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A fan animation of Alan Wake 2, with Alan sitting at his typewriter.

Alan Wake 2 speedruns the Dark Place in this tongue-in-cheek animation

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Alan Wake, you are a big idiot. At least, that’s according to this fantastic Alan Wake 2 animation which has Alan Wake speedrunning the Dark Place and the whole of his portion of the game. Though, be warned, we’ll be getting into spoiler territory.

It’s the work of Matthew McCleskey, the animator who’s also had Link speedrunning the whole of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. And it asks the simple question, “What if Alan Wake just wrote one sentence and got the hell out of there?”

And… it works. Oh, Alan, you big buffoon. That was all you needed to do. Except.. as tongue in cheek as McCleskey’s speedrunning Alan Wake 2 animation is, it’s absolutely on point. As McClesky points out, Mr Door suggests Alan’s always had the power to click his heels together and return to Oz.. er, Bright Falls.

But he chooses not to. “All these rules. Endless, convoluted loops you insist on going through,” Door explains. Why? The game doesn’t explain it 100%, but it’s almost certainly because of his guilt over the way he’s treated the others in his life, a belief he needs to atone, to struggle.

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And, even after Door says those words, the lesson still doesn’t sink in. Instead of speedrunning the Dark Place and Alan Wake 2 as in this animation, he persists. He grows, but it’s kind of a shame that the otherwise awesome Night Springs DLC didn’t call him out on this.

You can watch the animation above and check out McCleskey’s work here on his YouTube channel.

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