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Resident Evil 2, with Mr X peeking in from the side of the screen, in front of the police station hall.

Capcom celebrates Resident Evil 2 remake becoming the best selling Resi game

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The Resident Evil 2 remake, released in 2019, has gone on to become the best-selling Resident Evil game, according to Capcom. And, as you would, the company and the game’s development team are celebrating with a big cake.

Resident Evil 2 has sold 13.9 million copies and while Resident Evil 5 has sold slightly more when you factor in remakes, it’s still a grand achievement. Sadly, the cake isn’t in the shape of Mr X, the game’s unkillable, stomping antagonist, but we bet it tasted pretty sweet.

Capcom tweeted the news, also confirming that Resident Evil 2 hit the 10 million mark in July 2022. They would have celebrated then, but the Covid lockdowns put paid to any kind of massive party. Unless you’re the British Prime Minister, that is..

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We’re not surprised Resi 2 sold this well. It’s an awesome outing, which we described as “quite possibly the best Resident Evil game ever made”. The comments are most congratulatory, though one or two ask about a ‘director’s cut’. Could that actually be happening? We doubt it.

The only way a Director’s Cut of Resident Evil 2 could improve on the original.. er. remake, is to further separate Claire and Leon’s stories. In the original, Claire and Leon’s stories overlapped but they were more distinct than in the remake.

Yes, you roamed the same locations, but only Leon had to deal with Mr X. Claire, on the other hand, fought a mutated William Birkin. This could, potentially, be fixed with a director’s cut but it’d require a significant amount of work on Capcom’s part.

So, congratulations go to Capcom. And if you’ve yet to play the game, which has since received a next-gen upgrade, it’s available on both Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus Extra.

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