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Former Sims and XCOM devs launch new studio to “reinvent the life sim genre”

Midsummer Studios logo
Image: Midsummer Studios

A new studio has just been set up that brings together developers of The Sims, XCOM and Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Called Midsummer Studios, its goal is to reimagine the life sim genre by working on a next-generation title.

Midsummer Studios has been founded by Jake Solomon and Will Miller, both of Firaxis Games (XCOM), and they’re joined by Grant Rodiek who has previously spent 18 years at Maxis, working on various iterations of The Sims. More of the team is made up by ex-Firaxis and Maxis developers, and with an initial fund of $6 million raised from major investors, it’s looking like a strong start for the studio.

Of course, we don’t know anything about Midsummer Studio’s first game just yet. According to the press release, it’s a “next-gen life sim that emphasises player-driven narratives, allowing communities to share memorable moments that grow out of the creativity of players themselves”.

Jake Solomon, the CEO and creative director, goes on to say, “we’re making a life sim focused on the drama of modern life, where our players will write meaningful stories just by playing, and then share those stories with the world”.

It seems clear there’s an emphasis on sharing stories and moments, and so it’s possible that Midsummer Studio’s project will have a key multiplayer element. We like the idea of playing a game built around the “drama of modern life”, however, and we’re looking forward to seeing how that takes shape.

But with the mention of “next generation”, it seems that we’ll have to wait a good few years before we see the fruition of Midsummer Studios’ work. Still, it’s an intriguing prospect for fans of The Sims and other life sim games, and we’ll be keeping an eye on further updates from the studio.

More information about Midsummer Studios is available on its official website.

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