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Silver Pines, a side-on view of a man in an overcoat aiming a gun at a shambling creature.

Survival horror Silver Pines looks like a 2D Silent Hill

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Survival horror Silver Pines has released its first trailer and, while it’s early days for this Steam game, we’re seriously digging its side-on Silent Hill vibe.

Described by developer Wych Elm as a side-on Metroidvania, Silver Pines has your FBI agent waking up in the titular town, with no memory of how they got there. Roaming the town they, or rather you, encounter unsettling monsters, oddball NPCs, an strange red light and more.

Silver Pines’ dev cites The X-Files and Twin Peaks as inspirations, but its teaser trailer just screams Silent Hill. From the gloomy colour palette to its otherworldly enemies to the familiar way it highlights locations on its map, it has us wondering why Konami never made their own 2D Silent Hill.

Silver Pines’ protagonist does look to be slightly better armed than Silent Hill 2’s James Sunderland, wielding an assault rifle against the town’s otherworldly terrors. We especially love how each splash of blood stands out against its more subdued tones, and the muzzle flashes briefly illuminate the game’s moody locations.

The trailer hints at the mystery that will drive the game, with its protagonist finding a polaroid, and the words ‘find her’ on a mirror. We’re already trying to work out what the plot twist will be. Is Silver Pines’ FBI protagonist dead the whole time? Could they be a secret serial killer? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Unfortunately, we could be waiting a while as Silver Pines doesn’t, currently, have a release date. But if you’re as intrigued as we are, you can wishlist Silver Pines on Steam right now and follow its progress on Twitter/X.

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