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Hidden Through Time 2: Discovery screenshot

Hidden Through Time 2: Discovery’s demo is 15 minutes well spent

Hidden Through Time 2: Discovery is a bit of an enigma. It’s a whole new game, but there’s already a Hidden Through Time 2, you see. Why not Hidden Through Time 3? Or simply an expansion to Hidden Through Time 2? As perplexing as its name may be, however, Hidden Through Time 2: Discovery is coming soon — and if you’re a fan of hidden object puzzles, it’s a bit of a treat.

Now, if you’ve already played a Hidden Through Time game, you’ll know exactly what to expect. Discovery uses the same time-shift mechanic that Hidden Through Time 2 does: to find all items in a scene you’ll need to flip to a different time of day. You might change from day to night, for example, or from bright sunshine to stormy weather. We didn’t get to try this out in the demo, though: instead, the demo opts to include a number of simple, single-scene levels.

Like the other games in the series, Hidden Through Time 2: Discovery will take you to a number of different environments. In the demo, we’ve been into outer space, to an alien planet, a spooky graveyard and into the grounds of a school of witchcraft. With every location presented in a colourful, hand-drawn style, they’re a pleasure to sift over.

You’ll need to click around to find everything: clicking on a building, for example, might open it up, revealing new parts of the scene. And even something as small and insignificant as a suitcase or a box could open up with a press, so you’ll need to be thorough when exploring.

Hidden Through Time 2: Discovery screenshot
Image: Rogueside

Every item you’re looking for will be listed at the bottom, presented with an image and a text clue. Those clues are lifesavers, quite honestly. Some are more vague than others, but generally they’ll give you an idea of where to look. Larger environments can be tiresome to look around — sometimes it really is like finding a needle in a haystack — and so a general pointer can be super helpful.

There’s no release date for Hidden Through Time 2: Discovery just yet, but it’ll be launching onto consoles, PC and mobile when it’s ready. You don’t have to wait for its demo, though: it’s available to try right now on Steam, completely free. If you’ve got fifteen minutes to spare, we’d recommend giving it a go.

Surely this Untitled Goose Game reference we spotted is reason enough?

Hidden Through Time 2: Discovery - Untitled Goose Game reference
Screenshot: GameSpew

If the demo gives you a hankering for more hidden object adventures, Hidden Through Time and Hidden Through Time 2: Myths and Magic are available now on PC and consoles. The first Hidden Through Time is currently 50% off too, making it just £2.99/£3.99 on Steam.

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