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The Bridge Curse 2: The Extrication

The Bridge Curse 2: The Extrication walkthrough – Full guide with puzzle solutions

If you’re into horror games, especially of the Asian kind, The Bridge Curse 2: The Extrication is well worth your time and money. A massive improvement over its predecessor, The Bridge Curse: Road to Salvation, this first person horror game combines exploration, stealth, cinematic story scenes and puzzles to create an engaging experience that delivers genuine scares while also making you think at times. Though for that reason, some players might need a walkthrough to get the most out of it.

That’s where we come in. We’ve played though The Bridge Curse 2: The Extrication and put together a full walkthrough, guiding you through the game and its puzzles, ensuring you can finish it without any trouble. It should be noted, however, that this guide won’t get all of the game’s achievements – while we’ve found nearly all of the available collectibles, some have eluded us. So, you might want to further explore areas from time to time if you care about such things.

In any case, we’re sure you’ll find our walkthrough for The Bridge Curse 2: The Extrication invaluable as you make your way through the game.

The Bridge Curse 2: The Extrication walkthrough: quick links

Chapter 1: Wen Hua Missing Persons Case – Sue Lian

  1. You start the game in a car park. Head straight forward and soon a scene will kick in. Once it’s over and the guard has left, follow him through the double doors.
  2. In the corridor, press X/square to open up your phone and call Mrs. Wong. Then move to the next tab with RB/LB and look at your messages. Reply to your dad however you’d like, then put your phone away.
  3. Head down the corridor and call the lift. Take it to the 1st floor. After exiting lift, Wu Zi-nan will message you. Pick up pamphlet on table to the left.
  4. You need to head to the Military Instructor’s Office. Crouch under the barrier to the left, cross the lobby, and enter the Military Instructor’s Office at the other side.
  5. After the scene, you need to find the key to the Registrar’s Office. Sneak across the room avoiding the Sergeant – you’ll find the keys in a brown leather jacket hanging on a hook in the next room with the sofa.
  6. Now you have the keys, sneak back out of the Military Instructor’s Office. Then head back across the lobby, crouching under the shutter. Another shutter ahead prevents you from getting to the Registrar’s Office.
The Bridge Curse 2 stairs 1
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Head up the stairs to the 2nd floor, then head down the corridor to your right. Keep following the corridor until you can take the stairs down. On the way, there’s a machine you can interact with to get a Gurex Condom. Better safe than sorry!
  2. At the bottom of the stairs and on the 1st floor again, head around to the right and use the key to open the Registrar’s Office ahead. In the office, pick up the Odd Geometric Board 2 on the table to your left, and the Odd Geometric Board 1 on the second set of shelves away from the PCs.
  3. At the far end of the room you’ll find a picture composed of four colours. Place Odd Geometric Board 1 at the top and Odd Geometric Board 2 at the bottom; you’ll be left with what looks like ‘gooL’ in four colours – this is the code for the safe nearby to the right. Flip it around and it’s red 7, green 0, yellow 0, and blue 6. So, enter code 0706 into the safe to open it, then take the tape inside to trigger a cutscene.
  4. You now need to head to the B1 Cafeteria. Exit the Registrar’s Office to find that the shutter on your right is now open. Head across the lobby, through the other opened shutter and head left to go down the stairs to B1. Notice the female ghost on the level ahead as you run across the lobby? Creepy.
  5. At the bottom of the stairs, head right and find the Sergeant to trigger another cutscene. When the scene is finished, pick up the soda on the table, then tell the guard you want to go to the School History Room when you’re ready.
  6. Follow the Sergeant back down the corridor, up the stairs, through the lobby, up the stairs to 2nd floor, then around to the left. Interact with the board when he stops to trigger a conversation.
  7. Follow him to the School History Room at the side, then nosey around the room. After looking at the exhibits, talk to the Sergeant when prompted. After the cutscene, head straight forward to the Screening Room.
The Bridge Curse 2 VCR 2
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Interact with the VCR on the left to play the video. When the video ends, leave the Screening Room and investigate the lantern in the School History Room. Now you need to solve a sliding tile puzzle. You’re on your won here, unfortunately.
  2. After solving the puzzle, pick up the lamp – a scene will then play out. When back in control, go to the entrance of the School History Room and focus your lamp with RB to reveal bloody footsteps heading to the elevator. Follow them, using the lamp to dispel other blue orbs and reveal massages along the way.
  3. When you reach the elevator in the lobby, it’s blocked by a mist – focus your lamp on it for a period of time to dispel it, then enter the lift. Use lamp to activate hidden blue orb, then after the scene hit the emergency call button. The lift door will eventually open.
  4. Move forward for a very scary scene. You now need to escape the cafeteria while being hunted by a ghost. When charged at by ghost, head back into room you just came from, exit at the other side, then crouch to move under table ahead. Push forward, then crawl under the table to the right before using the lamp to dismiss another cloud of mist. After that, crawl under table ahead, run down the corridor to the left, and dispel another mist cloud to trigger a cutscene and escape.

Chapter 2: The Haunted Building – Richie Chen

  1. Chapter 2 of The Bridge Curse 2: The Extrication begins with you in control of Richie, or Rich, in the Film Club Room. Your first task is completing the positioning diagram on the table in front of you.
  2. Pick up the Xu You-yi figurine from display in front of you, then collect the film script from table in left corner of room.
  3. Leave the room, head left down the corridor, go right, and enter the School Newsletter Room ahead. In the room, place the Xu You-yi figure in the display at the corner of the room to reveal a Storage Room key. Take the key, then take the Xu You-yi figure again.
  4. Head back to the Film Club Room. Once there, use the key to open up the Storage Room, then head through the room into the stairwell. In here you’ll find a Yan Shu-wen figure on the table to the left.
  5. Go back into the storage room, and find the display on the table to the right. Place the Xu You-yi figure in the spot on the left and the Yan Shu-wen figure on the spot on the right to reveal a Xu Wen-xiong figure. Pick all three up.
The Bridge Curse 2 Display 4
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Go back into the Film Club Room, stand in front of the positioning diagram, and place the Xu Wen-xiong figure on the right with the present, the Yan Shu-wen figure on the left with the flowers, and the Xu You-yi figure at the top with the tea pot. After the scene, head out into the corridor to investigate the crying.
  2. Head right and follow the corridor around to the end. Interact with the door to the Storage Room there to trigger a scene. After the scene, open the Storage Room door with the key you’ve just been given. In the room you’ll find a torn photograph on the table in the right-hand corner. There’s nothing else, so leave the room, turn right, and follow A-Hai through the corridor that leads to the Photography Club.
  3. A scene will trigger upon entering the room. When it ends, you need to prepare the props for filming. Pick up the tea pot from the desk and give it to A-Hai. She’ll give you the white rose. Grab the gift box from the corner of the room and give it to Wu Zi-nan (with the moustache). Pick up the clapperboard near the cameras to start filming.
  4. A scene with spooky things will occur, and you’ll then wake up in a new area. You need to find your friends. Head straight ahead and into the lift. Press the second button from the bottom, then when lift doors open head straight ahead and through double doors.
  5. Head to the right and enter the Gaming Club Room to trigger a scene. When the scene ends, you have five minutes to deal with the creepy doll. Pick up the USB device near the computer just to the left of the large screen. Now search the room, and put the USB device in the PC that has the red-hooded doll displayed on its screen. After doing this three times a scene will play out.
  6. When back in control, pick up the rules for Slappy’s Hide and Seek on top of the cabinet, then exit through the cloth-covered door at end of room.
The Bridge Curse 2 toilets 5
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Follow the green orb down the stairs and into the Women’s Toilets. Approach the cubicle with ‘Do not enter’ written on it to trigger a scene. Note: the first time we entered the Women’s Toilets the game bugged out, not allowing us to interact with the cubicle door. If this happens to you, simply exit the game and re-enter to fix it.
  2. After the scene, enter the cubicle and pick up the Old Handheld Console. Also pick up the Black Moustache on the floor outside of the cubicle. Now you need to find the mysterious green light again.
  3. Head out of the Women’s Toilets and go back upstairs to find the orb again. It enters the Board Game Club Room, so follow it. Interact with green orb in room to trigger a scene. Check the map on the wall when it’s done.
  4. Take the Treasure Hunt Gameplay Guide from the table, and grab the Treasure Box Key from the cage. You need to use this key to open various boxes in the area, but each has a combination that you need to discover. Basically, you need to work out what A, B and C are from clues near each box, with A being the first number, B being the second number and C being the third number of the code required to open each box.
The Bridge Curse 2 Box puzzle
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Head to the Gaming Club Room – the code for the box here with the diamond on top is 432. Pick up the Sticky Liquid. Now head to the box outside the Board Game Club Room with the footprints on top of it – the code for this box is 412. Pick up Decorative Plate. Finally, head down the stairs and find the box in the corridor with a scroll on top of it – the code for this box is 231. Pick up Blank Note. Once all boxes have been opened, return to the Board Game Club Room where a new door has been opened.
  2. In the room, pick up the Secret Document from the slab in the centre. On the wooden board, place the Decorative Plate in front of you, and the Sticky Liquid to the right – a scene will then play out. When back in control, follow Doc into the underground passage. Enter the lift at the end to trigger another scene.
  3. Now you need to find Doc, again. Follow the corridor around and try to enter the door at the end. After watching the shadow, turn around and go through the door on the right ahead. Follow the corridor around and keep heading right until you find another door. Open it to find a ghostly dog named Poody. Give Poody the White Rose from your inventory and it will give you a Love Charm.
  4. Turn around and head back and you’ll find the corridor has changed – hope you’re not scared of mannequins! Head right and crawl under the fallen cabinet. Keep heading right, down the corridor – put the Black Moustache on the mannequin to the left if you want a Skeleton Toy: Booga. Keep following the corridor around until you find a door. Approach it to be suddenly taken to a dance studio.
  5. Examine the music box on your left. Follow the room around until a scene triggers. You now need to enter the door that’s opened behind you. Pick up the Dance Studio Rules on the shelf on your right, then make your way across the room, only moving when the dancer isn’t looking at you. Use the spotlight and the indicator at the bottom of the screen as your guide.
The Bridge Curse 2 dancer 6
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. In the small room to the right of the dancer you’ll find a Simple Wind-Up Doll. Open the door behind you, head back to the music box, and use the Simple Wind-Up Doll on it.
  2. Now you need to escape the angry dancer. Quickly run and hide in the locker to your right, near the door. When the dancer investigates the music box, exit the locker and head right, through the door you unlocked a little earlier, then head to the double door which the dancer was previously dancing in front of to trigger a scene.
  3. Run for your life until you enter a strange space. Investigate the stand in front of the dancers, then take the Mask of Sorrow from the dancer on the left. Head through the door behind you to find another space. Investigate the stand again, then take the Mask of Joy from the mannequin on the right. Head through another door on the right to find yet another space. Again, investigate the stand, then take the Mask of Fury from the mannequin behind the desk. Head right through one last door to find the last space. Investigate the desk – you can’t take the mask from this mannequin.
  4. Working backwards, place the Mask of Sorrow on the mannequin behind the desk, the Mask of Fury on the mannequin in the bedroom, and the Mask of Joy on the mannequin at the dancer selection. Head back to the fourth space and watch the scene play out. A door will then appear behind the mannequin whose mask you couldn’t remove. Head through it and enter the lift.
  5. Exit the lift, head straight forward, and collect the Rules for Audience Members from mannequin. Enter the ballet recital via the double doors.
The Bridge Curse 2 Stage 7
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Stand between the mannequins in front of the stage and collect the Broken Doll’s Head. Once the harrowing scene is over, you need to move while avoiding the dancers’ gaze again – there’s nowhere to reach here, simply keep your distance and survive. There are two phases – simply don’t move while the dancers are dancing, and create distance when they’re not to ensure you stay alive. Check the stage once it’s over. Examine the chair to trigger a scene.
  2. Exit the stage via the door on the right, then exit the room with Doc via the doors on the left. Keep following the corridor around and down to find A-Hai.

Chapter 3: 1960 Da Ren Murder – A-Hai

  1. This chapter begins with you in control of A-Hai in the Photography Club Room. Once again you need to find your friends.
  2. Leave the room and start heading down the corridor to trigger a scene. Now you need to run away from the hands – just follow the corridor around, avoid the obstacles, and head into the lift ahead.
  3. After the scene, exit the lift. You now have a lantern that can help you reveal secrets and repel ghosts. When your controller vibrates, hold it up with RB to unveil secrets.
The Bridge Curse 2 Basket 8
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Follow the room around to the left – in the next big opening, check the basket on the floor to the right to find a Baseball. Continue through the area and dispel the mist with the lantern. Push forward and you’ll encounter the green orb again.
  2. Follow the green orb into the President’s Office, then inspect the picture of Xu You-yi that it’s hovering around. Head over to the cabinet with two vases on top and raised lantern to reveal a document, this will trigger a scene.
  3. After the scene, take the Reception Room key from the table. Now leave the room, turn right, head down the corridor, then enter the Reception Room on the left using the key.
  4. In the Reception Room, check Yan Shu-wen’s love letter on the desk – this provides the clue for the code to the safe in the room. The date is the answer – 1209. Enter this code in the safe to open it, then take the Crimson Disc and inspect the voodoo doll that are inside.
  5. On the bookshelf at the far end of the room, pick up the book, turn it so that its spine is facing away from you, then press the interact button to open it – inside is an Odd Block.
  6. Use the Odd Block on the display on the wall, then use the Crimson Disc in the space above it. Interact with the display to start a new puzzle.
The Bridge Curse 2 Disc 9
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. You need to use the disc to rotate blocks into their correct places and complete the image. Once you’re done, the bookcase on the left will slide left, revealing a tight corridor you can squeeze down. Do so.
  2. In the next room, take the ladder to the upper area, move forward, and use the lantern to reveal the secret hidden in the document in the wall on the right.
  3. After the scene, head back down the ladder, squeeze through the gap to the Reception Room, then exit the room into the corridor.
  4. Head left, follow the corridor around, and start to head down the stairs – raise your lantern halfway down to reveal a mystery. Continue down the stairs and head right to continue following the ghostly Sergeant.
  5. Enter the Nurse’s Office on the right. Use the lantern in the room to activate the blue orb near the curtains on the right – this will trigger a scene. When it’s done, answer the phone ringing on the cabinet on the left. You now need to go to the B2 Parking Garage.
  6. Leave the Nurse’s Office and head straight forward into the lobby. To your right you’ll find Poody the cute dog again. Give him the baseball and he’ll give you the Tennis Ball in exchange. After that, enter the lift and head down to B2.
  7. Enter the corridor and use the lamp to reveal the spade, the shoe and the blood stain on the wall to trigger a scene. You now need to escape from the evil entity, using the lamp to dispel the ghostly arms blocking your way.
The Bridge Curse 2 Demon 10
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Enter the large room and make your way towards the exit at the far end. After dispelling the ghostly arms blocking your path, you’ll have to keep running around, avoiding the ghostly hands emerging from the floor and the demon entity pursuing you until your lamp is charged so that you can dispel large ghostly arms again. About halfway through the room, keep an eye and ear out for a black cat if you want an achievement. When you reach the end of the room, a scene will trigger.
  2. You’re now back in 2016. Head left and use your lantern to reveal a mystery on the wall. In the right-hand corner you’ll also find a Red Balloon.
  3. Examine the electric box near the shutter on the right to reveal a circuit puzzle. You can’t fully solve it yet, so turn around and crawl under the table propping open the shutter on the left hand side of the room.
  4. Head down the corridor, through the School History Room (use the lamp to reveal some bloody stains here if you want), then enter the Screening Room. Take the fuse from the hands of the mannequin at the front of the room.
The Bridge Curse 2 Power box 11
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Now head back to the electric box near the lift. Use the fuse in the small box below the panel, then complete the circuit puzzle above. Simply rotate the cables around to complete the red and yellow circuits to solve it. The shutter on your left will now open.
  2. Head down the corridor and enter the Computer Room on the left. Open the cabinet at the back of the room to find a copy of The Bridge Curse: Road to Salvation.
  3. Exit the Computer Room, and continue down the corridor, heading down the stairs to the 1st floor. From here, move around into the lobby, then find the phone near the pillar ahead of you when it starts making a sound. After the scene, go forward and enter the Military Instructor’s Office.
  4. Interact with the Bloody Flower on the desk to trigger a scene. Once that’s done, investigate the poster at the end of the room to reveal a clock. You need to set a time and date on this – clues are in the Book on Feng Shui and the newspaper on the desk with the Bloody Flower. Set time to midnight, and the date to 08/22 – the clock will then turn around and open up to reveal the Nurse’s Office key.
  5. Before you leave the room and head to the Nurse’s Office, head into the room on your right to find the Fake Chicken Leg on the coffee table. Now leave the Military Instructor’s Office and head back across the lobby to the Nurse’s Office.
The Bridge Curse 2 Hole Wall 13
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Use key to open the door. In the Nurse’s Office, you’ll find a Skeleton Toy: Herbert on the table to your left. At the back of the room, use your lantern to reveal a hole in the wall. Crawl through the hole, picking up the Bloody ID on the way.
  2. In the room in which you emerge, pick up the Old Notebook from the chair near the boarded-up door, then interact with the door to climb through.
  3. After the scene, you’re being pursued. Need to use your lantern to activate flowers in the area, which can be used to distract your pursuer.
  4. Head to the right and use the lantern near flower to reform it. When your neckless pursuer is distracted by it, grab the electrical component from the device on the wall. You can now head to the other side of these area and use the electrical component to open a door. Head through the the door, crawl through the gap in the wall ahead, and push forward. The Neckless Consort will appear again. Remember, your lantern can be used to repel it, but once used it needs time to recharge.
  5. In this area, there’s another flower to activate with the lantern, and you need to find a door that returns you to the previous room. Once you find it, go through and take back the electrical component you used in the other door, then go back through the door you just opened. At the opposite end of the room, crawl under table, then use electrical component on door ahead to open it.
  6. Move ahead and the Neckless Consort will appear once more. Luckily there’s a flower nearby. Activate it to distract her, then move past. A scene will then trigger.
The Bridge Curse 2 Mystery Doorway 14
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. When back in control, simply follow the long corridor around. After first turning left, use the lantern in the doorway on the right to reveal a mystery.
  2. When you reach the first open room at the end of the tunnel, approach the table in centre of room and use your lantern. The ghost of Huan Ting Ting will then appear and open the exit. Leave the room via the newly opened door behind you, then follow the corridor to the next open room.
  3. Use your lantern near the container on the floor in the corner of this room to reveal Strange Sculpture 1. Pick it up and use it on the pile of bricks in the middle of the room. You then need to manipulate it so that it completes the ying-yang symbol on the door ahead – make sure you press the interact button to confirm when done. When the door opens, go through it and place the lamp on the altar on the left to trigger a scene.

Chapter 4: The Truth – Wu Zi-nan

  1. Now playing as Wu Zi-nan, move forward and cross the gap in the floor via the beam on your left. Now follow the green orb down the corridor. It will eventually enter a wall, triggering a scene.
  2. Carry on following the corridor around until you reach a large room. Pick up the Candle Extinguisher from the table in the centre of the room – you need to extinguish the candles on the table in order.
The Bridge Curse 2 Candle Puzzle 15
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Look for the symbols and numbers on the walls on the outer edge of the room and match them with the symbols that are behind candles on table to extinguish them in the correct order.
  2. After the scene that plays out, follow the green orb again. On your way, investigate the Old Notebook 2 laying on the floor. You can check your phone, too, when prompted.
  3. At the end of the corridor, Rich finds a door that won’t open. Pull the lever on the wall to the left to open the door behind you but also close one behind Rich. Now you’re on your own.
  4. Head down the corridor that’s opened up and drop down into the room below. Ahead and just to the left, pick up the Tattered Paper on the desk. Go back to where you dropped into the room, then move forward and investigate the Worker’s Manual on the control panel ahead. You need to manipulate the power to open up the exit.
  5. Turn to your left and activate the Sector AB Door Control on the wall. Now, turn left again, and with your back to the control panel start to head down the corridor ahead. The Sergeant will appear, and he means business.
  6. Run forward and quickly take the path to the right, then head right again when you reach the wall. Move the trolley blocking your path, then run forward and head right again, crawling under the gap. In the room, pull the first power lever.
  7. You now need to dodge past the Sergeant and go back the way you came, heading to the other side of the area. Keep to the right and move around the edge of the area until you can crawl through a gap to reach the second power lever. Use the Talismans on the wall as you pass them to hinder the Sergeant to make things a little easier.
  8. Once both power levers have been pulled, make your way back to the control panel and pull the lever there to open the door ahead. Run through it to exit the area and escape.
  9. Move down the corridor and climb down the ladder. After turning left ahead, continue straight at the next junction to find a Skeleton Toy: Mr Mutilator. Turn back around and follow the corridor around to the right. At the end of the corridor you’ll find another open room.
The Bridge Curse 2 Element puzzle 17
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Now you need to open the seal of the 5 phases. To do this, you need to pick up the flags around the room and match them with the elements that they conquer. For reference, Wood (green) beats Earth (blue/grey), Earth beats Water (white), Water beats Fire (red), Fire beats Metal (purple) and Metal beats Wood. Once all flags are correctly in place, a door will open.
  2. Move through the door to trigger a scene. Keep following the corridor around until you find a turning to the right with the green orb ahead. If you go left here, you can find Poody the dog if you have an item for him. If not, go down the corridor towards the green orb.
  3. Move through the corridor, avoiding the obstacles placed in your path by the orb, then drop down the ladder at the end. Enter the large room ahead.
  4. After the scene, run from the Dark One. Head left, right, straight ahead, left, right, straight ahead under the desk, straight ahead while activating talisman to remove the giant hand, right, left, right by using talisman by the door again, left, then straight ahead. You’ll now reunite with your friends.

Chapter 5: Yin and Yang – A-Hai

  1. It’s the final chapter of The Bridge Curse 2: The Extrication, and you’re playing as A-Hai again.
  2. You start in the parking garage. Before you do anything else, run straight ahead and keep an eye out for two bicycles on the left. On one of them you’ll find Skeleton Toy: Gene Slayer.
  3. Turn back around, head forward, and go through the double doors on your right. Head down the corridor and take the lift to B3. Exit the lift and use the lantern near the corpse to trigger a scene.
  4. When back in control, head down the strange walkway, investigating Scrap Paper 1 in the process. Use your lantern when you reach the gap in the walkway, then keep pushing ahead and use the lantern again when you reach another gap.
  5. You’ll find Scrap Paper 2 just before you reach the stairs ahead, and Scrap Paper 3 just at the top of the stairs. After reaching the end of the walkway and investigating the strange structure at the end, turn around and head back down the walkway. Use lantern near Scrap Paper 2 to reveal Strange Sculpture 2. Pick it up.
The Bridge Curse 2 Ying Yang puzzle 19
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Turn around again and use Strange Sculpture 2 on the structure just up the stairs. Like before, you need to manipulate it to try and complete the ying-yang symbol with its shadow – this time the right-hand side. Remember to press interact to confirm. A portal will then open, transforming the area.
  2. Move forward and investigate the door ahead – you need some items to open it. Turn around and go down the stairs ahead and to your left. Go left down the corridor to find another door you can’t open. Use lantern on ghost to the left of the door to allow you to squeeze down the passage.
  3. As you move into the room ahead, the wall will crumble behind you. Turn left and activate the lever on the wall, then go right and investigate the strange chained door. Move back down the corridor to find that you now have a ghost to contend with.
  4. Move through the newly opened door and keep to the right to find a shrine. Tap interact in front of it to remove the talisman.
  5. There are 3 more shrines with talismans you need to remove in this area, but if you’re seen by the small demons that roam it they summon a larger demon to chase you. Keep on the move, however, and you should be fine. There’s also a lever in this area that opens up a shortcut to the strange chained door.
  6. Once you’ve found and dealt with all the shrines, head back to the strange chained door to witness it crumble, then take the Eye of the Diting from the statue inside. With the eye in your possession, now head right to find the main door of the area is now open. Leave for relative safety again.
  7. Head straight across the walkway to another area ahead. Before you reach it the Dark One will appear and attack. You now have to run away from it.
  8. At the end of the corridor, use your lantern on the wall before you reach the closed gate to make it disappear. In the next room, go forward then head right – another wall on the left hand side in the corridor ahead can be made to disappear with the lantern.
  9. Keep following the route around until you find another wall on the left that you can make disappear with the lantern. And after that, you’ll need to use the lantern to cross a large gap in the floor. At the end of the ordeal you’ll find a casket.
The Bridge Curse 2 Cursed Heart 20
Screenshot: GameSpew
  1. Take the Cursed Heart from the corpse in the casket. The Dark One will then appear again. Avoid it as it approaches, then move through the hole it made and run through the corridor to escape it.
  2. Now you’re safe, head straight forward up the stairs to the large door, then use the Eye of Diting and the Cursed Heart to open it. Well done, you’ve now completed The Bridge Curse 2: The Extrication.
  3. Well, not quite. There’s a post-credits scene. Leave the Military Instructor’s Office, move ahead into the lobby, and open the lift for a fun scene with Poody. Interact with him once he’s done for a Poody Pendant. Now head up the stairs to the 2nd floor and go left. Move through the School History Room and enter the Screening Room to trigger the final scene.

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