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Elden Ring is chill

Ahead of Shadow of the Erdtree, the latest patch for Elden Ring makes various balance adjustments

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Shadow of the Erdtree, the massive expansion for the phenomenal Elden Ring launches tomorrow. To enable support for the DLC when it launches, a new patch has just been released for the game, which also adds some welcome new features — and perhaps some not-so welcome balance changes.

Update to version 1.12 of Elden Ring and you’ll find that you can now summon Torrent, your spectral steed, during the Elden Beast boss battle. You’ll also find that new items in your inventory are marked with an exclamation mark, and that there are five new hairstyles to choose from when creating or customising character. There’s nothing to complain about here, we’re sure you’ll agree.

With regards to the many, many balance changes made in the latest update, however, some players might not be too pleased. When it comes to PvP, the damage of a variety of skills including Radahn’s Rain, Cursed-Blood Slash and Transient Moonlight has been slashed, and that includes poise damage for some, too. A couple of incantations have been made a little less effective.

Thankfully, the balance adjustments that do normal effect PvE play are nowhere near as punishing. While those who have been running the Blasphemous Blade build might be disappointed a little thanks to Taker’s Flame no longer having a knock down effect and doing less poise damage, many weapons are now little faster to use or have better charged damage. There’s improved scaling for some as well.

Want to see if your build is affected or not? Check out the full patch notes on the Bandai Namco website. There’s a lot to go though overall, and there are many bug fixes that should make playing Elden Ring a smoother experience as well.

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