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GameSir X4 Aileron, with Street Fighter 4 on the screen.

GameSir X4 Aileron Xbox mobile controller review

Want a great, stylish controller for Xbox Cloud gaming? Then the GameSir X4 Aileron Bluetooth Xbox mobile controller is right up there, but it’s also a wiz with any mobile game that supports controllers, cloud our otherwise. And it’s neat enough that if you can temporarily part with the clamshell case, you can slip it into your pocket for on-the-go gaming.

Don’t bin the case, though, otherwise you’ll have nowhere to put the X4 Aileron’s handy extra stick caps (two regular concave, two smaller convex) and the alternate D-Pad which is a dead ringer for the Umbrella Corporation logo. With the drift-resistant hall sticks and mappable back buttons, GameSir has delivered a controller that doesn’t skimp on features.

And, having put it through its paces, we’re very impressed with how it handles (or maybe ‘they’, since it comes in two handy halves). The sticks are responsive, with no latency issues which, given that it uses Bluetooth, was our first worry. But whether we were tackling Fallout 4 via Xbox Cloud Gaming, or playing locally in Streets of Rage 2, the X4 Aileron delivered.

GameSir X4 Aileron, in two halves.
Image: GameSir

We got a good 12 hours out of the X4’s battery, though the left controller was the one to run out first, possibly because it seems to be the host controller. Its built-in batteries mean you’re not sapping your phone’s, and the Bluetooth means the device is equally compatible with USB-C or Micro-USB connections (something that was a limitation of the GameSir X3). The multi-coloured LED lights around the joysticks do, presumably, use a little of that battery life but they’re too cool to turn off.

It grips your phone via a pair of green clips, though we were a little worried that the phone would fall out of the X4 — with no rail to connect the two, there’s some slight give in the middle and you will have to remove your phone case to fit them on. But despite our misgivings, the X4 never once let go.

We were, however, a little irritated to discover the GameSir App wouldn’t work on our phone, presumably because it was running Android Go. The app’s not essential if you just want to pick up and play, but it unlocks a wealth of additional features, including digital triggers and the ability to play games that only have touchscreen support.

GameSir X4 Aileron controller, on both sides of a phone.
Image: GameSir

Fortunately, we had a second phone on standby and pretty soon we were fireballing our way through Street Fighter 4. Or, if you want to get old school, your average emulator should work with the X4. The one we took for a spin certainly did. That said, it’s mildly disappointing there’s no way to attach your phone in portrait mode, for some vertical shmup action.

Being a Bluetooth controller, the GameSir X4 is also compatible with the PC. You can wield the two halves of the controller like the Switch’s Joy Cons, which is a neat feature. Connecting them together is, in theory, an option. But the magnet is so weak it easily comes apart, a bizarre design oversight.

At £99.99/$99.99 it’s pricier than just shoving an Xbox controller into your pocket. But if you’ve an interest in gaming on the go, the GameSir X4 Aileron Xbox mobile controller’s portability, style and premium performance more than justifies the price tag.

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