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Mayhem Brawler 2

Side-scrolling beat ’em up sequel Mayhem Brawler 2 is set for release in 2025

If you’re a fan of games like Streets of Rage and Final Fight, there’s a chance you’ve played Mayhem Brawler by Hero Concept. If you haven’t, do yourself a favour and check it out – it’s one of the best side-scrolling beat ’em ups of recent years. The good news is that it’s getting a sequel, too, with Mayhem Brawler 2 set for release next year.

Mayhem Brawler 2: Best of Both Worlds promises he perfect fusion of both ’90s and modern day beat ’em ups, incorporating retro vibes along with roguelite and RPG elements. Its campaign features a time-transition element, too, with players taking control of two teams in two different timelines. You’ll be able to switch between them at will, adding a fresh and interesting dynamic to the gameplay.

Ultimately, Mayhem Brawler 2: Best of Both Worlds will feature eight playable characters and over 40 different enemies to pummel, either alone or with up to three friends in offline or online co-op. It promises plenty of replayability, too, thanks not only to the inclusion of player choices, but also rich endgame content bolstered by its roguelite and RPG elements.

As huge fans of the first game, we can’t wait to get our hands on Mayhem Brawler 2: Best of Both Worlds. It certainly seems like an ambitious sequel. Check out the announcement trailer for it below.

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