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Lorelei and the Laser Eyes screenshot

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes guide: Maps, puzzle solutions, keys and codes

Are you diving into Lorelei and the Laser Eyes? You’re in for a real treat. Your brain’s also in for a serious workout. This open-ended, surrealist puzzle game from Simogo is designed to be challenging, and there’s a good chance you’re going to get stuck. Hopefully our Lorelei and the Laser Eyes guide can help you get over some of the bumps.

Let us be clear: This is not a full walkthrough. The nature of the game means puzzles can be tackled in any order, and so a straight point-to-point walkthrough would not work here. This is a game best explored at your own volition, solving puzzles as you come to them. We have, however, compiled as much useful information as possible to help you through.

You will find full annotated maps of the hotel, along with information on how to unlock doors, key puzzle solutions and details on how to find certain important pieces of information. We suggest making use of your on-page search function (ctrl+F if you’re visiting us on a Windows PC) to search for a key word, but we hope we’ve presented everything in a way that’s easy enough to find and follow.

At the time of writing this guide, there are still some doors we haven’t unlocked and puzzles we haven’t cracked ourselves. We will be adding more to this guide as and when we find the solutions.

So: Good luck, and have fun with Lorelei and the Laser Eyes — we hope our guide is helpful in breaking down the mysteries of this wonderful little game.

Important things to note before playing Lorelei and the Laser Eyes

  • This game does not save automatically. You can manually save whenever you’d like at a computer terminal — they’re dotted generously throughout the hotel. It’s important to save regularly, especially once you’ve visited the maze.
  • Every note, book, letter and sign you read — along with just about everything else — will be automatically stored in the “photographic memory” section of your menu. You don’t have to write down everything, then, but we’d still recommend jotting down what you see as important.
  • Have a notebook at the side of you. Seriously. You’ll want to make notes for a lot of the weird things you encounter will exploring.
  • Some puzzles are slightly different for everyone – i.e. numbers are randomised, even if the way to solve them is the same. When it comes to providing solutions in this Lorelei and the Laser Eyes guide, then, we’ve made sure to provide how to find the answer.
  • You’ll find plenty of dollars while wandering around the hotel. You can buy various things with them, such as collectible statues and new games for the handheld games console you’ll find early on. All of these things are optional, but there’s a finite number of dollars, so choose carefully how you want to spend them.

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes guide: Quick links

1. Getting started
2. Maps
3. How to open all document tubes
4. Solving poster clues and opening safebox rooms
5. Backyard and outdoor puzzles
6. The Quiz Club Puzzle Maze
7. Numbered doors and puzzle boxes
8. How to get script pages
9. Opening each shortcut door

Getting Started

While we aren’t providing a full walkthrough, we will at least guide you through your first few steps, taking you into the Hotel Letztes Jahr. It’s from there that you can start to fully explore, going where your senses take you.

  1. Interact with the car, and open it using the car key in your inventory. Look in the glove box. Read the instruction manual and the letter. Note the date of the letter — 1962 — and the underlined “next year”.
  2. The car won’t start so you’ll need to get out and walk. Head upwards, towards the hotel. The gate is locked. Move to the right to interact with the dog and take the letter. It says “Find the year”. It means the year mentioned in the letter: so next year after 1962 is 1963.
  3. Move left to the gatehouse. Open the padlock with 1963.
  4. Pick up the games console on right hand side. Look at the notice board and read the letter. This letter says “Our journey 116 years back in time is about to begin”. So: 1963-116=1847.
  5. Go to the electrical cabinet in the corner and enter 1847 into the padlock.
  6. Interact with the electrical cabinet. You need to make the numbers add up to 2014. The numbers you’re given are randomised, so pull out your calculator! When you’ve got the right answer, press the round button above ‘2014’.
  7. Leave the gatehouse and go through the main hotel gate. Pet the dog (you don’t have to – but why would you not want to?).
  8. Head to the door. It’s locked. There’s a keypad to the right of the door — the code is 1847 (same combination used earlier)

That’s it: You’re now in the hotel. Start by listening in at the “privat” door on the left, but make a start wandering around. Next in our guide you’ll find maps, which will help you become acquainted with the floors of Hotel Letztes Jahr. We’ll point out key locations for you to begin.


We’ve provided maps of each floor of Hotel Letztes Jahr, annotated with room names and important landmarks. We’ve also included the locations of some dollars. We’ve missed quite a few, but there’s enough marked up to give you a good start.

Underneath each map we’ve included a list of rooms you should visit – including information on how to get into most rooms.

To enlarge the maps, simply click on them.

Hotel Letzes Jahr – Floor 1

  • Library: This is a good room to start in. There are several books to read here — many of which you’ll need to help you solve puzzles as you move through the game. Ensure you read S.C. Bolt’s Number Puzzles, Tick Tock: Timekeeping Systems, Counting with Roman Numerals, Strobogrammatics for Beginners, Useful Latin Phrases, Write Like a Philosopher, International Cartography and Renzo Nero – Un Animale Terribile.
  • Opening the doors to Safebox room 1, 2 and 3: These puzzles are randomised, so read our Poster clues and safebox solutions section of this guide.
  • Get the elevator working: Next to the elevator you’ll find a note – it mentions a company called Hausmeister. Look them up in the telephone directory in reception. Call them. They won’t tell you anything, other than to leave the hotel. However, as you head out of the hotel, the phone will begin to ring. Go and answer it: the elevator is now working.
  • How to open the “W” door: In the small room marked “1” on our map you’ll find a door marked with a “W”. In the bottom right corner of the garden, you’ll find a crank. Take the elevator to floor 2, then head to the area marked “5” on the map. Put the crank in the winch on the wall, which will lower a light down to the floor below. Go to the ground floor foyer to get the “W” key, which will open the “W” door.
  • How to get into the secret chapel: Head into the hallway behind the Exhibition on Floor 2, and into the room marked “4” on our map. Fall down the hole. Voila: you’re in the chapel. Interact with the confessional booth to get out (you’ll need to confess to murder).
  • How to open the puzzle door (and access the Mirror Room, marked “2” on our map): There are two separate solutions to find for this one. Head to reception and fiddle with the security monitor. Get it in focus, where you’ll see a woman painting. Go outside and look at her painting – there’s a pattern on here. Next, go to the security lodge on the edge of the front garden. Fiddle with the security monitor here. Once it’s in focus, you’ll see the Magician. Go outside, and he’s gone – but he’ll have left his calling card, with a similar pattern. Combine both patterns: That’s your solution to open the door.
  • How to access the Café: On floor 2, in the corridor leading upwards to 1960, a brick will fly through the window. Look at it, and you’ll find a “C-shaped key” attached to it. This opens up the café.

Hotel Letzes Jahr – Floor 2

  • 1: Safebox Room 4
  • 3: Safebox Room 5
  • Exhibition: You’ll be able to access the exhibition once you’ve been inside room 2014. To unlock the door to the right-hand section of the Exhibition, you’ll need to solve a puzzle. Note the sculpture in the middle of the room. It has letters on it, arranged in nine tiles, that spell out “RENZO”. Note the position of each letter as the grid mirrors the keypad for the door. Spelling out R-E-N-Z-O, our solution was 18657, but yours might differ.
  • Exhibition Puzzle Box room: The puzzle boxes in this room are very important, and you’ll find their solutions by visiting each numbered room of the hotel. We still have some to solve, but you’ll find our solutions so far in the Numbered doors and puzzle boxes section of our guide.
  • How to unlock the door to the backyard: There’s a poster on the wall just to the side of the door. Interact with it and it says MDCCCXLVII. That’s 1847. The door has a keypad. If you look at the poster from a distance you’ll see numbers arranged in the same pattern as the keypad. Note where 1, 8, 4 and 7 are and press the numbers in that order.
  • How to open the door in the East Wing: This lock has a combination with a hand-drawn image of a girl on it. The clue is in room 1963, accessible from the loft. Look at the typewriter, and you’ll find a clue asking for the “first magic word”. Our solution was “TYA”, which is the combination for the door.
  • How to open the 8-letter Roman Numerals door (in room 5 of our map): Head into the West Wing on floor one. There’s a music box in the corner with roman numerals written on it. This is your combination. You’ll find more roman numerals written on the wall just inside this room: Those are your combinations to other Roman Numeral locks around the house.
  • How to access the Library Horse Room: From room five, make your way into the left-hand side of the library. Pull on the “1847” book.

Hotel Letzes Jahr – Floor 3

  • How to get into room 2014: This is “your” bedroom. You’ll get the key from reception once the room has opened up (simply spend some time wandering, then return — it will eventually be vacant). Behind the reception desk, you’ll find a letter – yours might be different, but ours was from 1961 and “next year” is underlined. Since the next year is 1962, that’s the combination to the lockbox on the wall. You’ll need to rotate the squares to spell out the number. You’ll find key to room 2014 inside.
  • Inside room 2014: Look at the VHS pile in the left-hand side of the room. Examine each video case and note the dates on each of them. These are important for solving the Poster clues.
  • How to unlock the door near the elevator (marked “3” on our map): Look at the painting here. It has three bells on it, with the message “the third eye hears all”. Ring the bell in the escalator 3 times, and a door will open.

Hotel Letzes Jahr – Loft

Hotel Letzes Jahr – Cellar

  • Gaming Room 1: There’s a magazine on the sideboard which contains a telephone number for Super Tele Game. You can call them from reception and purchase new games for your Byte Seyes console in your inventory. To unlock the games console in here, you’ll need to pay attention to the note — it denotes the order you need to input up, down, left and right.
  • How to get into the Wine Cellar and Lounge: These rooms have roman numeral locks on them. You’ll find the combinations after opening Room “5” on floor 2.

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes Document Tube locations

There are four document tubes hidden around the hotel. There’s one on each floor, and you’ll find them as follows:

  • Cellar: In the architect studio marked “1” on the map
  • First floor: In the foyer, on a shelf to the right-hand side
  • Second floor: In the front west hallway, marked “7” on the second-floor map
  • Loft: In the attic room of 1847 (accessible via room 2014)

You’ll find the clues to opening the document tube in the cellar architect studio — on a work desk right next to where the tube is. The puzzles are slightly randomised, but each can be worked out in the same way. By opening the tubes, you’ll get a map to the respective floor. It can be accessed at any time from your menu, and it’ll always mark your current location, which can be handy if you lose your bearings.

Each document tube has a name on it, which will line up with a name stamped on one particular architect’s plan. You’ll need to match up the solution of each plan with the correct document tube. The names on the puzzles are randomised, along with the precise puzzle solutions, but we’ll show you how to work each one out below.

Note: when you unlock the third floor map, you’ll find a number annotated on it. Ours was 303, but yours may be different. It unlocks the door to the lounge on the third floor.

“Modern design proposal”

We think this answer may always be the same. Turn the plan on its side and you’ll see a number hidden in the internal walls: 714.

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes - architect document tube puzzle
Screenshot: GameSpew/Image: Simogo

“Simple room design”

This one is nice and easy. Simply multiply the numbers on each side of the rectangle — but bear in mind the image is upside down. For example, here we multiplied 6 by 18 (to get an answer of 108).

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes - architect document tube puzzle
Screenshot: GameSpew/Image: Simogo

“Symmetric design”

You need to count how many squares are in the design, then multiply that by the module cost, listed at the bottom of the page. The design seems to be the same each time, but the module cost will change.

There are 13 cubes used in the design, and so our answer here was 130. You’ll need to count the cubes (13), then multiply it by your unique module cost.

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes - architect document tube puzzle
Screenshot: GameSpew/Image: Simogo

“Modular room design”

To solve this puzzle, you’ll need to work out which of the bottom shapes fit into the top shape. There are a couple of different combinations that work, but you need to find the shapes whose values add up to the smallest number. Note that the shapes cannot be rotated or flipped in any way, so can only be placed exactly as they appear.

The prices for each of the shapes will differ, but we think the upper shape is always the same. So you just need to calculate the value to find the right answer. For us, the correct shapes to fit are 80 + 130 + 110. That adds up to 320, so that’s our answer.

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes - architect document tube puzzle
Screenshot: GameSpew/Image: Simogo

“Component-based mansion design”

This one’s nice and easy: a case of spot the difference! Note the mansion drawn in the top-right of the sheet. You need to find the two halves that are identical. Make sure you pay attention to the number of windows, door locations, the height of towers and the points on top of them.

Our matching halves, from the picture below, were 330 and 275, giving us an answer of 605.

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes - architect document tube puzzle
Screenshot: GameSpew/Image: Simogo

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes: How to solve poster clues and open safebox rooms

The VHS cases you’ll find in room 2014 are key to solving these puzzles. The VHS names, designs and years are all the same, but poster locations and orientations will vary. That means we can’t give you solutions, but we can help you figure out how to solve these puzzles.

The years for each movie that you’ll need to know are as follows:

  • Canzone dell’Oceano – 1948
  • Adieu, Tbilisi – 1950
  • The Ace of Hearts – 1952
  • The Etymologist’s Dream – 1954
  • A Dog Like All Other Dogs – 1957
  • Automobile – 1959
  • Un Animale Terribile – 1962

There are five safebox rooms: three on the first floor and two on the second floor. You’ll find their positions on the maps above. Each safebox in the rooms contains a floppy disk, which can be inserted into a computer (the same computers you use to save).

Safebox Room 1

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes safebox room 1
Screenshot: GameSpew / Image: Simogo

Safebox room one is the easiest one to get into. There are two posters on the wall, with a “+” symbol between them. Simply add the years of each poster together, and that will add up to the door combination.

Inside the room, there’s a letter and a safe to crack. Pay attention to the underlined dates and numbers on the letter. This particular safe requires some sort of Tetris puzzle to be solved — we haven’t figured it out yet.

Safebox Room 2

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes safebox room 2
Screenshot: GameSpew / Image: Simogo

This poster will either be backwards or upside down. In the example in the picture, for example, Automobile was released in 1959. So the door combination is 9591.

In another instance, the poster was upside down, so we had to rotate the number 180 degrees. If it was Automobile (1959), the combination would be 6561.

Inside the room, once again, you’ll find a safe and a letter. For us, the letter was dated 1847, with forty years underlined. We subtracted 40 from 1847 to get the safe code, 1807.

This safe combination is an interesting one. There’s a grid of 15 squares that light up when they’re pressed. You need to display out each number individually, pressing the ‘Enter’ button between each one. The ‘1’, for example, is a line of five lights down the middle of the squares.

Safebox Room 3

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes safebox room 3
Screenshot: GameSpew / Image: Simogo

Outside Safebox Room 3, you’ll find two halves of two different posters. For us, it was the second half of Adieu, Tbilisi and A Dog Like All Other Dogs. The second half of the year of each film is 50 and 57, so the combination was 5057.

Let’s unlock some doors in the hotel now. Head back inside back down to the first floor. From the main staircase go through the door on the left where there are two poster halves: Tbilisi and “ll Other Dogs”.

Once again, you’ll find a letter and a safe. This particular safe has four blank buttons. We haven’t figured this one out yet, either.

Safebox Room 4

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes safebox room 4
Screenshot: GameSpew / Image: Simogo

In our game, the poster outside Safebox Room 4 was upside down. Un Animale Terribile was released in 1962, but upside down it reads as 2961. That was our combination. In another instance, however, we’ve seen the poster reversed, where the combination was simply the year of the film backwards (so 2691 instead of 1962).

Insider the room, the letter is dated 1847, and the clue “minutes and hours are years. At this very moment, time is the year” is underlined.

So: 1847 equals 6:47.

The safe is made up of two wheels. Point the small wheel to the 6pm position (right at the bottom) and the large wheel at 47.

Safebox Room 5

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes safebox room 5
Screenshot: GameSpew / Image: Simogo

To get into Safebox Room 5, we’ve got a particularly meaty puzzle to solve. A poster has been split into four quarters, and shuffled around. Our film is The Etymologist’s Dream. The first segment is actually the third part of the poster, while the second should be the first, and so on. So, the order of the quarters is 3 1 4 2.

To work out the combination, we need to know the year of the film (for us, it’s 1954) and shuffle around the digits into the same order as the poster segments. Our combination, then, is 5149.

Inside the room, there’s yet another safe and a letter. For us, the letter was dated 1847, with “five hundred years” underlined. Add 500 to 1847 and we get 2347. That was the combination for our safe.

The safe is strange to control: use the third knob a few times to jump large intervals, then the second, then the first. It might take a few attempts to get the number inputted correctly.

Backyard and outdoor puzzles

How to open the outer gate

Head left after descending the steps into the back yard, and you’ll find a locked gate and a poster on the wall. The poster will be different for everyone, but you need to work out the value of N, E, S and W.

Here’s what our poster said, and our solutions. The numbers are always the same, but the directions may appear in a different order for you.

E=N/N (i.e. 4/4, so E=1)
W=S-E (i.e. 8-1, so W=7)
S=N+N (i.e. 4 + 4, so S=8)

The year 1847 is significant, so the order is E S N W. Enter those directions into the keypad to open the gate.

Inside the Fortune Teller’s tent

Read the books about divination on either side of the tent: The Skeptic’s Guide to Crystal Gazing, Transendental Numerology, Seven Moving Astronomical Objects, Lunar Phases of 1847, Modern Astrology, The Zodiacs, In the Cards and Oculomancy.

Read the note next to the crystal ball: Note the number 1798, which you can use to call Lorenzo on the telephone back in reception. Interact with the crystal ball: Important words seem to be “Sulawesi” and “1982”.

Go to the phone in reception, and dial 1798 to speak to Lorenzo and tell him about Sulawesi. He’ll give you a series of directions. Make sure you write them down! We’ve transcribed ours below, but remember yours might be different.

  • North
  • Turn 90 degrees to your left and go forward – West
  • Opposite of first direction – South
  • East
  • Same direction as your first direction – North
  • Same direction as before – North
  • Lastly same direction as your third direction – South

Return to the Fortune Teller’s tent and interact with the crystal ball. This time, input the directions exactly. When you’ve done it, you’ll be able to see cave paintings inside the crystal ball. For us, it was a turtle, horse and pig.

Return to the phone and called Lorenzo on 1798 and tell him the order you saw the cave paintings. You’ll receive a magic show ticket.

What do you do with the magic show ticket? Head out of the front of the house, through the main gate. Follow the path, and head to the left of the screen. You’ll see a traveller’s caravan. Post the magic show ticket through the door.

The dead woman’s body

To the right of the back yard is a dead body, with 1847 written out above her. Interact with her body to retrieve a broken key. You need to reassemble the key so its parts spell out “1847”. See our image below to help you piece it together. This key will unlock room 1847 on the third floor.

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes - dead woman's key
Screenshot: GameSpew / Image: Simogo

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes guide: The Quiz Club puzzle maze

By going through the mirror located in room “2” on the ground floor, you’ll find yourself in what the game calls “The Quiz Club”. It’s essentially a maze — a maze which mirrors the garden maze found elsewhere in the game. You’ll need to make your way to the centre of the maze, answering questions along the way.

The questions all relate to documents found around the house, so we wouldn’t recommend entering the puzzle maze until you’re sure you’ve found everything (or almost everything).

There are other important things to be found along the way through the maze, however. At each of the green dots in the map below, you’ll find a woman in a window: she’ll give you a key to access a room in the hotel. You’ll want to collect them all.

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes maze map
Image: GameSpew

We think the questions you’ll be asked will always be the same, but the answers might vary. When you’re asked, select “Allow my contemplation, brother” to browse your inventory/memory. When you’re ready to answer, select “Truth above all. Risk my life, brother”.

What is the price of the five course menu with a wine pairing at Hotel Letztes Jahr?
You’ll find the answer in a menu, picked up in the dining hall on Floor 1. (Our answer was 145.)

When was the Augenwaldburg Forest given status as a national park?
Found in the text included in the Forest Map. (Our answer was 1958.)

How many types of white wine does Hotel Letztes Jahr serve?
Again, you’ll find the answer in the hotel’s menu. (Our answer was 16.)

On which date in January did Renzo Nero expect your arrival at Hotel Letztes Jahr?
This answer is in the first letter that you found, in the glovebox of your car. (Our answer was 7.)

On which page in the instruction booklet can you reach about how to control the game?
This is in the Instruction Booklet, which you found in your car at the beginning of the game. (Our answer was 3.)

Which number is life according to Transcendental Numerology?
You picked up a book on Transcendental Numerology in the library. (Our answer was 6.)

Which year was Dr S C Bolt born?
This is another book you picked up from the library. (Our answer was 1949.)

At what street number does Zimmerling live?
Look through the phone book, which you found in the reception. Look up ‘Zimmerling’ and note his address underneath his name. (Our answer was 2.)

What is Loell’s telephone number?
Again, this can be found in the phone book. (Our answer was 398030.)

Numbered doors and puzzle boxes

You can access room 2014 and 1847 quite easily — but what about all the rest of them? There’s room 1932, 1938, 1948, 1953, 1957 1960, 1962, 1973 and 1982 that we need to enter.

How to find numbered door keys in Lorelei and the Laser Eyes: Use the map we provided above to navigate the Quiz Club maze. The green dots we’ve marked on the map represent a location of a key. You’ll need to get out of the maze without answering a question wrong, however, otherwise you’ll lose your keys.

Once you’re able to open them up, each room presents a puzzle — and it’s a puzzle that then corresponds to a puzzle box in the Exhibition Room. How do you know which puzzle corresponds with which puzzle box? You need to look at the pattern on the door before entering the room. You’ll also keep a memory of each door pattern in the “Signs” section of your photographic memory.

  • Room 1932: In this room, you’ll find a camera with four numbers on the sides of it. Each number is directly visible to you when it’s pointing in front of a specific shape. Note the four shapes it points to in the order 1 9 3 2.
  • Room 1938: In Room 1938, there are 10 number sculptures, and 10 abstract pieces of art around the walls. Pick up the camera in front of you to pan around the room. You need to match up the size of the “pixel” in each abstract piece of art with a number: each one has a perfect match. Again, note the locations of numbers 1, 9, 3 and 8 in their positions around the all.
  • Room 1953: In here are 10 statues and a TV set in the middle of the room. Interact with the TV, and it’ll cycle through 10 different channels, each showing a statue. Match up the statues on TV with the statues in the room — the arrows in front of each statue tell you which way the camera is shooting it from.
  • Room 1960: Pick up the camera and stand directly in front of each sculpture to see a number, running between 0 and 10. Jot them down, and their positions. You’ll need to note the positions of 1, 9, 6 and 0: This will be the solution for the matching puzzle box.
  • Room 1962: In Room 1962, you’ll find numbers are dotted around the room. Use the camera to stand in front of numbers 1, 9, 6 and 2 and look what shape is directly in front. Note that the 9 and 6 and 5 and 2 are the same, just seen from different angles.

How to get all script pages in Lorelei and the Laser Eyes

When you’ve got the dead woman’s key, you can open room 1847 on the third floor. In there, you’ll find a broken window — and interacting it will take you to a maze. Coincidentally, the maze has the very same layout as the Quiz Club maze. Simply entering the maze and returning to the Hotel will affect your reality somewhat: every so often, you’ll be chased by a man in a suit, with a map for a face.

Beware! If you fail the sequence after getting caught, you’ll get a game over and lose your progress. We recommend saving regularly, and certainly each time you see a map-man appear. You can always safely save in Reception – the man can’t spawn in there.

Each time you’re caught, you’ll be shown a small scene that you need to memorise. You’ll then be asked a question about it. We’ve provided our questions and answers below, but there’s a good chance your own questions and answers might be different. Ensure you pay attention to everything in each scene – make notes, or use your smartphone to snap photos so you can refer back to them.

Getting the question correct will give you a page of the script. You need to be chased and caught nine times, then, to get all script pages. The map-man appears randomly, but usually there’s around 5-10 minutes between each time he appears.

Below you’ll find the questions we were asked for each individual scenario, along with our correct answers.

What word is displayed on the round computer screen?

How many fingers raised on the woman’s left hand?

What was on the same shelf as the clock?
A key

What object was placed in the intact urn?
A revolver

Where was the dog standing?
To the left of the woman

What was hidden in the secret compartment behind the altar?
Sunglasses and a coffee cup

What was the woman dropping?
A cup of coffee

What was the newspaper called?
Journal du Sud

How many suitcases are in the scene?

How to open up shortcuts in Lorelei and the Laser Eyes

In the library, you found a book called S.C. Bolt’s Number Puzzles. In here you’ll find 20 puzzles — and the solution to each one represents the combination to a shortcut door. S.C. Bolt… Shortcut Bolt. Get it?

There’s one problem: The numbers of each puzzle are different for everyone. Thankfully, the puzzles are (more or less) the same. So we’re able to provide you the solutions — but you’ll have to check what number the puzzle is in your own S.C. Bolt book.

Now, there are three of the puzzles we’ve been unable to figure out, but the answers we do have are below.

  • A strange man walks into a café… 7
  • In an octagon-shaped room… 90
  • Black bars with 51, 80 and ? – 74
  • 1691, 1961, 1881, ??09 – 60
  • What number should go in the last shape? 67
  • 14916??36496481100 – 25
  • Renate, Lorenzo, Lorelei, Renzo – 81
  • Maze – what is the least amount of turns? 42
  • Which number should go in the bottom shape? 64
  • North, South, East + West – 60
  • Which number is hidden in the underlined sentence? 44
  • I walked on floors of germanium… 32
  • What is Y minus X? 22
  • How many coins do I have? 24
    What number is hidden behind the question mark? The answer is whatever puzzle number this is for you (which will be hidden behind a question mark!)
  • What is X plus Y plus Z? 8
  • What is X plus Y? 30

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