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Wuthering Waves, a blonde-haired girl laying back on the ground.

Wuthering Waves’ flying train is a secret nightmare

Forget the Tacet Discord, Wuthering Waves’ real horror show is the flying train that roams around the sky in this newly-released gacha game.

The flying train is intended to be scenery, a cool little background detail that underlines how wild Wuthering Waves’ world is. You can’t actually use it to get around the world. But some players see its presence as a challenge and have taken to trying to board it.

It’s not the first time a game has taunted players with a train system you can’t use. We took it very personally that Saints Row 2’s train was forbidden to us, which is why, whenever we were on a mayhem rampage, it’d be the subject of our wrath.

Wuthering Waves’ players have, with a varying degree of success, managed to land on top of the train. YouTuber h1am2w successful reached it, only to be turfed off when it entered an ‘unknown area’. We tip our hats to them for his accomplishment.

However, it fell to Redditor Yunekochan to discover the horrifying truth behind Wuthering Waves’ flying trains. While they haven’t shared their method, they somehow managed to clip inside one of the train’s cabins, and beheld true horror.

The ‘people’ you see through the train windows are basically flat images. But from the inside, it’s an image right out of Silent Hill. Yunekochan is standing inside an empty, rusty carriage while shadowy figures observe them from outside. And there’s no exit in sight, either.

It reminds us a little of Japanese movie Kairo, where humans are reduced to ash stains on a wall. Just thinking about it gives us the chills. Imagine going round, and round in that flying prison, those unchanging spectres your only company. There’s no way we’re sleeping tonight.

If you’ve yet to tackle Wuthering Waves, it’s available now on iOS, Android and PC (via the Epic Games Store). There’s fun to be had, particular if you’re a Genshin Impact fan, though it’s got a few performance issues so don’t expect a smooth ride.

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