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Case Files: Behind Closed Doors

Case Files: Behind Closed Doors is an FMV for whodunnit fans

A man lies dead in his own home. With a gun in his hand, it appears at first glance that he’s taken his own life. But the signs don’t add up. The door’s been left open, there are signs of a party, and his ex-girlfriend is claiming he’s abusive. What exactly happened? That’s for you to find out in Case Files: Behind Closed Doors, available now on PC and PlayStation.

If you’ve played a tabletop murder mystery case file game before, you’ll feel right at home with Case Files: Behind Closed Doors. With a file filled with evidence to look through and a series of videos and police interviews to watch, it feels very much the same, albeit digital. You’ll need to use your own analytical powers to decide who is telling the truth, who is lying and, ultimately, what happened to the man.

We’ve had great fun watching through the police interviews, looking for clues that our witnesses (and suspects) are lying. With two camera angles to choose from, you can get up close to their face, examining for the slightest change in expression; anything that might give them away. It’s easier said than done, however. You might end up making the wrong assumptions. You’ll need to be careful.

Case Files: Behind Closed Doors
Image: Think Ten Media Group

Behind Closed Doors is a FMV (full motion video) game, meaning it uses recorded actors rather than computer-generated images. It makes the whole affair feel much more realistic, although the acting occasionally leaves something to be desired. It’s usually the main downfall of FMV games: typically low-budget, acting can be schlocky and unbelievable. It’s not the worst here, but we found some scenes difficult to believe.

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Still, it’s a game that leaves you feeling like a detective. You’ll play through at your pace, watching police interviews when you’re ready, and going through documents at your leisure. We’d recommend playing with a notepad and pen by your side to jot down your thoughts: after all, you don’t want to end up accusing the wrong person of murder, do you?

Costing less than a tenner, Case Files: Behind Closed doors is an intriguing mystery and, if you fancy yourself something of an amateur sleuth, it’s a fun way to spend a couple of hours whether you’re playing by yourself or with a co-investigator.

Case Files: Behind Closed Doors is available on PS4 and PC.

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