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Lego Fortnite, an image of Lego figures on a Fortnite backdrop.

LEGO Fortnite is getting two new modes later this week

Have you been enjoying LEGO Fortnite since it launched in December 2023? An open world survival game, you might not have if you’ve been finding things too hard. You might not have been having the most rewarding time if you made it too easy, either. Well, we have good news: Epic Games is launching two new modes for LEGO Fortnite this week that should make it more accessible.

For those who find LEGO Fortnite too challenging, Cozy Mode should prove to be the perfect tonic. Sitting somewhere between Survival Mode and Sandbox Mode, enemies are present but they’re weaker, and many of the survival aspects such as hunger and stamina are turned off. Needless to say, it should prove to be a much more relaxed experience overall, with just a little bit of peril and no harsh repercussions for dying.

Expert Mode, on the other hand, ups the ante, making it perfect for those who want a real test of their skills. For a start, it introduces new Storm-Wild enemies that move faster, deal more damage and have more health than standard enemies. On top of that, standard enemies are tougher, too, and if you die you’re gone for good (unless you’re lucky enough to be carrying a Totem of Return). There are new trophies to be earned if you manage to do well in Expert Mode, too.

Both of these modes will be added to LEGO Fortnite on 13th June, and alongside them there will also be a wealth of bug fixes, gameplay improvements and new LEGO Styles. Needless to say, it’s going to be a meaningful update, making LEGO Fortnite better for all.

You can find out more, including all the settings for the new modes, over on the Fortnite website.

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