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Half-Life 2, with John Rambo holding a gun.

John Rambo trades places with Gordon Freeman in this Half-Life 2 mash-up

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Think Gordon Freeman was trouble? Let’s see Half-Life 2’s Combine handle the ridiculous might of John Rambo.

That’s the premise behind this mash-up video, which transports the 80s action hero into the dystopian world of City 17. The work of eli_handle_b.wav, it sees John Rambo stepping off the tram and then speedrunning his way through the game.

There’s no sign of the infamous G-Man, so we’re assuming Rambo has already beaten him to death with his briefcase. But we do get his innovative solution to ‘pick up that can’, and hear him having a heart-to-heart with bearded collaborator Dr. Breen.

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What’s particularly cool about this Half-Life 2/Rambo crossover is that it features footage from the first Rambo film, First Blood. While the sequels were basically action movies, that first film depicts Rambo as a ruined man, shattered by the Vietnam War. It’s far, far more melancholy in tone, so we’re happy to see this give it a brief nod.

It’s one of many, many mash-ups that eli_handle_b.wav has put out. They’ve also sent Mr Bean to City 17, Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City and introduced him to Hitman’s World of Assassination.

You can find their YouTube channel here but, be warned, you can spend an entire afternoon just marvelling at these mash-ups. And you can also support them via their Patreon here.

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