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Pine Hearts screenshot

Pine Hearts walkthrough – Puzzle solutions, area locations and quest guide

If you’re planning to make your way through Pine Hearts, we’re here to help. Our Pine Hearts walkthrough intends to help you get from one area to another, solve all puzzles, complete missions and clean up necessary side quests.

Pine Hearts is a top-down adventure game all about exploration and discovery. Imagine a Zelda game set in a modern world without any of the combat, and you’re somewhat there. But with no waypoints and a map that’s not all that helpful, finding your way around is often the most difficult thing here.

We’ve done our best to help you, explaining where to go whenever possible. But if you do get lost when trying to find a new area, opening up the Journal and looking at the map in there will at least give you a rough idea about where to head.

Have fun playing Pine Hearts, and we hope our walkthrough helps you in completing this cute little adventure.

Pine Hearts walkthrough: Quick links

  1. Important notes
  2. Standing Stone
  3. Campsite
  4. Castle Ruins
  5. Caravan Park
  6. Golf Course
  7. Beach
  8. Mountain Trailhead

Pine Hearts: Important notes

While you have main quests to complete, which will be laid out in your Journal, you’ll also need to complete the majority of side quests you come across in Pine Hearts. Why? They reward you with memory droplets, which you’ll need to collect 1,300 of in order to complete the game. You won’t have enough unless you do most, if not all, side quests.

We haven’t fully included these in our walkthrough (partially because the game never makes the importance of these side quests known until near the end), but we have included a list of possible side quests to be found in each area.

We recommend that, as you’re following our Pine Hearts walkthrough, you talk to everyone in order to discover side quests, and you also pick up every memory droplet you find while moving around the world.

Other than the first memory, we also haven’t detailed how to complete each memory in Pine Hearts, because we anticipated every player might unlock them at a slightly different time. If you find yourself unable to move on, though, it’s probably because you haven’t completed the correct memory: you’ll get important skills by playing through them.

The Standing Stone

Task: Pet the dog

  1. From the train station platform, head through the garden gate and walk upwards, back onto the train platform. Head across the bridge and through the green gate at the bottom of the opposite platform.
  2. From here, follow the grassy path around and go across the wooden bridge. Keep following the path around until you reach another bridge. Don’t cross it: instead, head to the right, following the mountain signs with red arrows. You’ll eventually come to a woman and a dog stood in front of a gate.
Pine Hearts screenshot
Follow these red arrow signs. (Screenshot: GameSpew)

Task: Clear the path and find the standing stone

  1. From the woman, head back the way you’ve just come and this time, cross the wooden bridge that you walked by.
  2. Press A on the broken rock to smash it with your mallet. Jump down where the leaves are over the edge of the ledge, and move to the right until you reach the Standing Stone.
  3. Interact with it. You’ll be transported to your first memory. In the memory, move upwards to see your dad push down a tree. Cross over it, and follow the path around. When you reach a tree for yourself, interact with it with A to push it over. Keep moving forward until you reach the end.
Pine Hearts screenshot
Your first memory in Pine Hearts. (Screenshot: GameSpew)
  1. Once the memory is finished, move right and push over the tree with A.
  2. Follow the path around, collecting the blue memory droplets as you go, until you see a stone to break in front of a cave. Break it, and enter the cave.
Pine Hearts screenshot
Break this block to enter the cave. (Screenshot: GameSpew)
  1. Follow the cave around until you reach the exit. Be sure to interact with the wooden chest for more memory droplets.
  2. Once you’re out of the cave, drop down and move right to make your way back to the woman in front of the gate.

Task: Travel to the campsite and find out what’s going on

  1. The woman will ask you to travel to the campsite. To get there, head down from the gate and push over the tree to walk across.
  2. At the Standing Stone, cross over the log then move downwards, but don’t go down the ramp. Follow the path around until you reach the dog. Interact with it then continue moving.
  3. Push over the tree to cross the gap. Follow the path around until you reach another tree to push over. Keep following the path.
Pine Hearts screenshot
Talk to the children at the campsite. (Screenshot: GameSpew)
  1. When you reach the campsite, talk to the children. They tell you about the Gruffumpkin, and about a man who is trying to look for him.

The Campsite

Side quests

  • Lost tent pegs: Talk to a man in the lower camp sat near his tent. He’s lost his tent pegs. You’ll find one near the children at the campsite, one near the blue BBQ in the BBQ area, another in front of Lone Camper’s mission board in Lone Camper’s HQ and the final one in the upper camp, near a blue tent.
  • Firewood: In the upper camp, someone needs some firewood. You’ll find a stump to chop in the Lone Camper’s camp, one in the lower camp near the blue tent and another in the BBQ area.

Task: Find the lone camper to the southeast of the campsite

  1. Head to the right of the camp, past the blue tent and across the wooden bridge to reach the Camping Lodge. Interact with the overturned man to help him, and talk to the other people here.
Pine Hearts screenshot
Head over this bridge to get to the Camping Lodge. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Head down from the Camping Lodge to find a large slope. Go down it, past the Fishing Area and to the right. Follow the path around until you reach Lone Camper’s HQ.
  2. Talk to The Lone Camper. He wants you to make him a burger.
Pine Hearts screenshot
Talk to the Lone Camper. Screenshot: GameSpew

Task: Find ingredients: Bacon, Buns, Cheese, Patty, Vegetables

  1. Head to the left and move downwards, following the river. You’ll eventually come to a picnic. Interact with the brown hamper to get bacon.
  2. Go back up towards Lone Camper’s HQ and cross over the river using the tree on your left. You’re now in the BBQ area. Interact with the blue cooler to get vegetables.
  3. From the BBQ area, go upwards and veer right, and keep moving up to get back to the Lower Camp. Head upwards, then up a ramp to reach the Upper Camp. In the right corner of the Upper Camp, interact with the red and white umbrella to get a patty.
Pine Hearts screenshot
Interact with this umbrella to find a burger patty. Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Head back down to Lower Camp, then veer right to cross the wooden bridge. At the other side you’ll see a bird snacking on a bun. Interact with the tree to make the bun fall, then pick it up.
  2. Head down the ramp to make your way to the Fishing Area again. Interact with the fisherman’s box to get cheese.
  3. You’ve now got all the ingredients for the Lone Camper. Return to his camp and talk to him. You’ll need to cook the burger.
Pine Hearts screenshot
You’ll need this gas canister to cook the burger. (Screenshot: GameSpew)
  1. Go to the far side of the BBQ area and grab the red gas canister. Interact with the red BBQ to begin cooking the burger.
  2. You need to manually place the ingredients in the right order.

How to cook the burger in Pine Hearts

Once you’ve got all the ingredients and you’ve got the gas canister for the BBQ, you’ll need to construct the burger yourself in Pine Hearts. Here’s the correct order to place the ingredients:

1. Bottom of bun
2. Lettuce
3. Tomato
4. Burger patty
5. Cheese
6. Bacon
7. Onions
8. Gherkins
9. Top of bun

  1. Take the burger back to the Lone Camper. He’ll give you a Hatchet, and ask you to use the burger as a trap for the Gruffumpkin

Task: Set the cooked burger trap in the Quiet Clearing

  1. Head through the BBQ area, heading down and across a log then up a ramp to reach the Quiet Clearing.
Pine Hearts screenshot
Head across the log and up the ramp. (Image: GameSpew
  1. Follow the path around until you reach a pile of logs. Interact with them with A to use your hatchet on them. Place the burger on the log in the middle of the clearing, then return to the Lone Camper.
  2. Go back to the clearing and take the three cameras attached to trees around the edge. Show the Lone Camper the pictures.
  3. Head back to the Lower Camp and talk to the kids. Now it’s time to find their missing friend Ronan, and that means leaving the campsite.

Castle Ruins

Side quests

  • Throne Room: There’s a throne room in the middle of of the Castle Ruins. You’ll need two helmets to get into it: one you’ll find in the cave, and another you’ll find on the right-hand castle walls with some kids playing with it.
  • Gothic lovers: In the Mausoleum — to the left of the Castle Ruins, between there and the camp — you’ll find two young lovers hanging out. You’ll need to help them out by finding black roses. Two are very close by in the direct area and one is down the ramp and just in the entrance to the graveyard.
  • Help out a ghost: In the Spooky Cemetery area, a ghost wants you to remove three lots of butterflies from the nearby area.

Task: Talk to the kid trapped behind the portcullis

  1. Let’s get to the Castle Ruins. From Lower Camp head right across the wooden bridge to Camping Lodge and continue right down a winding path.
  2. At the bottom of the path, pet the dog then break the rock. Continue upwards past the broken rock and keep following the path until you reach the portcullis.
  3. Talk to Ronan at the other side of the gate.
  4. Head to the right of the portcullis and break the rock. Interact with the mechanism. It seems to be missing cogs. Return to Ronan. He gives you a key and a head torch.

Task: Find four cogs for the portcullis mechanism

  1. Next to the cog wall is a metal gate. Head through it and move upwards, breaking the logs that are blocking the dungeon’s entrance. Enter the dungeon.
  2. Go forward and down the ramp. Turn left at the bottom. Follow this path until you reach a junction. Take the path next to you that’s leading up a slope then knock down the tree to continue moving forward.
Pine Hearts screenshot
Here’s the junction you’ll find yourself at: head up the ramp leading to the bottom of the screen. (Screenshot: GameSpew)
  1. You’ll find yourself in a puzzle room of sorts. Look at the placard: “when all eyes are on me, my treasure will they free.”
  2. Rotate all four statues around the edge so they’re facing the one in the middle. Collect the cog from the statue (1/4).
  3. Head to the right to leave the room and find yourself back at the start of the cave.
  4. Go back down the ramp but this time turn right. Follow the path until you reach a shield. Take it then leave the way you came, going all the way left.
  5. When you reach the same junction this time go up, and then go up again, following the path all the way round until you come down a ramp on the other side.
  6. You’ll reach a ledge with two jumping off points: take the one farthest left.
Take this jumping-off point to progress. (Screenshot: GameSpew)
  1. Move left up a ramp, and off another jumping off point. Go left up a ramp to find a cog (2/4). Jump off the first jumping off point.
  2. Go through the gate and keep walking until you reach a junction. Smash the rock and move forward through that doorway. Open the big red chest to find a Knight’s helmet (you’ll need this for a side quest). Go back the way you came and this time through the door leading down .
  3. You’ll now find yourself outside in the castle grounds… where there appears to be a school trip (?). Move forward, following the castle walls. You should pass a wooden staircase, and just below, a bunch of kids playing around. Hmm, looks like they’re spinning on a cog.
  4. Talk to the kids. You’ll swap the cog for the shield you picked up (3/4). Head back to the wooden staircase and climb up. You’ll find yourself on top of the castle walls.
Pine Hearts screenshot
Climb up this wooden staircase to get on the castle walls.
  1. Head downwards, following the castle wall around. Move past the first cannon and keep going until you reach another. This one seems to have something stuck in it. Interact with it to fire it. It’s another cog. Pick it up (4/4). You’ve now got all the cogs!
  2. Go down from the cannon and jump off the wall at the jumping-off point. Talk to Ronan behind the gates, then move to the cog wall on the right.
  3. Place the cogs as follows:
Pine Hearts screenshot
Here’s how to place the cogs in the mechanism in Pine Hearts. (Screenshot: GameSpew)
  1. Once you’re done, return to Ronan. You should hopefully have enough memory droplets to play through the second memory. If not, you’ll need to collect some more: you’ll gain the ability to climb up vines on walls, which you’ll need to progress.

Caravan Park

Side quests

  • Missing CDs: In the upper area of the Caravan Park (reached by climbing the wall beside the beekeeper), you’ll find an ice cream van. The owner has lost three CDs. They’re all nearby in the same upper area.
  • Bees: Talk to the beekeeper, and you’ll find he’s missing his Queen bees. You’ll find them around the caravan park.

Task: Head West to the Caravan Park

  1. Now we need to head all the way west to the caravan park. Make your way back down the Castle Path to the Lower Camp, and from there, head left to climb back up the path you originally came from. Follow the path all the way around until you reach Reflection Point, then continue following the path left until you reach the end.
  2. Head up and across a log, then climb up the ledge to the left. Go down to Murky Marsh until you reach the train tracks. To the left is a wall to climb up.
Pine Hearts screenshot
Climb up the wall to the left here to reach the Caravan Park. (Screenshot: GameSpew)
  1. Head up the wall, then keep following the path forward until you reach another wall to climb up. It should pop up that you’re in the Caravan Park. Finally! Climb up the wall, then climb down on the opposite side.
  2. Keep walking along the path until Granny starts talking to you. She wants you to meet her at her pink caravan.
  3. Continue moving down the path until you see a gateway in the white picket fence. Go through, then turn right and up the stairs to the decking. Granny is sat at a table. Talk to her.
Screenshot: GameSpew
Head through this gateway to get to Granny’s pink caravan. (Screenshot: GameSpew)

Task: Find Granny’s missing glasses

  1. Granny says some crows have taken her glasses. They’ve got to be around here somewhere.
  2. Head out of Granny’s garden and go left up the path. Talk to the beekeeper to get a net.
  3. Just past the beekeeper, climb up the wall and turn right when you get to the top. See that big tree on the path? Give it a shake: Granny’s glasses will come tumbling out. Pick them up and to back to Granny.
Pine Hearts screenshot
Here’s where you’ll find Granny’s glasses. (Screenshot: GameSpew)

Task: Scare off three crow murders

  1. Granny now wants you to scare away some crows, and she’ll give you a mask for the job. Leave Granny’s garden and turn right up the path. You’ll find yourself in a spot surrounded by crows. When prompted, press A to scare them away (1/3).
  2. From here, head down then turn right into the football pitch. When you’re stood in the centre, press A to scare away the crows (2/3).
  3. Leave the football pitch and head back towards the beekeeper. Just before you reach him, turn down a path and press A when prompted to scare away the third and final murder of crows (3/3). Return to granny.

Task: Head to the Gala and help out

Conductor Katy in Pine Hearts
Here’s Conductor Katy. Screenshot: GameSpew

Leave Granny’s garden and walk all the way to the left, following the path round through the Gala. Talk to Conductor Katy when you reach her: she’s got blonde hair and she’s stood just by the stage.

Task: Find all lost band members

  1. All of Katy’s band members have wandered away, and we need to find them.
  2. From Katy, keep walking down the path, past the stage then turn left. Keep heading left until you see a tree. Push it over to cross the water. You’ll find a band member on the island (1/4).
  3. Go back across the tree then head upwards on the path until you reach a junction. Turn left and follow the path until you see a person stuck in a trombone on your left hand side. Hmm. Talk to them to help them out (2/4).
Pine Hearts screenshot
Take the upper path here after helping the person out of the trombone. (Screenshot: GameSpew)
  1. Turn around, and take the path turning just up from here. Follow the path all the way to the end until you find a band member (3/4).
  2. Head back to the football pitch. Directly across from the pitch entrance is a wooden gateway. Walk through to find a sleeping band member. Approach and press A to wake them up.
Pine Hearts screenshot
Go through this gate across from the football pitch to find the fourth band member. (Image: GameSpew)
  1. That’s all the band members. Return to Katy. She now wants you to help conduct the band.
  2. Approach the music stand and press A. Push the L stick in the direction prompted on screen above each band member’s head. When you’re done, talk to Katy.
  3. Go back to Granny. Now it’s time to build the scarecrow. You’ll find it in Granny’s garden, just to the right of the caravan. Press A to put the band uniform on the scarecrow, then A again to put the scary mask on it. Return to Granny.
Pine Hearts screenshot
Here’s the scarecrow in Granny’s garden. (Screenshot: GameSpew)

Golf Course

Side quests

Crashed golf cart: There’s a crashed golf cart right near the entrance to the golf course. Make your way around to the back of it so you can use your axe on the logs, then return to talk to the golfer.

The new assistant: At hole 2, you’ll find a water pipe, that the new assistant seems to be having some… issues with. Interact with the water pipe then talk to the assistant.

Stolen ball: At hole 3, there’s a woman in a red hat to talk to her. A bird has stolen her ball and needs it returning. Head north east, and you should find the bird in a tree.

Task: Deliver the Thermos to the Groundskeeper in the golf course

  1. Granny asks you to take a thermos to her husband in the golf course. Head left, past the band’s stage and down the path where we previously found some band members. Follow the path all the way left and you’ll eventually come out onto the Fairway.
  2. Follow the path through the fairway and you’ll eventually meet the Groundskeeper. Talk to him.
Pine Hearts screenshot
Talk to the Groundskeeper. (Screenshot: GameSpew)

Task: Find 5 Lost Clubs and return them to the Golfer on Hole 3

  1. The Groundskeeper wants you to find the lost clubs. The first is just to the left of him, and the second is just a little further up the path. Keep walking left, past some mechanics and chatting children and you’ll find the third. The fourth is a little further down, just in front of a white bridge, and the fifth is just over the bridge.
  2. As luck would have it, we’re right at hole three. Move down slightly and talk to the golfer in the light blue hat.
Pine Hearts screenshot
Here’s the golfer in the blue hat to return the missing clubs to. (Screenshot: GameSpew)

Task: Talk to the Groundskeeper at Hole 3 about the mole problem

  1. Head down the screen until you come to another white bridge. Cross it, and talk to the groundskeeper on the other side. He asks you to find the shovel on Hole 4 and remove six mole hills.
  2. Move down the green and veer right until you see another white bridge. Cross it and you should see the shovel just ahead. Pick it up.
Pine Hearts screenshot
Here’s where you’ll find the shovel. (Screenshot: GameSpew)
  1. You can now cover up the molehills. There are three right here on Hole 4, and go back across the bridge to Hole 3 to find three more.
  2. Go find the groundskeeper on Hole 1 and talk to him. Now, jump into the lawn mower and trip the 10 tufts of bushes sticking out of the green.
  3. When you’re done, pick up the seed packet that’s been dropped and take them back to the groundskeeper. You’ll find him back near the Groundskeeper’s Lodge where you first met him.
  4. The Groundskeeper wants you to plant the seeds. You’ll find the clubhouse just left of where you are, with the blue planter just outside. When you’re done, return to the groundskeeper.
Pine Hearts screenshot
Here’s the planter, just to the left of the Groundskeeper’s hut. (Screenshot: GameSpew)


Side quests

Missing worms: At the beach near the lighthouse, you’ll find a fisherman. He will reward you with memory droplets and a fishing rod for finding five worms. They’re all very close by, heading up and left from the beach.

Hidden treasure: Once you’ve got the fishing rod, you can find a message in a bottle in the rockpools near the captain’s boat. It’ll lead you to a treasure chest, which is off the small island near the orange haired-woman.

Task: Deliver the nails to the Old Sea Captain

  1. Now you need to find the sea captain, who is at the Rockpools. The Rockpools are at the beach, and to get there you’ll need the Leap ability, which you get from the third memory. You’ll need 750 memory droplets to be able to unlock it, so if you haven’t got enough yet, you’ll need to spend some time collecting and completing side quests.
  2. We travelled to the Rockpools by way of the Standing Stone. Head south from the stone until you find a leap point over the water. From there, keep moving down and veer left – you’ll see the captain stood near the ship.
  3. Talk to the captain once you’ve reached him. He wants your help finding three wooden planks.

Task: Find three wooden planks at the rockpools to help patch up the ship

  1. Walk down from the ship and head left onto the grey rocky area. Move down, jump across the leap point, then head up/left.
Pine Hearts screenshot
Jump over this leap point on your quest to find the wooden planks. (Screenshot: GameSpew)
  1. Keep moving in that direction until you reach the Mermaid pools and pass a girl with orange hair. Just across from her is a leap point. Head across, and then across another to find a rocky path leading upwards. There’s a plank at the top (1/3).
  2. Head back to the girl with the orange hair, and move up/left from her. Keep moving until you reach the edge, then veer left. You’ll eventually find your second plank (2/3).
  3. Head back the way you came. After jumping back across the leap point, turn to your left to jump across another. Move up/right to find another leap point then continue in the same direction to find the third and final plank (3/3)
  4. Go back to the captain. He wants you to repair the ship, so stand at the side of it and interact with A. Then, interact with the pump to drain the water out of the ship.
  5. Next, the Captain wants an anchor, a ship’s wheel, a captain’s hat and a figure for the front of his ship. You might have found them while looking for the planks. They’re nearby, so look around the sandy areas, heading a little further south than we found the planks. Once you’ve got them all, return to the captain.
  6. You now need to find sails. Head north west and you’ll come across a pile of clothes on the edge of the shore. Take them back to the captain.
  7. You’ll need to sew them yourself: interact with the sewing machine. Here, keep the sewing needle in between the dotted lines. If you go outside of the lines, you’ll get a short amount of time to get back in before you’ll need to start again.
  8. When you’re done, talk to the captain again.

Mountain Trailhead

You need to head back up to Ranger Maddie, who you met near the locked gate right at the beginning. She’s guarding the way up to the mountain — your final destination. From the beach, head upwards, back towards the Standing Stone. Maddie’s just slightly further up from there.

But before you can go up, you need to have unlocked all memories, and found 1,300 memory droplets. If you haven’t got them all, now’s the time to backtrack to complete all possible side quests.

Once you’ve got enough memory droplets, pass through the gate. There’s nothing taxing through here: simply follow the path around, enjoy the scenery, and reach the top of the mountain.

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