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GreedFall 2 The Dying World

Developer Spiders sets expectations for GreedFall 2’s early access release

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Although GreedFall 2: The Dying World is set to fully launch on PC and consoles including PS5 and Xbox Series X/S next year, PC gamers will soon be able to go hands on with it thanks to early access. Ahead of its early access release, however, developer Spiders has moved to set expectations, and has also addressed concerns about the game’s new combat system.

An action RPG which in our review we called “an impressive debut for what could well become a classic series”, the first GreedFall won over a legion of fans with its mix of entertaining combat, rewarding exploration and Bioware-style companions. The upcoming sequel, which is actually set before the first GreedFall, promises much the same, only bigger and better.

When it comes to combat, however, some players aren’t to happy that it’s been changed for the sequel. Instead of being action-focused, characters now act of their own accord, with you stepping in to issue commands. This real-time with pause system will be familiar to anyone that has played a game such as Dragon Age, but it’s quite a dramatic change.

In a community update on Steam, Spiders has acknowledged that some fans are disappointed with the new combat system, and is welcoming feedback to make it as satisfying as it can be. The developer makes it clear that it doesn’t intend to revert back to the old combat system, however, as it’s a move to give you more control over your companions and make the game more enjoyable and accessible for everyone.

Of course, like any game released into early access, GreedFall 2: The Dying World will grow and evolve over time, with more content and features being added leading up to its full release. Ultimately, Spiders envisages there being more areas to explore, with bigger zones, more quests and more companions. In addition to that, the game will be more customisable, too, with the introduction of difficulty sliders and other options.

There’s no date for GreedFall 2: The Dying World’s early access release just yet, but an announcement will be made “very soon”. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled, and if you’re interested in the game we suggest you do too.

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