jump in the blue trash can (Dumpster Diving 4/10).
  5. Climb up the boxes onto the top of the van to collect the shiny. Walk onto the wall, onto the portaloo roof then on to the thin fence to get to the hat in the workyard.
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
Here’s where you need to climb up. Image: GameSpew
  1. Head back into the workyard and head into the centre – you’ll eventually see a ramp to climb up. Head right to the top to talk to a flying beetle. The beetle wants a new phone.
  2. Before you jump down from here, collect a jar of shinies (knock them off then pick them up off the floor). Be careful not to get caught by the worker because he’ll throw you out of the area.
  3. You can earn the Industrial Artist achievement in this area by walking through the wet cement in the central square of the workyard.
  4. At the back of the workyard there’s a blue box – drag it to create a shortcut back out into the street. Go through and get a mobile phone (knock it out of someone’s hand by running at them).
  5. Once you’ve got a phone, go back through the crawl space and head back up to the beetle. Drop the phone in front of it. You’ve now got your own camera! (Achievement: snap happy). You can now work towards the Papa-cat-zi achievement by taking 20 photos. Press ‘down’ on your d-pad to pull out your camera.
  6. Before we continue, there’s another achievement we can grab just here. Go back out onto the road to get another phone from a human and go back through the crawl space into the workyard. This time, head to where you found the dog and drop it into the portaloo (Splash! achievement). You’ll also find the chameleon in here. He’ll give you another clue to find him near a “metal friend” who “provides a place to climb and slide” — a play park. We’ll get there shortly.
  7. Return to the crow, you should have enough shinies now.

Part two: Powering up your climbing ability

The crow has given you the ability to climb vines. But you’ll need to power up your ability by finding red fish around the city. Once you’ve eaten all the red fish, you’ll be powerful enough to climb all the way to the top of your building. Once again, we’ll be working on some side content along the way.

  1. Eat the fish the crow gives you (achievement: Snack Time).
  2. Remember that duck we dropped around here earlier? Pick it up. Climb the vines behind where the crow was. Drop down and move forward – there are two shinies just in front. You’ll see a duck – move closer and it’ll start talking to you. The duck gives you a map, and wants you to find its ducklings. Press up on the d-pad to access the map.
  3. Walk past the duck to pick up a shiny, and across the bridge to the pond. Drop your duck in the pond (Rub-a-dub-dub 1/4), then pick up the second duck and drop it in (Rub-a-dub-dub 2/4).
  4. Interact with the sewer cover to talk to the tanuki again. Agree to fast travel.
  5. You’ll end up in the area right where you started, and a dog will talk to you. Go straight ahead into the garden to talk to the dog again. He wants you to find his 3 tennis balls.
  6. The first is in the bucket just to the left of the dog. Knock off the bucket then roll the ball into the pit in front of the dog.
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
Climb up these vines up to the top of the greenhouse. Image: GameSpew
  1. Climb the ivy on the side of the greenhouse. Walk across the plank and into the birds nest (Sticky Business 4/10). The second ball has fallen to the floor, so roll that into the dog’s pit.
  2. Climb into the dog’s house to nap (Cat Napper 2/7).
  3. Climb up the ivy again and this time onto the air conditioning unit then the balcony. Knock the ball off then jump down to roll it into the dog’s pit. That’s the last: you’ll get a Shiba Hat as a reward.
  4. Head back out. If you’ve got a feather you can talk to the tanuki to power up the fast travel portal. If not, make your way on foot back to where we were — just over the vines where we last talked to the crow and back in the direction of the duck.
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
Head to the left of the duck, being sure to get the blue trash can as you pass. Image: GameSpew
  1. This time, walk to the left of the duck. There’s a bin to your left to interact with (Dumpster Diving 5/10).
  2. Continue up the alley, moving past the truck, and turn right into the park. Climb through the crawlspace just behind the robot statue to get a hat.
  3. Climb up the slide and into the robots head to find the chameleon. His next location is near six vending machines.
  4. There are a few shinies in the park including one right on top of the slide.
  5. Exit the park from the corner across from the robot. The crow is just to your left – talk to it. It is selling hats for 5 shinies each. To get the Caped Crusader achievement you’ll need to buy them all. There are four in this machine, and you’ll find more machines in the city with more.
  6. From the Crow, go to the vending machines at the other side of the street. Climb up them for two shinies and to find the chameleon again. His next clue takes you to a pop culture store — which we’ll get to shortly.
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
The hat vending machine is to your left, and you’ll find the chameleon on top of the tallest vending machine directly in front. Image: GameSpew
  1. Head left from the machines and on your left you’ll find a shiny and a trash can to climb into (Dumpster Diving 6/10). Keep going straight across the road to the red truck. To the right is another trash can (Dumpster Diving 7/10). Climb up the truck and up the boxes onto the side of the building to get shinies.
  2. Jump back down and turn right, towards the crossing. Just past the crossing in a doorway on the right is another hat vending machine. This time they cost 10 shinies.
  3. Keep going forward and enter the next shop on your right.
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
In the shop, destroy the model city to get an achievement. Image: GameSpew
  1. There are a couple of achievements you can get here. Jump up onto the side and knock all the chess pieces from the board for the Checkmate achievement. And at the back of the store, you’ll find a model city: jump up and destroy it for the Big Kitty, Little City achievement.
  2. From the boxes on the right of the store, climb right up to the top to find the chameleon. His next clue is a rooftop garden, with a “water wielding warden”. We’ll get to him later.
  3. Continue walking around the edge to collect shinies. Nap in the big lizard head (Cat Napper 3/7). Continue forward to get the jar of shinies.
  4. Talk to the cat sat on the back of the human. It wants you to catch its yellow bird friend outside.
  5. Leave the shop – the yellow bird is just across the road, sat on the pavement. It occasionally flies up then flies back down. Sneak up on it to catch it.
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
Here’s where you’ll find the yellow bird as you leave the store. Image: GameSpew
  1. Go back into the store and talk to the cat again to get a new emote.
  2. Leave the store and continue heading right down the street. At the next alleyway you come to you’ll find a shiny and a box to jump in (If I Fits, I Sits 3/5).
  3. Continue following the pavement around and you’ll find more shinies in a corner on the end. When you reach a dead end (due to water) turn left. Straight ahead is a bin to jump in (Dumpster Diving 8/10). There’s also a tanuki portal around here to unlock.
Little Kitty, Big City Screenshot
Head this way to jump in a trash can.
Little Kitty, Big City Screenshot
Then head under the gap in the fence. Image: GameSpew
  1. From the bin, go through the crawl gap in the fence to its right. Collect the hat from in here and pick up the dog’s bone. Leave through the crawl gap. Put the bone in the dog’s bowl just around the corner (Give a Dog a Bone 2/3).
  2. Jump up the crates just behind the dog and make your way onto the air-conditioning units to get a birds nest (Sticky Business 5/10). Jump through the window to get a hat.
  3. Climb up onto the side unit and through the vent to get out. Go through the first gap on your left to get two shinies, but don’t jump off: go back into the vent and keep going to collect more shinies. Follow it around to eventually find a jar of shinies.
Little Kitty, Big City Screenshot
Climb up these crates to reach the bathroom window.
Little Kitty, Big City Screenshot
To get out of the bathroom, you’ll need to jump through this vent, which leads into the supermarket. Image: GameSpew
  1. Jump off onto the supermarket floor. There are a few things to do here. Careful though: the shopkeeper will be very keen to throw you out if she sees you.
  2. At the back near where your shinies fall is a red fish: eat for more climbing energy. That’s 2 of 4.
  3. There’s also a fan here. You can pull it by grabbing the handle at the side. In the first aisle near the door, you’ll find one of the ducklings. Talk to it, then push the fan all the way down to it’s aisle to get it out of the puddle (Quack Troops 1/4).
  4. On the freezer just across from where the red fish was is a white box to jump in (If I Fits, I Sits 4/5).
  5. Above the counter is a rubber duck, which can be carried to the duck pond (Rub-a-Dub-Dub 3/4).
  6. To the right of the exit is a photocopier that you can nap on (Cat Napper 4/7).
  7. Leave the shop. Next to the door is another hat vending machine.
Little Kitty, Big City Screenshot
Here’s the arcade where you’ll find the second duckling. Image: GameSpew
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
Inside the arcade, climb up on the units so you can reach the red switch on the blue pipes, just visible on the far side of the image. Image: GameSpew
  1. From the store head right and follow the path around. You’ll come to a small arcade with another duckling inside. Talk to the duckling: you need to make the game stop before he’ll come with you. Jump on the boxes behind him, jump on the grabber machine then onto the pipes. Walk across the drop down to interact with the red lever. This causes a flood on the electrics, which stops the machine.
  2. Jump back down and the duckling will automatically join you (Quack Troops 2/4). Leave the arcade and turn left. Just to your right is a gap in the fence. Duck through to get a hat. Leave and continue right down the alley.
  3. The duck is straight ahead, but we can’t take the ducklings back until we have them all. So: let’s go find the other two ducklings.
  4. Head back to the shop where you met Mayor the cat and go through the door at the back of the store. You’ll find a hat out here. Climb up the boxes and air-conditioning units until you’re on the roof. The third duckling is flying above a vent. Talk to it, then drag the box just off to the side so it’s covering the vent (Quack Troops 3/4).
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
Here’s where you’ll find the third duckling. Move the box on the left over the vent to stop it blowing. Image: GameSpew
  1. Time to find the fourth duckling. From the front of the store where Mayor is sleeping, turn left. Keep walking until you see some vines in a small alleyway. Climb up onto the first ledge and through the laundrette’s window. The duckling is stuck in a machine! Talk to it. Talk to the ginger cat in the corner.
  2. Jump up onto the machines next to the cat and run RB into the red button. The machine will stop and the duckling will come out (Achievement: Quack Troops).
  3. Before you leave the laundrette, head into the wash basket for a nap (Cat Napper 5/7).
  4. Return the ducklings to their dad. You’ll get a duck hat as a reward.
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
Head to the right of the duck and make your way down the alleyway. Image: GameSpew
  1. Now, head up the alley way just past where the duck was stood.
  2. Collect the shiny and climb the vines to your right. Get the shiny on top of the wall before you jump down on the other side.
  3. Move the flower bed on the right to unlock a crawl gap shortcut, then crawl through the space on the left. Collect a hat in this area.
  4. Jump up on the scooter, then the box, then the air conditionings units to collect a shiny.
  5. Climb up the vines on the opposite site then make your way around the pipe until you see a blue football. Knock it off then jump down.
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
Climb all the way around the pipes to find the blue football. Image: GameSpew
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
Dribble the ball into the blue net before jumping into the trash can and heading back into the alleyway. Image: GameSpew
  1. Dribble the ball around to the goal (Back of the Net 3/4). Turn around to jump in the trash can (Dumpster Diving 9/10). From the bin turn up the alleyway to get the birds nest that’s on the ground (Sticky Business 6/10). There’s also a hat vending machine here – these ones cost 5 shinies each.
  2. Find a human with a bagel and take it by tripping them over. Head under the crawl space next to the hat vending machine then climb back up the vines. Walk around the pipes again but this time keep going – jump over the gaps and climb up the vines onto the roof.
  3. Drop the bagel in the cat’s food bowl then go talk to the cat sleeping in the satellite dish. Ring the bell near the bowl. You’ll get a new emote. Now go nap in the satellite dish (Cat Napper 6/7).
  4. Make your way back down to the ground. From the hat vending machine, head into the park just ahead of it. Pick up the dog bone at the far side of the park. Head back through the park and go straight ahead across the road to drop it in the dog’s bowl (Give a Dog a Bone 3/3).
  5. Jump in the trash can just behind the dog (Dumpster Diving 10/10).
  6. From the trash can turn back around and take your next right. Pick up a shiny to your right then keep walking forward until you see a doorway on your left. Go through for a hat. Head to the shrine in the same area to nap (Cat Napper 7/7).
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
Here’s the doorway you’ll need to head into. Image: GameSpew
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
Jump up into the shrine to take a nice cat nap. Image: GameSpew
  1. Leave the garden area and head back right, climb up the vending machines and up the vines. From the balcony, climb up the next set of boxes onto the roof. Pick up the shiny then walk across the wires and climb up the vines opposite to reach another roof.
  2. Move to the right and climb up more vines – the woman with the hose pipe will spray you if you go the other way! Drop down to the area behind the fence. Talk to the chameleon. His next clue? A big red bullseye in an alleyway.
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
Here’s what you’ll find when you reach the top of the roof. Stick to the right so you don’t get squirted with the hosepipe, then head up the vines. Image: GameSpew
  1. Turn off the hose pipe. When the woman opens the gate quickly run around and jump through the open window to grab another red fish to eat.
  2. Leave the roof and return to where you were, near the vending machines. From here, turn left and walk by the park.
  3. There’s another achievement we can get here. Climb up the vine behind the red sports car. Knock off the paint cans so they land on the car for the No Parking achievement. If you miss don’t worry: you can walk through the paint spillage then walk on the car. Before jumping down from the billboard, There’s also a birds nest just up here behind the billboard (Sticky Business 7/10).
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
Here’s the red sports car you need to spill paint on for the No Parking achievement. Climb up the vine just behind the car. Image: GameSpew
  1. Continue to head down the alleyway towards the red van and climb up onto it then up the boxes. Walk on the ledge around the edge of the building, onto the air conditioning unit then the blue sheet. Keep walking forward along the vent and drop into the fence off area. There’s a white box to jump in here (If I Fits I Sits 5/5).
  2. Climb up the boxes near the blue door then bump up onto the metal roof in front (it looks like you might not make it but you can!). Climb up the vents and the air conditioning units until you reach a blue roof. You’ll automatically start talking to the chameleon again – he’s on the wall just below you. His next clue? He’s down by the riverfront.
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
Here you’ll find a white box to jump in to get the If I Fits I Sits achievement. Climb up the boxes directly in front of you. Image: GameSpew
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
Here’s where you’ll need to jump over, before continuing your way up the pipe and air conditioning units. Image: GameSpew
  1. Before jumping off, knock off the yellow football. Jump down and pop it into the goal (Back of the net 4/4).
  2. Now, let’s head to the waterfront. From the red truck, make your way back to the park and go straight all the way down. Before you reach the dog, turn left. Walk past the vending machines and go straight ahead, down the steps. In the corner is another hat vending machine.
  3. Move forward from the vending machine and you’ll find a fisherman. Just ahead of him is a tanuki warp point. We need to steal the fisherman’s fish. Wait until he catches one – he’ll then walk to his left and put it on the ground. Grab it and run off. Eat it! (Achievement: Fin-tastic)
  4. Go up the stairs to your left to find the chameleon on a sign post. Talk to him. His next clue: a locked door beside a small convenience store.
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
We’ve highlighted the signpost where you’ll find the chameleon. Image: GameSpew
  1. After talking to the chameleon head left to the end of the path. Behind a fence is a hat. Jump into the top of the small fence to your right and carefully drop onto the ledge below. There’s a gap in the wall that allows you to pass around. Grab the hat and the shiny.
  2. Go back onto the path then move the flowerpot to pass through the crawl space that’s just across from where we met the chameleon. Go through another crawl space and you’ll be back in the garden with the sandpit. There’s a tall vine on the wall – now you’ve eaten all the fish you have enough energy to climb up. Up on the roof you’ll find a hat and a shiny.
  3. Let’s find the final hiding spot of the chameleon. He’s in the bathroom next to the supermarket, so head back there. You’ll get a magician’s hat for completing it.
  4. There’s a couple more achievements to clean up before we take kitty home and finish. Remember the first vine we climbed over after getting the ability from the crow? Head back there, and climb up the vines on the wall. Head to the air-conditioning unit then climb across the planks onto a vent. Climb up more vines until you reach a rooftop terrace. There’s a crawl gap in the fence: remember this, because we’ll go here on our way to taking kitty home.
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
Here’s where you’ll start climbing your way up. Image: GameSpew
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
You’ll need to come through this crawl hole later, but for now, make your way to the right. Image: GameSpew
  1. Before you go through, drop onto the wires below. Walk across the vent , up onto the air-conditioning unit and on the billboard. Cross over onto the other vent and climb up the air conditioning units. When you reach the rooftop, head down the stairs to your right you’ll meet the beetle again. Talk to them: they want you to pose in a hat. Walk back up the steps to the green screen and the beetle will follow you. Talk to them to complete the mission (Achievement: neighborhood hero).
  2. To the right of the green screen is a birds nest (Sticky Business 8/10).
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
We’ve circled where you’ll find the bird’s nest. Image: GameSpew
  1. Back down the steps and around the corner from where the beetle was, you’ll find the fourth rubber duck to take to the pond (Rub-a-dub-dub 4/4).
  2. Before you drop down, jump on the wall and carefully make your way around to the right to find a hat.
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
HEre’s the ledge you need to walk across – carefully – to get to a hat at the other side. Image: GameSpew

Part three: Kitty heads home

This is the final stretch: taking kitty home! Note we have a bit of cleaning up to do to find a few more hats and one or two last achievements, which you’ll find in the clean-up section below. If you’d rather do all of that first, that’s fine.

  1. Now you’ve got full energy, you can climb home! Head back to where we just found the gap in the fence, and climb through it, heading into the house.
  2. Go from the kitchen to the living room then the hallway, and out of the open window. Walk out onto the vent then drop onto the ledge directly below. Head left to find a birds nest (Sticky Business 9/10) then turn back right and climb up the air conditioning units. Talk to Tanuki and drop down into the fenced area.
  3. Climb onto the boxes then onto the vines, moving right until you reach the air conditioning unit. Jump down onto the yellow sheet.
Little Kitty, Big City Screenshot
After jumping on the yellow sheet, here’s where you’ll need to head. Image: GameSpew
  1. Make your way around the blue wall then climb up the boxes. There are some shinies here and a jar to knock off. Jump down onto the yellow sheet below then climb up the blue boxes. From here do a big leap into the balcony with the paddling pool.
  2. Talk to the ducklings then climb up the vines to the right. Head right onto the platform, then climb up the vines onto the roof where a doll’s tea party is set up.
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
Here’s the doll’s tea party. The boxes and the vines on the right are where you need to climb up. Image: GameSpew
  1. Climb up the next set of vines onto the window ledge and walk across it, eventually passing onto the vent. Go all the way around until you find yourself on scaffolding. Drop down below to talk to the duck and pick up shinies.
  2. Climb up the blue crates behind the duck then move left onto the air conditioning unit and jump across more units and vents until you find a vine around the corner of the building. Climb it and jump off on the ledge to your left.
  3. Keep moving around until you reach a red sheet. Thats it: kitty is home! (Achievement: Home Sweet Home)

Part four: Clean up

Now you’ve finished the game, there are a few hats and one bird’s nest still to find. Here’s everything you need to finish off before getting all achievements in Little Kitty, Big City.

  1. Head right back to where you started at the beginning of the game — remember where you knocked the first ball into the goal? Climb up the vine just to the side of the net and walk around to the left to collect a hat. There’s also a cat to talk to to get a new emote.
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
There’s a vine just behind the net to the left, climb up here. Image: GameSpew
  1. Go back to the garden where you painted the picture on the canvas. Jump up on the wall and head to the garden gate towards the left. Jump across and you’ll find a vine to climb up. Climb to a balcony then climb on an air conditioning unit to get onto another vine. Climb to the right then drop onto the ledge. Make your way around to the next vine, then climb up onto the roof. You’ll find a crab hat.
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
Climb around the artist’s garden’s wall to get here, them climb up the vines. Image: GameSpew
Little Kitty, Big City screenshot
Keep climbing up the vines and along the platform here, to climb up more vines to the right. Image: GameSpew
  1. Now, head to the shop where Mayor sleeps. Around the corner from Mayor, climb up the vending machines then the vines and make your way up to the roof. Climb a set of stairs to find a hat. Go up the ramp and jump across to the next balcony to find a birds nest (Sticky Business 10/10).
  2. Make your way to the park, and to the blue van parked at the side — it’s next to the first hat vending machine we found. Climb up and onto the ledge of the building. There are air vents that will blow you off – wait until they stop blowing then quickly make your way around. Around the corner is another air vent. Walk to the side of it – you need to climb the vines directly in front of it. Wait until it stops blowing then quickly make your way up. Climb the vines to the right to get a hat.

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