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The Quarry, with Jason Voorhees behind a character, machete raised.

Now the Jason Universe is official, let Supermassive make the next Friday the 13th game

The Jason Universe has been announced and if there’s one thing that needs to come out of it, it’s that Supermassive Games finally gets to make its own single-player Friday the 13th game.

In case you missed the news (via IGN), after years of doing very little with Friday the 13th, partly due to the ongoing legal shenanigans, rights holder Horror Inc is going all out on a new ‘Jason Universe’. It’s exciting news for fans, so much so we’re willing to forgive Horror Inc uttering the words “Jason Universe activations”.

But what really needs to happen is for Horror Inc to call Supermassive Games and ask them to make a Friday the 13th game. Supermassive is the undisputed king of interactive horror, responsible for Until Dawn, The Quarry, The Dark Pictures Anthology games and so on. It deserves the chance to give Jason Voorhees the same treatment.

Supermassive is working on a Dead by Daylight game right now. But that’s no reason not to throw money at the studio and beg it to bring the hockey-masked slasher to life. Sure, we had fun with the now-delisted Friday the 13th: The Game, but watching players emote California Girls in front of the killer makes him that much less menacing.

Supermassive Games has shown that it can deliver some truly gruesome and creative deaths (remember the rock crusher from Until Dawn?) and maintain an air of tension, even when you’re not actively being pursued by a homicidal maniac. You absolutely can’t argue with that level of grasp on the genre. But what really makes Supermassive’s games stand out is their characters.

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No, we’ve not been at the gin. We’re not talking War and Peace here, but Supermassive’s characters stand out enough you care whether they live or die. Whether you’re shocked at each demise, or punch the air as someone (or something) finally shuts them up doesn’t matter. It’s that their death, or each near miss, provokes a reaction.

Because when it comes to slashers and horror movies in general, there’s nothing worse than apathy. Freddy vs Jason had two of the blandest lead characters imaginable and, despite its awesome premise, we barely rewatch it. You can absolutely pigeonhole some of Supermassive’s characters – the nerd, the jock and so on. But they’re fleshed out just enough to matter.

And, if the Jason Universe is about breathing new life (figuratively speaking) into Jason, this could be the perfect opportunity to restore his waning fear factor. So, Horror Inc, put aside that asymmetrical, live-service Friday the 13th game you’re almost certainly working on and give Supermassive Games a call.

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