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Maverick Games

Ex-Forza Horizon devs are making a new open world racer with Amazon

Maverick Games, a studio founded in 2022 by ex-members of the Forza Horizon development team including former creative director Mike Brown, has struck a deal with Amazon Games to publish a new AAA multi-platform game. And surprise, surprise: it’s going to be an open world racer.

The unannounced game, which is in development for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC, will be narrative led, which should set it apart from the Forza Horizon series somewhat. In any case, the talent behind it, which includes staff that have also worked on titles such as GRID, DiRT and Just Cause 3, should mean that its racing action is exhilarating to say the least.

“We founded Maverick Games with a clear vision: to build a developer-first studio that would foster an environment of creativity and risk-taking,” says Brown. “Without giving too much away, I will share that the team here is buzzing with excitement about our game and we can’t wait to share it with the world.”

We’re certainly excited for whatever Maverick Games is working on to be announced. We’re all for more open world racers, especially ones that aren’t locked to only one platform.

And having played all of the Forza Horizon games, some of its more narrative-led scenarios and events have been great fun to complete. Let’s hope we hear more about what Maverick Games is up to soon.

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