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Blumhouse Games Summer Game Fest

Blumhouse Games announces not one but SIX upcoming horror games

When Blumhouse Games announced itself as a studio last year, we didn’t know what to expect. We were excited, sure, but had no idea of the type of games the movie giant would put out. Now we know: at Summer Game Fest tonight, a sizzle reel has revealed that the company has six games in development, all from independent studios, and all looking very different.

The first game on the slate — and the only one set to release this year — is Fear the Spotlight. Developed by Cozy Game Pals, it’s a love letter to 90s horror stories. Players will take control of a pair of teenagers who sneak into a school after-hours and, after a seance goes wrong, there’s going to be some scary stuff to deal with. Expect puzzles, scares, and some seriously cool atmosphere.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Five more games are in development, which we’ll summarise below:

  • Crisol: Theatre of Idols, being developed by Vermila Studios – a first-person horror game based on Spanish folklore
  • Grave Seasons, being developed by Perfect Garbage – a pixelated farming simulator that has you figuring out who the town serial killer is
  • Project C, being developed by Half Mermaid Productions – a “twisted vision” from Sam Barlow and Brandon Cronenberg
  • Sleep Awake, being developed by Eyes Out – a first-person psychedelic horror set in a future where only one city remains on Earth
  • The Simulation, being developed by Playmestudio – a retro-designed game about a cursed game…

Watch the Blumhouse Games trailer below:

Needless to say, we’re very interested in the direction Blumhouse is taking in their games production. We’re always excited to try new, intriguing titles, and it’s safe to say that this slate of games stands out for being different.

We have no release dates just yet, but we’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing more of Fear the Spotlight very soon. As for the rest, we don’t expect we’ll see any releases until at least 2025, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more news.

More information about each of the games can be found on Blumhouse’s official website.

Summer Game Fest 2024 is in full swing, and we’re covering the latest, best announcements right here. Want to see everything so far? Head to our SGF 2024 hub right here.

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