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God of War Ragnarok, Kratos fighting two undead monsters, with the Steam box-outs superimposed over their heads.

God of War Ragnarok PC needs a PSN account, and the review bombing has begun

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God of War Ragnarok is coming to PC, but it requires a PSN account and the last God of War is getting review bombed over it. No, it seems as if Sony hasn’t learnt anything from the Helldivers 2 affair, and Kratos’ previous adventure is experiencing would-be players’ wrath.

As revealed during this week’s State of Play, God of War Ragnarok is heading to PC this September 19th. But the game’s Steam store listing, which popped up shortly after, states “Requires 3rd-Party Account: PlayStation Network”. That suggests that to play this single player game you’ll have to sign up for a PlayStation Network account, even if you’ve never even looked at a console.

Fans of the series are not happy. And, since you can’t review an unreleased game, they’re review-bombing the previous entry in the series. “PSN required for a single player game is atrocious….You have a money printing machine with porting PS games to Steam, why would you even mess with it,” reads one review.

Some express concerns about PlayStation Network itself. One states, “Sony allowed a data breach to happen and I wouldn’t trust them with my personal information by creating a PSN account.”

So far, the reviews have brought God of War’s recent review rating down from Overwhelmingly Positive to just Very Positive. Another consequence of requiring a PSN account, that several reviews have picked up on, is that God of War Ragnarok may be blocked in some regions. Ghost of Tsushima, which has a similar requirement, is unavailable for purchase in 175 countries/territories.

Is this the disaster that these reviews are making out to be? It depends on just how Sony implements PSN integration. Ghost of Tsushima, released mid-May, only requires a PSN account for multiplayer and the optional PlayStation overlay. You can happily play it in single-player without needing an account.

So, the same could be true of God of War Ragnarok. There’s not a scrap of multiplayer in the game, and the Steam warning may be referring exclusively to the overlay. Unlike Ghost of Tsushima, God of War Ragnarok is not, so far, blocked in 100+ countries. But saying that doesn’t erase the fact that the requirement is still there.

And, while it’s unlikely to happen, there’s always the possibility that Sony will enforce it more rigorously down the line. Ultimately, as long as Sony keep pressing forward with their PlayStation-on-PC strategy, they’re going to have to address this situation.

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