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Silent Hill Transmission

There’s a second Silent Hill Transmission this week

If you’re a Silent Hill fan, this week could turn out to be a good one. Nearly two years on from the first Silent Hill Transmission in 2022, another has been announced. This Thursday 30th May, more information on the Silent Hill series is promised, including game updates, a deeper look at the upcoming film, and new merchandise.

The second Silent Hill Transmission will air via YouTube at 4pm PDT on 30th May – that’s midnight to us Brits. It might be worth staying up for, though, as chances are it reveal more about the long-awaited remake of Silent Hill 2, including hopefully a release date. We imagine there’ll be updates about other Silent Hill games in development too, such as Silent Hill f and Silent Hill: Townfall.

With the third film in the Silent Hill series recently being previewed at Cannes, a deeper look at that is promised, too. Based on Silent Hill 2, we have high hopes for this, especially as it’s being directed by Cristophe Gans who did a good job of the first Silent Hill film. Who knows, maybe we’ll get a release window for it. Throw in some news about new Silent Hill merch, and it’ll surely be an event that series fans would be foolish to miss.

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