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Champion Shift

Champion Shift, the roguelike that lets you shift between a hero and car, has left early access

Home » News » Champion Shift, the roguelike that lets you shift between a hero and car, has left early access

The roguelike genre is packed, and with the likes of Hades 2 and The Rogue Prince of Persia entering early access in recent months, it’s hard to stand out and be noticed. People should perhaps pay attention to Champion Shift, however. Why? Because this roguelike, developed by SRG Studios, allows players to shift between being a hero and a car.

Having entered early access in February, Champion Shift has now left just over three months later. Like most roguelikes, Champion Shift features many stages for players to make their way through, spread across multiple biomes. But what makes it stand out is its number of playable heroes, and the fact that they can instantly shift into vehicle form.

Facing off against hordes of enemies, players can choose to take control of heroes such as Sun Wukong, Jesse James, Gilgamesh, Athena and more. Along the way, they’ll collect powerful relics and celestial gifts that provide stat boosts and new powers. But it’s the ability to swiftly change into a vehicle to run over enemies and cover large distances that really draws us to Champion Shift – it’s a unique feature that really makes it stand out, as you can see in the trailer below.

Of course, since Champion Shift entered early access it’s been updated regularly, with the gameplay polished up and more content added. Now that it’s left early access, it’s feature complete and has more to see and do than ever before. Leaving early access isn’t the end of Champion Shift’s journey, either.

A PlayStation port is on track for later this year, so if you like the look of Champion Shift but don’t game on PC, there’s still a chance you can get your hands on it at some point.

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