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Rolling Hills: Make Sushi Make Friends screenshot

Rolling Hills: Make Sushi Make Friends walkthrough – Mission and achievement guide

Out now on PC and Xbox, Rolling Hills: Make Sushi Make Friends is a relaxing restaurant sim that puts you in control of an adorable sushi robot. As the newbie in town, it’s your job to win over the residents by helping them out and serving the best sushi they’ve ever eaten. With a number of missions to complete as you move through the game, however, we’ve put together a Rolling Hills: Make Sushi Make Friends walkthrough to ensure you stay on the right path.

We’ve had a great time playing Rolling Hills. This is the type of restaurant simulator that doesn’t require you to have five hands and 10 eyes in your head, as all you’re doing is handing out meals (and occasionally wiping down a table). That’s right: you don’t have to worry about making the food as your sushi conveyor belt deals with that for you.

When you’re not in the restaurant, though, you’ll need to meet the people of Rolling Hills, buy furniture, upgrade your recipes and explore — and our walkthrough is here to help you out with all of that. Have fun!

Rolling Hills: Make Sushi Make Friends walkthrough – quick links

  1. Tips for playing Rolling Hills
  2. Furnishing your restaurant
  3. Rolling Hills mission guide
  4. Achievements guide

Tips for playing Rolling Hills

Pick up cans when you see them
You’ll find discarded cans around the world of Rolling Hills. Pick them up when you can, and deposit them in the recycling bin just to the right of the restaurant. You’ll earn a coin for each can, and you’ll also get an achievement for picking up 100.

Explore the town between every shift in the restaurant
Stuff changes around town, so it’s worth having a nosey around. Of particular interest is a ‘mystery box’ that you’ll see dotted around occasionally: find it, and you’ll get 100G.

Make friends with everybody
Each resident of Rolling Hills is a potential friend! You’ll make friends by inviting them for coffee or dessert (visit the coffee shop to set up a date). There are different friendship tiers, and by levelling up, you’ll get new perks. Levelling up your friendship with Arman, the grocery store worker, for example, will give you rarer ingredients for sale in the shop.

Furnish and upgrade your restaurant
There’s more on this later, but you’ll want to frequently buy decorations for your restaurant from the furniture shop in town. You’ll also want to expand it each time you get the opportunity. By adding furniture, you’ll net useful bonuses such as extra waiting time for customers and money/XP rewards.

Upgrade recipes
You’ll want to visit the grocery store regularly and buy as many ingredients as you can afford. By adding these to your current recipes, you’ll level them up — and you’ll eventually want every recipe to be as high as it can be. Customers ask for recipes to be of a certain level, and you’ll gain more money and XP if you can match that (or beat it).

Check your in-game achievements
In the menu of Rolling Hills, you’ll find a list of achievements. Visit it! Each achievement unlocked will grant you a bonus in-game, so you’ll get either a new recipe, a chunk of cash or even a hat.

Rolling Hills: Make Sushi Make Friends screenshot
Screenshot: GameSpew

Furnishing your restaurant

Furnishing your restaurant is so important in Rolling Hills that we thought it was worth its own section in our walkthrough! You’ll buy furniture from the workshop/furniture shop run by Wren in town. By placing furniture and decorations in your restaurant, you’ll be entitled to various bonuses, such as extra patience for customers and additional money and XP.

Furniture comes in different forms, with each kind offering a particular perk:

  • Charming furniture gives you bonus XP
  • Profitable furniture grants you extra gold each time a customer enters your restaurant
  • Relaxing furniture raises customers’ patience, giving you longer to serve them their food
  • Electric furniture makes the Sushi-matic conveyor recharge faster

Sometimes, you’ll find furniture with a super prefix, like “super profitable”, meaning it gives more of a bonus than the regular kind. These are worth picking up when you see them — as long as you can afford them! They are generally more expensive.

Ideally, you’ll want to have a mixture of all furniture types to get a good balance of bonuses, although if you want to focus on money making or XP-gathering, you might want to hone in on one particular type of furniture.

There is one important catch: you’re limited to how much furniture you can put in your restaurant, which makes it even more important to choose your balance of types carefully. This limit will go up as you expand your restaurant, but you’ll still undoubtedly find yourself wanting to place more.

Rolling Hills walkthrough – Mission guide

Now, we’re at the crux of our Rolling Hills: Make Sushi Make Friends walkthrough. Here, we’ve laid out all of the missions you’ll come across while playing the game and detailed how to complete them.

Some are self-explanatory, but others require a bit of legwork, and with the help of our guide you’ll know exactly what to do and where to go.

Note: we haven’t quite finished all quests in Rolling Hills just yet, so we’ll add more to this as we progress. There’s more than enough here to get you started though, and we’re pretty confident that once you’ve got the first few missions under your belt, you’ll be good to go!

1. Grand opening

After the initial cutscenes and introductions to Rolling Hills, enter your restaurant. Interact with the screen at the end of the conveyor belt in your restaurant to open up and begin your first shift.

Serving people is easy enough: match the colour of their order to the colour of the food on the conveyor. In these early stages, almost every customer will be asking for level 1 recipes, but as you progress, recipes will increase level, so you’ll also need to try to give customers sushi that matches both type (colour) and level. Getting it wrong isn’t instantly a game over — you’ll simply not get as much money/XP.

2. Hello, world!

Reach level 5 by serving customers. It’s worth buying some ingredients from the grocery store to level up your recipes and adding some furniture to your restaurant at this point. You’ll need to work several shifts before you reach level 5.

3. Cream of the crop

Visit Arman at the market to buy an ingredient and add it to a recipe. To do so, open up the main menu, then select “ingredients”. By clicking on one of your ingredients, you’ll then see a list of all your recipes, with any recipe you can add it to highlighted. Click the recipe you want to add it to, and that’s all there is to it.

4. Interior design

Visit Wren and the workshop to buy a piece of furniture and place it in your restaurant. To do so, enter your restaurant then click the ‘view’ button on your controller to enter design mode. Press A to bring up a list of all your furniture. Select an item with A, then place it wherever you want in your restaurant. Ensure you have enough room to comfortably move around. You can rotate items if you need to, too.

5. A cup of kindness

This mission is all about making friends. Talk to Maia in the café, then talk to Arman, Wren and Coggie. Coggie is on the dock, just south of your sushi restaurant. Wren works in the furniture shop, and Arman works in the grocery store. Talk to Maia again once you’ve spoken to everyone.

6. Wifi woes

  • Talk to Maia about getting a wifi antenna. It’ll cost 500G.
  • Once you’ve bought the antenna, find the highest spot in town. It’s to left of your restaurant, up the steps to the frog shrine.
  • As Maia is installing it, make your way to the house furthest from the antenna to check the strength.
  • Next, go to the bus stop – to the left of where you are – to greet Min, the newcomer to town.
Rolling Hills: Make Sushi Make Friends screenshot
The house to the right here is the one furthest away from the Wi-Fi antenna. Screenshot: GameSpew

8. Going green

  • Talk to Arman in the grocery store about giant cucumbers. Go talk to Wren in the furniture store about using her garden. It’ll cost you 500G. If you haven’t got enough, you’ll need to work a shift or two first.
  • Next, talk to Maia in the coffee shop about getting fertiliser. She wants you to bring her five samples of food waste, which you’ll get from cleaning up the restaurant during a shift.
  • Once you’ve got the fertiliser, go and interact with the garden. Now to just wait for the seeds to grow. It’ll take two more shifts for the cucumber to grow, at which point a story scene automatically kicks in.

11. On a roll

Grow your restaurant to level 10. This will take some time, and requires working a lot of shifts. Ensure you keep upgrading your recipes and furnishing your restaurant appropriately to keep gaining lots of XP.

12. Hammer time

Talk to Wren in the furniture store to expand your restaurant. You’ll need 500G.

13. Yorick

  • Find Yorick around the area and interact with him to check his script. Talk with him twice, then, when he’s on the beach, take him a piece of furniture that “lights the way”. Any light/lamp from the furniture shop will do. Once you’ve got some sort of light in your inventory, talk to Yorick.
  • You’ll find Yorick again around town – he was outside the café for us. Talk to him: he wants to see 12 recipes. If you’ve got 12, talk to him again.
  • You’ll next find Yorick hiding behind houses at the back of the town. Talk to him. He’ll want you to find his missing script pages – they look like screwed up papers dotted around town. When you’ve found them all, return to him. Then, go to the café.
Rolling Hills: Make Sushi Make Friends screenshot
This is what Yorick’s missing pages look like. Screenshot: GameSpew

14. Al Nonymous

  • For this mission, you need to find a “L00K-1T hidden object finder”. Talk to Maia. She can order you one, but it’s going to cost 2,000G. Best get working!
  • Once you’ve got enough money, return to Maia to buy the L00K-1T. Once you’ve got it, find Al Nonymous outside the restaurant. Talk to them.
  • There’s now something of a scavenger hunt. Press L3 to activate your hidden object finder. It’ll beep quicker if you’re near something. Our first clue was at the side of the restaurant. The second clue was outside the workshop. After finding that, go down to the beach and talk to the little robot.

15. The second spirit

This mission in Rolling Hills: Make Sushi Make Friends will start once you’ve reached level 10 in the restaurant. You’ll need a fishing rod, bait and an ideal fishing spot.

  • Location: Talk to Maia to help you find the ideal fishing spot. The sign is, apparently, a Liliput Snail. Look for a sparkling spot near the edge of water. We found the Liliput Snail on the beach.
  • Rod: Talk to Wren in the furniture shop to help you find a rod. She wants three pieces of furniture with metal components that she can break down for the rod. We used two bakery displays and a gumball machine. You could also use a vending machine or a TV.
  • Bait: Talk to Arman in the grocery store. You need to serve 10 fish dishes with their quality boosted before a legendary fisher will come and visit. Once you’ve met her (it’ll happen automatically after serving enough dishes) you’ll be gifted the bait.

You now have everything you need to catch a legendary fish. Go and talk to Coggie – the fisherman – on the pier just down from the restaurant.

Rolling Hills: Make Sushi Make Friends screenshot
Here’s where we found the Liliput Snail in Rolling Hills. Screenshot: GameSpew

19. Keep rolling

Get your restaurant to level 15. This means working a lot of shifts, as by this point, you’ll need much more XP for each level up. Keep plugging away, upgrading recipes and ensuring your restaurant is adequately furnished. We’d recommend prioritising charming furniture (for its XP bonus) at this point).

20. Hammer Time Part 2

Go visit Wren in the furniture store to expand your restaurant a second time. It’ll cost 2000G.

21. Funny Business

  • Talk to Pagliacci, the clown. He’s in the coffee shop. After speaking with him, talk to Maia.
  • After you’ve completed a shift in the restaurant, return to the café to see how the clown got on working in the coffee shop. Not well, it seems.
  • You’ll find him in the grocery store next. Talk to him in there, then talk to Arman to ask if he can offer Pagliacci a job.
  • After another shift, go back to the grocery store to see how Pagliacci got on. Not well. You can see where this is going, can’t you?
  • You’ll next find Pagliacci in the furniture shop next. Talk to him, then talk to Wren.
  • Return to the furniture store after another shift to find out how it went (three guesses). You’ll then find the clown on a bench outside your restaurant. Talk to him one more time.
Rolling Hills: Make Sushi Make Friends screenshot
Poor Pagliacci. Screenshot: GameSpew

Rolling Hills: Make Sushi Make Friends achievements guide

If you’re wanting to get 1,000G in Rolling Hills: Make Sushi Make Friends and clean up all the achievements, we’re here to help. Our Rolling Hills achievements guide lays out each of the 12 achievements and what you need to do to unlock them. Good news: none of them are particularly difficult, making this a nice and easy (if a little time-consuming) game to 100%.

  • On a roll – Simply complete 25 orders. You can’t miss this one.
  • On a bigger roll – Complete 100 orders.
  • On the biggest roll – Complete 250 orders.
  • Getting to know you – Reach level 1 friendship with 5 people. You’ll need to have coffee dates in the coffee shop with five different people from the town. You’ll only need to meet them for coffee once to unlock friendship level 1, so it’s nice and easy.
  • Going green – Recycle 100 soda cans. Pick up the cans you find dotted around town and deposit them in the recycling bins just to the right of your restaurant.
  • Fashion forward – Collect 10 hats. You’ll earn hats for completing some missions, but the easiest way to acquire them is by completing daily challenges. Talk to Min, who you’ll find sitting by the river, to cash in your reward points.
  • Interior designer – collect 25 different pieces of furniture. You’ll get this one over time, too. Note you’ll need 25 unique items. Multiple of the same won’t count.
  • Cookbook complete – Learn every recipe. This one might be the trickiest. There are 51 recipes in the game. You’ll unlock them as rewards from Min, rewards for completing other missions and levelling up your restaurant, and also by buying them from the mysterious sushi chef who occasionally appears in the village.
  • Kappa roll, Cryptozoology, The devil you know and The end – These are all story-related, and you’ll automatically unlock them as you level up your restaurant and progress through the game.

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