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Jill Valentine from Resident Evil staring into the camera.

This Resident Evil webcomic puts a disturbing twist on Jill Valentine

Ever wonder what survival horror games are like for the monsters? We certainly didn’t, but a disturbing new Resident Evil webcomic is giving us serious food for thought.

Artist Rhiannon Kagoe has put out a host of Resident Evil-based webcomics, but this latest one, as tongue-in-cheek as it is, puts a whole new spin on the game. It has one of Resident Evil’s spiders asking co-protagonist Jill Valentine where her children and being greeted by silence and a thousand-yard stare.

It’s not the first time Kagoe has painted Jill Valentine in an unfavourable light, but we can buy that zombie dogs are still just zombies, with the corresponding brain function. But what about the game’s other mutant creatures?

You’re just chilling out, then someone injects you with a weird virus and suddenly you’re ten times the size and stuck in a mansion and no-one’s feeding you and… well, what else are you going to do? And then this weird, beret-wearing psychopath turns up.

As Kagoe puts it “Someone commented ‘Jill wasn’t trapped in the mansion, the monsters in the mansion were trapped with Jill.’ I keep giggling how accurate that is.” We’ve got the sneaking suspicion she’s got a necklace of zombie ears in one of her pouches.

And what about the poor old Tyrant, eh? You’ve been tormented by a bad guy who looks like Johnny Bravo (thanks, internet), you finally get your revenge and then, ten minutes into becoming a free m… er, entity, you get blown up with a rocket launcher. We don’t know if there’s an RSCPA for claw-handed, bloody-thirsty biomutants but as soon as we find one we’re putting in a call.

You can find Kagoe in the usual places and check out some of the older but equally excellent Resident Evil webcomics here.

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