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Dragon Ball Sparking Zero

Prepare for Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero with this game mode showcase

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If you’re a Dragon Ball fan, chances are you’re very excited about the next game in the franchise, the imaginatively titled Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero. Set for release on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC on 11th October, this fighting game aims to take the popular gameplay of the Budokai Tenkaichi series and elevate it to the next level. It if achieves it, maybe even non-Dragon Ball fans might be interested in it, too.

In any case, ahead of its launch, Jun Furutani, Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero’s producer, has been kind enough to present a showcase of the various modes players will be able to jump into when the game becomes available later this year, and spearheading them all is Episode Battle.

In this single-player mode, players will be able to take control of eight characters including Goku and Vegeta, and relive some of the key battles from Dragon Ball Z right up to Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power. In addition, story scenes will be delivered from a first-person viewpoint, making them more immersive than ever before. There’ll be choices to make, too, that will lead to alternative scenarios to play through.

Outside of Episode Battle, Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero will also feature a Custom Battle mode, where players can create their own custom scenarios, and play through Bonus Battles that have been created by the game’s developers. These Bonus Battles can even be customised by players, and then shared with other players around the world.

Rounding things off, Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero will of course have online and offline multiplayer modes, allowing players to fight friends, family members and random strangers located around the world from the comfort of their couch. Overall there’s something for everyone, then.

Check out the Game Mode Showcase video below for more.

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