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Monster Hunter Stories 2 finally hits PS4 this June, and it’ll be worth the wait

Previously, if you wanted to enjoy the Monster Hunter Stories series, you needed Nintendo hardware. At least for the first game, anyway — Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, released in 2021, launched the same day on both Switch and PC. This June, however, PlayStation gamers can finally jump into them both thanks to a remaster of Monster Hunter Stories and a port of Monster Hunter Stories 2.

We’ve been hands-on with Monster Hunter Stories 2, giving its opening hours a try on PS5 via the PS4 version of the game. And so far, we’ve been very impressed indeed. As you’d expect, it follows very much in the vein of the original, allowing you to create your very own monster rider focused on raising a wide of Monsties which will not only fight alongside you in battle, but also help you traverse fields. And once again a great danger looms over your village, which you aim to address. Even helpful Felyne Navirou makes a return.

Don’t go thinking that the return of Navirou means you need to play the original game to enjoy this sequel, however. Set in a new location with a whole new cast otherwise, players can jump into Monster Hunter Stories 2 without completing the original game if they wish.

Those who have played the first game will be more equipped to hit the ground running, but there are a wealth of tutorials and tips to get newcomers quickly up to speed as well. Designed for Switch, Monster Hunter Stories 2 has a number of new mechanics and features that make it deeper and more enjoyable to play than its predecessor, too.

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While combat mostly remains the same as it is in Monster Hunter Stories, for example, with you selecting from attacks focused on power, speed or technical, it’s no longer just you and your chosen Monstie in battle. You can now have a friend fight alongside you, with their Monstie getting in on the action as well. You can can still only issue commands to your created character, though.

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Combat is also deepened by being able to change weapons mid-fight. This really adds another layer of strategy to the action, with you needing to switch weapons according to the situation. Come up against a Kulu Ya-Ku holding a rock for defence, for instance, and you’ll find it beneficial to switch to a blunt weapon which will more easily break it.

Another benefit of Monster Hunter Stories 2 being designed for Switch and launching on PC is that it’s technically a much more impressive game than its predecessor. The remaster of Monster Hunter Stories looks great on PS4, for sure, but Monster Hunter Stories 2 blows it out of the water. Character and monster models are more complex, and environments are larger and more detailed. This really is a great-looking game, and its performance seems flawless. While mainline Monster Hunter games are aiming for a more realistic look, this has an anime aesthetic that gives Monsties in particular more personality.

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Image: Capcom

When it launches in June, then, Monster Hunter and JRPG fans will have a choice to make: do they jump straight into Monster Hunter Stories 2 or start with the first game and then progress? We’d start with the first game, personally, especially if you haven’t played it before. It may be a little more basic mechanically, but it’s been wonderfully remastered and seems like a blast.

But whatever you choose, we’d wager you can’t really go wrong. Both Monster Hunter Stories games seem like a great deal of fun based on what we’ve played of them so far, with Monster Hunter Stories 2 being an evolution in terms of visuals and gameplay.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin launches 14th June on PS4. It’s available now on Switch and PC.

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