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Microsoft Flight Simulator, a view of an Airbus plane flying through the clouds.

15 million players have taken to the air with Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Microsoft has revealed that a massive 15 million players have played Microsoft Flight Simulator, putting in over 1 billion flight sessions.

Microsoft Flight Simulator soared onto PC in August 2020, getting an Xbox Series X|S release just under a year later. Despite the lack of a number in the title, it’s the latest in a series that, known for its realism, began in the 80s.

This latest iteration uses satellite imagery, Bing mapping data and more to create an impressively accurate world. It does take up a hefty chunk of space, 130+ gb, but it’s absolutely worth the sacrifice. In our review, we awarded it a 10/10, saying that if you “..ever wanted to fly a plane or are simply fascinated by air travel, Microsoft Flight Simulator is a must-have.”

Now, Microsoft has revealed, via Twitter, that 15 million unique players have played Microsoft Flight Simulator, which we can well believe. It helps that the game’s available PC and Xbox Game Pass, and that it offers a nicely relaxing experience, with no real worries apart from slamming your plane into the ground.

What’s especially heartening is how the game is, for some, serving as a gateway to real-world flight. One Reddit user remarks, “My nephew’s been playing since he was 8. He just had his first flying lesson earlier this year, and told me he knew like 90% of what the instructor was teaching him.”

We’ve got a real kick out of it ourselves, though if there’s one thing we’d like to see from sequel Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 it’s the ability to just walk around locations. Yes, ‘flight’ is literally in the title, but we’d still love to experience some locations in first person.

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You can play Microsoft Flight Simulator for free if you’re an Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass subscriber and also stream it if you’re on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Sequel Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 lands this 19 November 2024 and will also be available via Game Pass, so get your flight goggles ready.

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