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Gears of War E-Day

Gears of War: E-Day announced, taking the series back to its roots with Marcus Fenix

The next Gears of War game has been announced, and it’s perhaps not what you were expecting. Rather than the next game being Gears 6, The Coalition is going back to the roots of the franchise instead. And so, players will be reunited with younger versions of Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago in Gears of War: E-Day.

Set 14 years before the events of the first Gears of War, Gears of War: E-Day will serve as an origin story for the two beloved heroes, and also set the tone and context for the games that follow it. It’s not a reboot, then, but simply another entry in the Gears of War saga, unravelling the events the led up to the original game with what we expect to be a gripping campaign.

The Coalition wants Gears of War: E-Day to feel like a new game, however, leveraging modern technology such as Unreal Engine 5 to deliver an experience that remains faithful to the series but also pushes it forward. In any case, the premise will certainly up the stakes, as it portrays a time in which the Locust is a new enemy with little known about them. And Marcus and co. will will have the odds even more stacked against them without innovations such as the Chainsaw Lancer being a thing yet.

You can find more information about Gears of War: E-Day over on Xbox Wire. You can also give the trailer a watch below if you haven’t seen it yet.

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