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Platform 8, the game, with a figure, without a head, pressing their hands up against a train window.

Platform 8 walkthrough – All anomalies and puzzle guide

If you loved the subway-based spot-the-anomaly game Exit 8, you’ll be happy to hear that its official follow-up, Platform 8, is just as great. But it shakes things up a little, exposing you to more lethal horrors than the original. So if you’re finding things rather challenging, here’s our Platform 8 walkthrough and guide to all its anomalies and puzzles.

We’ll guide you through the game’s nasties, some murderous, some not, and explain how to conquer its various puzzles and anomalies. Platform 8 might be scary, but with our walkthrough guide you’ll have a good chance of surviving its terrors.

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How to play Platform 8

You’re trapped in a never-ending subway train, with doors at each end of the carriage. Unlike Exit 8, you can only go forwards in Platform 8. If you encounter an anomaly (monster or other strange event) that kills you, you’ll be sent back to Carriage 0.

If you miss an anomaly when there’s a yellow sign up, you’ll be sent back to Carriage 0 too. Unlike Exit 8, it appears that just passing through carriages without anomalies doesn’t bring you closer to exiting the trail.

You can check the LED displays on the left and right-hand sides of the train to find out what carriage you’re in. You may also spot clues on these displays, such as Don’t Look or Don’t Leave. Sometimes, the carriage door will be locked which means you need to perform a particular action first.

Anomalies are randomised, and won’t appear in every carriage. Once you’ve beaten 8 anomalies you can exit the subway, leading to one of several endings.

All puzzles and anomalies in Platform 8

Here’s a walkthrough for all anomalies you’ll encounter in Platform 8 and a guide on how to deal with them. You can encounter these in any order, since Platform 8’s events are random. We’ve grouped these where appropriate.

The Passenger

A passenger on a subway train, using his phone to film the viewer.
  • Passenger sitting filming you. Ignore this, this is harmless.
  • Passenger locks you in. You get to the end of the train and find it’s locked, then turn around to see the passenger’s gone and is looking at you through the back carriage window. Get close enough to him that he opens the door and starts to run towards you, then quickly turn and run to the forward carriage.
  • Headless passenger. Let the passenger get a little further down the train, closer to you and facing down the carriage. Then, run past and before he can turn around, open the doors. He’ll attack if you open the door when he’s ‘looking’ at you.
  • Faceless passenger. This passenger has a head but his face is distorted. Edge your way around him, while taking care not to look at him.

The Little Girl

Platform 8, a young girl in a subway train, with her back to the viewer.
  • Don’t move when it is bright. When you first see the little girl, look down and if you see the words ‘don’t move when it is bright’ scrawled on the floor, only advance when the carriage lights flicker off. It’s best to be cautious and take short steps, as if she catches you moving in the light she’ll attack you and send you back to Carriage 0. When you get close enough, right behind her, she’ll disappear and you can proceed.
  • Hide and seek. If you don’t see those words, walk towards the little girl and she’ll disappear, leaving you a message to find her. The carriage will be locked till you do. Look out of the train windows and you’ll see her there, possibly upside down, then you can leave.

The Woman in White

A strange woman whose skin and clothes are all completely white, in the game Platform 8.

The woman in white acts like one of Doctor Who’s Weeping Angels. She will only move when you’re not looking at her. There are two anomalies you’ll encounter her in. In one she’s unable to move when you’re looking at her so keep your eye on her. With the other, the lights will cut out, letting her move during the blackout.

In both cases, lure her to the back end of the carriage, then, watching her, make your way towards the exit and quickly leave. If she catches you it’s back to Carriage 0.

Yellow Spot the Anomaly Sign

This is a throwback to the original Exit 8 game. If you proceed without finding the anomaly you’ll be sent back to Carriage 0. But don’t worry: the fact the sign is there means that there is one to find, and when you’ve found it the sign will disappear.

The anomaly will be one of five things and you just need to look at it for it to disappear, along with the yellow sign. You’re looking for:

  • An animated human eye on the normally static energy drinking eye sign.
  • A headless woman standing outside one of the windows.
  • The doctor’s head is vibrating on the overhead doctor/vet’s sign.
  • The overhead anime sign has solid black eyes.
  • The poster by the left side door is now a pencil sketch of black-eyed figures.

All other anomalies in Platform 8

Here are the other individual anomalies you’ll run into and how to handle them.

  • Bloody handprints appear on the windows. This is harmless.
  • The carriage fills with red water. Run to the door as fast as you can.
  • Someone knocks on the door which is now completely black. Wait until they stop knocking and yelling and the door will return to normal. Don’t try to use it while it’s solid black.
  • The carriage goes dark. Some of the side doors are open. Look through each and at least one will have a shadowy figure visible at the back. Exit through one without the figure to return to the carriage.
  • The carriage is bathed in red light. This is harmless, you can move on.
  • A crowd of ghostly passengers appear standing in the carriage. Walk carefully past them to the exit.
  • The seats are all filled with mannequins and the door is locked. Find an empty seat, click on it to sit down, wait a second or two and the door will unlock.
  • All the doors open, leading to a dark void. Ignore them, and just walk on to the next carriage.
  • The windows start shattering. Scary, but harmless.
  • “894” is scrawled on the floor. To unlock the doors, try opening the front (right) door eight times, then the back door 9 times, then the front door 4 times. That’ll unlock the doors.
  • Fog pours into the cabin. The doors will open shortly after but don’t leave unless you want the bad ending where you’re stranded.
  • The carriage tilts. Either run to the door and open it or wait for the carriage to land back down on its own.
  • You hear breathing and footsteps behind you. Don’t turn around otherwise a crystalline humanoid will kill you. Just keep going to the end of the carriage. You should also find yourself unable to run.
  • The first of the double end doors opens all the way. This is the same being as above. Get close enough that you hear heavy breathing, then back off down the cabin until the door closes.
  • The first of the double end doors keeps opening and closing. Not the same as the above, this is harmless, you can proceed to open the doors yourself
  • One door opens, and a giant hand comes through. This is easy to avoid, just stand clear of the doors when one opens. The hand will only come through one door at once.
  • Giant eyes look in through the window. This is disturbing, but harmless.
  • The hand grips start swinging. Again, unnerving but harmless.

And those are all the anomalies. Depending on how you do, there are a total of three endings to unlock.

All endings in Platform 8

There are three endings in Platform 8. Here’s how to get them.

  • Bad ending: Exit the train when the fog fills it, stranding you on a solitary platform.
  • Normal ending: Make it past eight anomalies. You’ll exit the train to the credits.
  • ‘Hidden’ ending: Encounter all anomalies. This isn’t going to be in one run, you’ll have to replay the game several times. This reveals that the game is in fact a prequel to Exit 8.

And that’s how you beat Platform 8 with our walkthrough and anomaly guide. Enjoy!

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