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Redout 2

WipEout-inspired racer Redout II is now free on Epic Game Store

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Fancy racing really fast? You can, and for free. Redout II is this week’s free game on Epic Game Store, and it’s one for racing fans and speed demons.

Redout II hit consoles and PC in 2022 and, unfortunately, didn’t have the best launch. In our review, we listed multiple problems, and found its difficulty spikes a little too unforgiving. But in the last two years, developer 34bigthings has worked hard on the game and after many patches, it’s in much better shape — and we daresay well worth your time. Especially for free.

Taking cues from the classic WipEout series, Redout II allows you to pilot your own futuristic hovership. You’ll be racing along colourful tracks, reaching blistering speeds and trading paint with your competitors. You’ll need to make use of boost pads on the ground to keep up your speed — and of course, avoiding crashing into the sides of the tracks helps too. But when you’re speeding along at hundreds of miles per hour, that’s easier said than done.

There’s plenty of content for you to stick your teeth into, with a fully-fledged career, up to 12-player multiplayer racers and an in-depth customisation system that allows you to tinker with your anti-gravity racer.

Redout II is absolutely worth adding to your library while you can: it’s available now on Epic Game Store, and you’ve got until next Thursday, 20th June, to grab it for precisely zero pennies. You only need an Epic account — no payment details are necessary.

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