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Jackbox Games has finally announced a feature we’ve been waiting for — but it’s exclusive to PC

Home » News » Jackbox Games has finally announced a feature we’ve been waiting for — but it’s exclusive to PC

If you’ve ever played and enjoyed a title from Jackbox Games, we bet you’ve wanted this, too. Currently Jackbox’s minigames come in Party Packs: a selection of five games, each being separate from the last. For the longest time, we’ve wished there was a launcher, giving us access to all games from one handy place. And finally, Jackbox has heard our cries — but there’s an annoying catch.

Today, Jackbox Games has announced the Jackbox Megapicker. Free to download, it will allow you to view your entire Jackbox games library and choose any game from however many Party Packs you own. You can also sort and filter your games via a range of options. If you own every Jackbox Party Pack so far, you’ll own over 50 games, so the Megapicker is long overdue. However, it’s going to be exclusive to Steam.

We can’t help but think that more people are going to enjoy Jackbox titles on a console. After all, these are games we pop on when we have friends around, and it’s more likely we’re going to have a console plugged into our TV rather than a PC. And so making the Megapicker PC-only is an odd choice.

It could be a limitation issue, that perhaps a launcher can’t work on console in the same way due to limitations of the architecture. Or it could be that the Jackbox Megapicker is exclusive to Steam for now with a console version coming soon.

Still, it’s a step in the right direction. Ultimately, we hope there’s a free launcher available that will simply allow us to buy the minigames we want without needing to buy a full Party Pack. Let’s face it; every pack always has one or two games that rarely get played.

The Megapicker is set to launch some time in July, and Jackbox will be sharing more information soon.

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