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Final Fantasy XVI

Square Enix is adopting a multi-format strategy going ahead

Square Enix has revealed a new medium-term business plan, and perhaps one of the most interesting things it reveals is that the company is adopting a more multi-format strategy going ahead. So, does this mean Final Fantasy VII Remake on Xbox? Quite possibly. Or it could mean there’s little difference at all.

The moves comes after Square Enix announces it missed its sales and profit targets for the last financial year, with some of its AAA titles in particular not meeting expectations. Moving ahead, the company will now focus on quality rather than quantity, and also strive to make its games more enjoyable and fun.

That all sounds good to us, and by aiming to release its games on more platforms, including Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox and PC, Square Enix hopes to make its game more profitable and make its shareholders happy.

What does it actually mean, though? Many of the games released by Square Enix are already multi-format, and there are probably important reasons for those that aren’t. Some probably just wouldn’t be worth porting to Xbox, for example, while others are simply too complex to effectively port to Switch. With a Switch successor on the way, however, perhaps we’ll see more of a push to put Square Enix games on that in the future.

Ultimately, we imagine that Square Enix will be more selective about what games it greenlights in the future. And when it comes to those games, they’ll be much more likely to launch across a variety of platforms from day one, which is a big win for gamers on the whole. We can’t see Square Enix not making any more format-exclusive games, however, not while companies such as Nintendo and Sony are willing to offer up deals to do so. But time will tell, we guess.

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