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Tifa, Barrett and Cloud from Final Fantasy VII

These miniature papercraft Final Fantasy VII figures fit on a fingertip

There’s no shortage of official Final Fantasy VII merchandise, but miniature maker Sky Burkson’s tiny Tifa, Cloud and Barrett figures are a true work of art. These figures are so tiny that each fits on a single fingertip and, you could probably fit all three on the end of your thumb.

What’s even more astonishing is that they’ve all been hand-made, with not a 3D printer in sight. Our first thought was that Burkson had carved these out of wood, but as the in-progress shots on their Twitter confirm, these are made out of paper. Paper!

Can you imagine trying to fold each tiny element? It’d drive us up the wall, and there’s no chance we’d get as far as painting them. But Burkson, who’s a pro at making miniatures, has crafted these little gems which, in terms of detail, are on a par with the PSX Final Fantasy VII’s combat models. And Burkson calls this ‘a quick one’!

But cool as these three are, that’s just the tip of the Materiaberg. They’re just part of a piece created for RPG speedrun marathon RPG Limit Break. The full diorama, which you can see below, has the trio taking on the infamous Hell House and if you’ve played Final Fantasy VII Remake you’ll know just how much trouble their tiny selves are in.

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If you’re worried about Aerith being left out, don’t be. Instead, she figures into one of Burkson’s previous miniature Final Fantasy VII dioramas, featuring both her and Cloud. It’s just as eye-catching as the Hell House diorama, though slightly more chilled out. It’s also available for purchase if you’ve got $850 to spare. How much does a kidney go for these days? Just asking.

You can find out more about Burkson’s work here and view RPG Limit Break’s schedule here. The event runs between May 19th and May 25th and is raising money for the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

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