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Mario and Luigi, with three other shadowed versions of themselves next to them.

Mario and Luigi have three secret brothers and fans love them

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In a shocking twist, it’s been revealed that Mario and Luigi, the Super Mario Bros., have three secret brothers and the internet has embraced them. Admittedly, this isn’t entirely official, but Iolui, Uigiy and Ariol have become fast favourites, and Twitter is awash with fan art celebrating their discovery.

It all began with Mario modder BWGLite’s discovery that NES game Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels uses a special byte, the ‘brother byte’ to determine which brother you’re playing as. But while players only ever see Mario and Luigi, the byte can have 256 values. Change that value and you get a differently coloured brother.

But, as Mario account Super Mario Broth pointed out, only three of those brothers have actual, non-glitched names. Thus secret Super Mario Brothers Iolui, Uigiy and Ariol were born. There’s even a sort-of-fourth Pokemon brother. And, much in the same way that Sonic Mania’s Eggette became a phenomenon, Twitter has erupted in Iolui, Uigiy and Ariol fan-art.

At least, art is how it started, and there are some absolutely brilliant pieces of work depicting these three. Some fans have drawn them as just regular looking characters, while others have imbued them with more specific attributes.

This piece, for example, depicts Ioliu as a towering, muscle-bound Mario Brother and Uigiy with his hat covering his eyes, somehow extrapolating all this from their names. Why? Who knows, but we love it.

Already fans are asking how they can play as these and while we doubt Nintendo will confirming them as Super Mario Bros canon, you can bet they’ll be the subject of be a fan game or five. Our head canon is that Iolui, Uigiy and Ariol are actually competent plumbers. So you never see them because they’re always out on jobs.

The Iolui, Uigiy and Ariol love shows no sign of stopping, and you can follow this glorious saga over on Twitter.

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