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Demon's Mirror

Demon’s Mirror preview: Slay the Spire meets… Candy Crush?

Deckbuilding and match-3 — sorry, chain-3 — might sound like a bizarre fusion, but that’s exactly what developer Be-Rad Entertainment has pulled off with Demon’s Mirror, which is coming to PC “soon”. This is definitely one for the Slay the Spire fans who like a sneaky bit of Candy Crush on the side. Hey, I’m not judging: I’m right there in the centre of that very specific Venn diagram.

Just like Slay the Spire, Demon’s Mirror allows you to forge your own path through a map leading to a boss fight. There are plenty of battles along the way, but you’ll also find random events, opportunities to rest, treasure and other encounters. You’ll get new cards from some of those encounters, and also by succeeding in battle. And, if you’ve ever played a deckbuilding game before, you’ll know that having a good hand of cards can make all the difference.

That’s still true here, but Demon’s Mirror has another trick up its sleeve: its chain-3 mechanics. Not only can you play cards while in battle, but you can chain together a string of matching symbols in order to perform an action. Chain together 8 sword symbols, for example, and you’ll deal 8 damage to an opponent of your choice. You can also give yourself a shield and buff yourself in interesting ways.

Demon's Mirror
Be-Rad Entertainment/Good Shepherd Entertainment

You’ll need to be careful, though, because opponents can also use your chain-3 board to deal damage. Enemy tiles will appear, and if you don’t manage to clear them in a set number of moves, they’ll deal additional damage to you. You have opportunity to prepare, thankfully. Just like Slay the Spire and other games of its ilk, you’ll know what an opponent is planning to do on its next move, allowing you to counteract appropriately.

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I’m not sure if Demon’s Mirror is truly interesting enough to set the roguelike deckbuilding genre alight, but it’s certainly fun. I’ve not quite made up my mind yet if the chain-3 addition is merely a gimmick or a genuinely worthwhile addition — but it at least makes this stand out in a crowded genre space.

The demo has given me enough of a taste to know I’m eager to play more, but only time will tell if Demon’s Mirror will do enough to truly hook me like the best of the genre have managed to do.

Demon’s Mirror is coming “soon” to Steam. If you fancy giving it a try for yourself, there’s a free demo available now.

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