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The Crimson Countess from The Boys in a Mortal Kombat 1-style game.

After Homelander, The Boys fans are modding more supes into Mortal Kombat 1

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Homelander from Amazon’s The Boys is Mortal Kombat 1’s latest DLC character, but echoing the show’s fake beat-em-up, modders are already adding the rest of the show’s supers to the game.

If you’re a regular viewer of The Boys, you’ll know that episode 3 featured an in-universe beat-em-up that takes its cues from Mortal Kombat. And, against all odds, ‘Tournament of Heroes’ is actually even more violent than MK1.

We wrote about how it needs to be a real game and while that’s yet to officially happen, a couple of modders have added some of The Boys’ supes into Mortal Kombat 1. As long as you’re on PC, you can play Mortal Kombat 1 as A-Train, Starlight and Soldier Boy, and have Stormfront as a Kameo.

A-Train, Stormfront, Soldier Boy and Starlight in Mortal Kombat 1
Image: NegativeZoneNerd

These The Boys characters come courtesy of NegativeZoneNerd’s Mortal Kombat 1 mod. There’s also another mod from GimisumBoom which features Soldier Boy’s modern-day look, and a Black Noir mod from Cvbgty6yu7. And they’re all absolutely free.

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So what’s the catch? The snag is that while these look absolutely awesome, they’re basically skins. So unless someone mods in lines from the show, you’ll still have the voices of the regular MK1 characters. In a similar vein, they’ll use those characters’ move but if you’re a fan of the show it’s undeniably cool.

Or, if you’re looking for something at the other end of fun spectrum, another modder has made every Mortal Kombat 1 character drink Homelander’s milk. Enjoy.

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