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Strange Antiquities screenshot

Strange Horticulture is getting a sequel: Strange Antiquities

One of our favourite games of 2022 was Strange Horticulture, a dark puzzle game all about identifying mysterious plants with intriguing properties. Set in the small English town of Undermere, it has you serving witches, dark characters and more, all wanting plants that serve a specific purpose. And today, developer Bad Viking has announced a follow-up is on the way: Strange Antiquities.

Strange Antiquities will see players return to Undermere, but instead of dealing with botany, this time they’ll be in the antiques business. Once again, you’ll be serving the shady characters of this small Lake District town, discovering their mysterious artefacts and helping them out with their otherworldly problems.

You can expect plenty of occult goings-on as you identify arcane items, grow your collection and serve customers with a variety of needs. And, once again, you’ll have a pet cat standing by whenever you want to pet something. Aww.

Watch the trailer for Strange Antiquities below:

It’s set “several years” after the events of Strange Horticulture. There’s a good chance you might see some familiar faces, then, but we expect there’ll be plenty of new characters too.

We loved Strange Horticulture not only because of its weird and wonderful setting, but because its puzzles were clever and unique. Figuring out what a plant was, and ensuring you gave a customer the right thing, was taxing but rewarding — and if Strange Antiquities is only half as good as its predecessor, we’re still going to have something rather special on our hands.

Unfortunately, there’s no release date for Strange Antiquities yet — and so far, it’s only been announced for release on PC via Steam. But we’ll be keeping a keen eye out for further announcements. This has just shot to the top of our most anticipated list: we can’t wait!

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