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Cat Quest 3 screenshot

Cat Quest 3 feels fur-miliar, but that’s no cat-astrophe

If you’ve played Cat Quest or Cat Quest 2, you already know what to expect from Cat Quest 3. It’s a sure thing at this point: a cosy, furry, cute adventure that sees you step into the shoes (er, paws) of an adorable kitty cat. A kick-ass kitty cat, however: one that’s capable of shooting and swashbuckling its foes into oblivion. There’s one key difference this time around, however: you’re a pirate! And you have your very own pirate ship!

More island-based than previous Cat Quest games, then, you’ll need to rely on your pirate ship to get from A to B. And more than just a means of transportation, you can use it as a formidable weapon, firing cannonballs at enemies to do a great deal of damage. A game-changer if you come up against a boss that just won’t quit.

Open world in its design, Cat Quest 3 still lets you potter about the world however you please. There are dungeons to delve into, castles to explore and a whole overworld map to make your way across. Like the previous games, it’s all too easy to find yourself somewhere you probably shouldn’t be yet, with enemies much higher level than you. But then it’s just a case of jumping back in your ship and hot-footing back to another area of the map.

Cat Quest 3 screenshot
Image: The Gentlebros/Kepler Interactive

Exploring is a joy, if a little basic. There’s nothing really new here: dungeons and caves offer an opportunity to find loot like better weapons, and every enemy you defeat gives you all-important experience. It pays to wander around, then, because finding items and levelling up is going to make your journey much easier in the long run.

Despite its cute appearance, Cat Quest 3 doesn’t take no prisoners: just like the previous games, combat can be tricky, requiring skill and well-timed dodges to be pulled off to truly succeed. There is an easier difficulty though, and if you’re wanting a laid-back experience, we’d recommend opting for it.

When it comes to combat, you do at least have a rather powerful arsenal up your sleeve. You can melee attack with a sword, and a gun will allow you to attack from range. But spicing things up is a range of magic attacks. You’ll start with a basic fireball, but more can be equipped, like a lightning attack and plenty more.

Cat Quest 3 screenshot
Image: The Gentlebros/Kepler Interactive

As always, you’ll meet a bunch of cute and interesting characters on your journey. Some are just there to feed you story, but others are useful, such as a blacksmith who can upgrade your weapons, and a magical dog who’ll be able to grant you new magic powers. You’ll want to meet them all, and go back and visit some of them regularly to ensure you’re getting the most out of your character.

We thought about stuffing our Cat Quest 3 preview full of cat puns, but honestly, we respect you more than that. But since we can’t resist, we’ll leave you with this: If you liked its purr-decessors, you’ll think Cat Quest 3 is just paw-some. (Sorry, that was pawful.)

Cat Quest 3 is set to release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch and PC.

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