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Alan Wake 2, a clipboard zoomed in.

Alan Wake 2’s photo mode lets you read everything and it’s amazing

Think you’ve seen everything in Bright Falls? Think again, because Alan Wake 2’s new photo mode lets you read virtually every piece of text in the game, uncovering some hitherto unknown secrets. And it’s so, so much fun.

We have Remedy senior writer Eric Stirpē to thank for clueing us into this. “If you use Alan Wake 2’s photo mode you can zoom in on every newspaper, every book being read by NPCs… and any exposed pages are actually custom-written”, he explained via Twitter.

Admittedly, we were skeptical, but it’s absolutely true, and it’s just amazing, a treasure trove of easter eggs and in-jokes. That magazine being read in the diner? It’s got an article about flashlights, a clear nod to your primary weapon against the Taken.

Granted, you’ll have more to worry about when the Taken are descending on you. But we spent a good couple of hours wandering around Bright Falls, peeking at posters, books and other items. Our absolute favourite has to be the guy with the clipboard who, at first glance, is just minding his own business.

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However, using Alan Wake 2’s photo mode, you can zoom in on his clipboard, reading the handwritten note. It reveals he’s a member of the Cult of the Tree, watching out for both the FBC and FBI. There’s also a cheeky nod to all those notes Saga keeps just finding. “P.S. Destroy this after you read it, not like last…. I’m talking about you, Michael”, it reads. As secretive and sinister-sounding as the Cult of the Tree might be, they’re not the most competent of organisations.

Some have even been using it to bypass some of the game’s puzzles. “I zoomed into the posters & read the text w the aim button. I then used photo mode to read a number on the coffee bags”, tweets one sneaky Alan Wake 2 player.

So even if you think you’re done with the game, it’s worth firing it back up just to see what secrets you can uncover with Alan Wake 2’s photo mode.

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