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Being a baby in Goodnight Universe looks rad

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Goodnight Universe, coming soon from the team that brought us Before Your Eyes, casts you as Isaac, a six-month old baby. A doughy, tiny human that can’t walk or talk seems like an odd choice for a protagonist, but it turns out that Isaac isn’t your usual tot. He’s got psychic powers.

Even before he realises he’s got supernatural abilities, it seems Isaac’s aware he’s more intelligent than most babies should be. In the Goodnight Universe teaser, which you can watch below, we see him trying to communicate with his family — and while he’s trying in vain to say grown-up, sensible sentences to them, it’s coming out as adorable baby babble. Damn the squishy, dribbly cage he’s trapped in!

It seems, though, that once Isaac’s powers reveal themselves, things take a turn. A tech corporation wants to get their hands on him and, despite being only six months old, Isaac’s going to have to take them down. Alongside messing around with his psychic powers in the house, it would seem.

Watch the latest teaser trailer for Goodnight Universe below:

A very neat premise isn’t the only thing that’s drawing us to Goodnight Universe. Some of the voice actors working on the game have been revealed, and there’s some serious talent on show. Isaac will be voiced by Lewis Pullman (Top Gun Maverick) and supporting roles will be filled by Kerri Kenney-Silver (Superstore), Al Madrigal (The Daily Show), Tessa Espinola (S.W.A.T), Timothy Simons (VEEP) and Sarah Burns (Barry). Phew.

Finally, Goodnight Universe is set to feature an immersive face tracking mode, allowing you to control the game with your face. It’s an expansion of the camera-based technology that was used in Before Your Eyes, and we’re very intrigued to see how that might play out here.

But cool tech and excellent talent aside, it’s the premise that’s drawing us to Goodnight Universe. It’s expected to release in 2025, and we can’t wait to see more.

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