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Mega Man

Five classic Mega Man games are now available via Nintendo Switch Online

In the year that the Game Boy celebrates its 35th anniversary, the library of Game Boy titles available via Nintendo Switch Online has grown yet again. Joining classics such as Super Mario Land and Tetris this time is a quintet of Mega Man games, offering challenging side-scrolling shooter action.

If you’re a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber you can now battle against the nefarious Dr. Wily and his army of robots across versions of Mega Man I through to V, all originally released on the Game Boy. As you move from one title to the next you’ll encounter a wide range of foes, face off against troublesome bosses and witness the Mega Man series grow and develop. Needless to say, if you’re a fan of the Blue Bomber it’s worth checking them out.

After you’ve played these Game Boy classics, there are yet more Mega Man titles to jump into on Switch if you’ve not yet done so as well. You’ll have to pay for them, of course, but if you’re after more retro action you can jump into either of the Legacy Collections, while if you like RPGs the Battle Network Legacy Collection may be more your thing.

The latest Mega Man game is available on Switch, too, Mega Man 11. Check that out if you want something a bit more modern. In any case, the Nintendo Switch is now the platform for Mega Man fans, it would seem.

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