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Marvel Rivals

The coolest thing about Marvel Rivals is its environmental destruction

Revealed during tonight’s State of Play presentation was Marvel Rivals, Marvel’s answer to Overwatch. This team-based PvP shooter lets players take the reins of their favourite Marvel character and battle it out against others. It looks bright, bold and colourful — but it also looks rather generic. Sorry, Marvel Rivals, but we’ve seen a lot of team-based shooters. It was the second one of the 30-minute show, in fact (Concord).

Essentially, you’ll play in a team of six, tasked with taking down an opposing team of six. Each character will have their own skills and abilities as you’d expect: play as Venom, and you can use the powers of the symbiote, for example, while Adam Warlock can make use of quantum magic. Pretty cool, if you’re a Marvel fan, we suppose.

What we did like the look of from the Marvel Rivals trailer, though, is just how destructive the world is. We saw walls and roofs destroyed as characters moved around, making each level dynamic and innovative. You can tear down a wall to open up a new shortcut, for example, or collapse an entire building on your enemies. That’s the joy of being a super-strong superhero: you don’t get that kind of thing in your bog-standard team shooter, do you?

We’re not sure it’ll be quite enough to keep Marvel Rivals exciting and relevant, though. There are a lot of team-based shooters out there. But Marvel heroes plus super-destructible environments might just be enough to keep people playing. Who knows. We’ll find out soon enough, though: while there’s no final release date yet, there’ll be an open beta on PS5 in July.

Watch the destruction (and everything else) in Marvel Rivals’ trailer below:

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