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Stellar Blade Boss Challenge

Stellar Blade now has a Boss Challenge mode

Just when you think you’re done with the phenomenal Stellar Blade, developer Shift Up Corp. releases an update to pull you back in. Dive back into the sci-fi action RPG from today and you’ll find that it now has a Boss Challenge mode. And there are some other new additions to discover as well.

Stellar Blade’s new Boss Challenge mode allows you to face off against the bosses that you’ve already defeated in the game’s campaign. Those that have completed the campaign can even face all bosses on Hard mode. Gear presets are available, too. If you want more of a challenge, for example, you can face off against bosses with your skills and stats at reduced levels. But you can also choose to buff your skills and stats if you want, or simply use your own gear.

At the end of each boss fight your performance will be analysed, with data such as battle time, number of perfect parries etc. being displayed. There’s a reward for defeating all bosses in Boss Challenge mode on Normal or higher setting, too: a snazzy Neurolink Suit for Eve. Two new kunoichi-inspired nano suits for Eve have been added to the game as well, though it’s not been specified how you unlock them.

In addition to Boss Challenge mode, a couple of quality of life improvements have made their way into Stellar Blade via today’s update as well. First, you’ll find that there’s now an option to always display the compass on the HUD. Second, you’ll now remain locked onto an enemy when switching between ranged and close combat modes. So, all in all, Stellar Blade just got a little more stellar. Check out the PlayStation Blog for more information.

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