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Primal Survivors screenshot

You can platinum this new Vampire Survivors-like in less than 30 minutes

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It’s uncouth to talk about trophies and achievements these days, isn’t it? We’re supposed to like a game for more meaningful reasons than “it has easy trophies”. But I’m not ashamed to announce that I do still enjoy getting some quick trophies here and there. And Primal Survivors, a Vampire Survivors-like that’s just landed on PlayStation and Xbox consoles today, is one of the quickest I’ve played in a while.

Just one successful run through Primal Survivors will bag you pretty much all the trophies/achievements. Survive nine minutes, kill the first boss and reach level 15: that’s all you need to do, and all doable in your first run through the game if you’ve got your wits about you. Then, just buy an upgrade and get yourself killed on purpose ten times. Voila: a platinum is yours.

I admit, getting all of a game’s trophies so easily is somewhat reductive. There’s less reason to keep playing, even though there are plenty of things still to unlock. Because with two main modes, multiple weapons, character classes and a sizeable upgrade tree, there’s a lot to do in Primal Survivors. But if you care about trophies/achievements, why bother continuing if you’ve already got them all?

Primal Survivors screenshot
Image: Old School Vibes/Gray Boss

Admittedly, Primal Survivors isn’t exactly the best example of a Survivors-like out there. It’s fine: it’s functional, and it plays roughly as you’d expect a Vampire Survivors clone to. But with drab visuals and limited enemy variety — at least early on — it’s certainly not the most exciting game in the genre.

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We do kind of like its upgrade system, however, which is more geared around powering up your basic attack rather than equipping you with several different, fantastical weapons. To begin with, you can choose a bone or a stone to attack with (this is Primal Survivors, remember). You’ll then enhance your basic attack with things like increased damage and higher critical hit chance (eventually reaching 100% if you keep upgrading it).

Primal Survivors screenshot
Image: Old School Vibes/Gray Boss

Additional attacks are available, but typically these are in the form of unlockable “spirits” that attack alongside you. There’s a scythe that flies around attacking enemies, a skeleton that will attack on your behalf, and a flying spirit that looks a bit like Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas. You might not have a ridiculous personal arsenal like in other Survivors games, then, but it’s still possible to be dealing huge amounts of damage as you progress through a level.

Still, the fact is the most interesting thing about Primal Survivors is its easy platinum/1000G. Do with that information what you will, but if you’re a trophy/achievement hunter, it’s well worth playing. Particularly since it only costs £3.99.

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